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Bands For Booty

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Leg Workout For Women At Home

watch this video on leg workout for women at home
Hey everyone this is Jenn Aguirre and I am with a Leg Workout Today. So basically I’ve been asking people for feedback. What they want to see and they’ve been asking me for leg workouts. So what i did was put together a little cheat sheet. ‘Cause I always tell you guys to get your cheat sheets. One two three exercises in the first rotation. One two three exercises in the second. Just basic things, so you don’t need anything but a tube and maybe a bench or a sidewalk or something, way higher than a sidewalk. But basically the first three exercises, one is going to be like a weight shift, lateral lunge combined with a smurf jack.

So basically this is what you’re doing. You’re staying down the whole entire time. So, you’re going to be nice and wide. You’re going to be down here like this, you’re going to shift from one side to the next side, center, smurf jack in. Side side, smurf jack in. Side, side, now! if you don’t have the range of motion to go all the way down that low. Thats good, I mean, not, not that thats good, you can still do it. Stay down low here, you go side, you go in you go out. You don’t have to go that low. But the lower you go the more your quads are going to be on fire, glutes are going to be on fire and I know thats what a lot of people ask me for.

So, soon as you’re done doing lets just say twenty or thrity of those then you’re going to go over to, basically what you have to do is, its like you’re doing a frog jump on to the bench so this is what makes it a little bit harder than just doing a bench jump. So I want you to put your hands here, when you take your arms out of the equation, your legs gotta do all the work. And you’re going to start down here. So I want you to land in the frog and land in the frog. Now if you need to you can go ahead and take your arms out because it will help give you a little bit of momentum. Practice it with the arms and then eventually take your arms out of the equation so your legs and your glutes do all the work again. Then, more quads and glutes ‘cause I know everyone likes the heiny. Now, go and grab your tube, wrap it around your foot on the arch its very very important when you’re doing tube walking that you don’t turn your toes out because you will slap yourself in the butt. So I”m going to cross my tube and pull it up to my waist.

Sit down here keep my toes facing forward. and open close open close. Ok so here the main focus here you lift up and open so you use this right glute right here and then you don’t drag in. Were not doing a Michael Jackson video. Were controlling. Open, glutes close. open, slightly close. Now, do not turn out again like I said ‘cause then you’ll be like that. You want to keep constant tension on those glutes. And you stay low. If you start to feel it in your back, heres a little sidenote, then you just got to re-engage ‘cause you might be like this. Stand up for a second, your legs are probably going to be on fire. Sit back down, keep the chest up hold the tube here. if its too tight like that just cross it here and hold it like a golf club.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. Thats your rotation. Soon as you’re done doing that, you go right back down to the ground and you do those lateral shift, lateral shift. So we did twenty or thirty of those, bench jumps no less than twenty and the tube walk, try to go forty forty each side, fifty fifty because that will go quick. One one two two. Ok, soon as you’re done doing two to three rounds of that, preferably three to four. Then you’re going to go around to the next one. So basically we are going to use, quickly run out of frame. boop boop boop. I got my furniture mover. I could easily have just taken off my shoe, so I think I’m going to. So I don’t have a furniture mover, I have a sock and a wood floor. So, you are going to put your hands here. K. This will activate the glute even more. I think I might have done one of these in my videos before, they’re called track lunges.

So basically if you were to ever watch a race, a track race. You see them like this, in this position. And then they power, and they fire off of that leg. Thats what I want you to do. But you are going to slide back. Hands here, slide down, slide up. So all the focus is on this leg. So its like you’re doing a single leg squat. Boom and boom. Its not a reverse lunge. Its a track lunge almost like a single leg squat. Its like this hip is not going to bend ‘cause your just going to go down, boom and then slide in. Ok, you’re going to do at least twenty on each leg. Twenty on one side, twenty on the other. Now, soon as you’re done doing that, I’m not even going to put my sneaker back on. You’re going to go right back to, back to the other leg. So basically you went here, and then you went here. Now you’re going to go back to this leg.

This legs going to be on the bench. Hands are going to be here. Again you don’t need any weights for this. A plyo step up. Ok. So power, make sure the leg gets straight, and then land soft. keep that foot on the bench and make sure the whole foot is on the bench. Power up and down. And I”m on socks right now. Definitely dont do this in socks. put your sneaker back on. Then as soon as you’re done doing that were going to get a little dynamic so you just finished using this leg then you went to this leg. Now you’re going to go back to this leg and I love love love push ups but you’re going to engage your glutes by doing a single leg extension with a shoulder press. So basically what you’re going to do is like this put this leg up there so this glute is going to stay activated the whole entire time as you do a shoulder press. and this quad is flexed.

Its also a core exercise, and clearly also ooh that butt is on fire! And also a shoulder exercise. But I love incorporating shoulders in all my workouts. Whether its doing push ups in the middle of a leg day or what not. So, then you go right back to the top after you’re done doing both sides. You do your track lunge, your step ups, your over head, leg extension shoulder press. So, I hope you liked your leg workout. Work those thighs, work that rumpus. Umm, and that’s it. Tell me if your legs were on fire and I will see you in the next video.
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Home Weight Lifting Routine-For Women

Watch this video on home weight lifting routine for women

Hey everyone this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our home weight lifting routine. This can be done at home, as your weight lifting routine, or it can be done in the gym. I do cater more to the home, because that is what this is all about. Helping you guys make it more convenient in your house. Now Im a very big fan of kettlebells. I’m a fan of dumbbells as well. I am going to show this whole entire routine on kettlebells. I am going to demonstrate quickly as to how it can be done with dumbbells. But kettlebells is great Ive done some videos on kettebells, I mean if you could buy yourself two kettlebells, maybe three kettlebells.

Uh, maybe two medium sized ones and then one heavy one. That would be awesome. Get yourself your own little at home gym. So we are lifting weight today and we are going to get dynamic. Now if your kettlebells are heavy enough and you are doing them lets just say in the gym and you do have access to heavier weight and you are at your house then I would recommend that you do twenty reps of this. if theyre not too heavy. Then youre going to go ahead and do thirty reps of each exercise in this routine. Ok so I am going to first, show you my new shirt that I got as a birthday gift. Its slightly inappropriate but theres no cuss words on it so I’m getting away with it.

And then I’m going to flash you my heart rate monitor so that you guys know that even when you’re doing your at home workout routine you can still wear your heart rate monitor. Burn a lot of calories, get dynamic, see results. Sweat like crazy and go nuts. So, basically were going to do kettlebells. So we have one, two, I have my cheat sheet. You should be writing this stuff down. One, two, three, four, five exercises. You can go right from, you are going to go right from one to the next, all the way through all five, and then I have my jump rope in the background you could do jump rope in between for one minute and then get started on the next thing. And start all over again and go through this at least three times. So the whole thing might take you, you know 35-40 minutes. Um if you want to go crazy and add in more get more like dynamic things in between each round.

Lets just say jumping jack, uh jump rope and a little bit of abs and then go around it to spread this out into an hour workout, awesome. So basically were going to start out twenty reps is going to be cleans. Ok so I’m going to show you the side position of a clean. So youre just going to do the clean part ok. So you’re going to go here, and clean and drop it back down. Now right now I’m being very safe with it but you do want to turn your watch, so I just demonstrated my whopping four. Turn your watch like this so when you’re doing kettlebells you don’t slam onto the face of it. Ok so power comes from the hips in all kettlebell movements. So you go boom and here.

Soon as you’re done with twenty or if theyre not too crazy heavy. You’re going to keep it here and youre going to go right into twenty presses. Pop. So all this stuff is meant for power. So you’re not shoulder pressing twenty five pounds, which is what i have in my hands right now. You’re popping up, or whatever size weight you have. Ok, pop it up, So youre going to need to use a little momentum and power. Thats what kettlebells are all about. Ok you’re going to go right into twenty of those. Now were going to go into a little bit dynamic. Jump swinging into a pull back jumping back into another pullback. Ok this one you are going to do twenty times but you’re only going to count the pull backs. So basically I’ll explain to you what i mean by that. So you’re going to swing as you jump forward, pull back. Swing as you jump back, second pull back.

Jump third pull back. Jump, fourth pull back. Jump, five. Jump, six. OK so use, and I do the swings in between on purpose. So that you guys get the feel for, you’re not doing to do a row where you’re going to, if you do it with too much focus on the row. You’re going to pull it all the way around. And I don’t want you to do that. I just want you to give me a little extra pop. Thats why I do it with a combination with the swing. Watch this over and over again so that you can see, thats why I demonstrated more than four. So you guys can see the movement of it and practice it. Even if you have to rewind it and rewind it again it might take a little bit of practice.

But you’re going to do it. twenty pull backs. Soon as you’re done with that, so this is a total body workout. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to balance on your kettlebells and you’re going to do with your feet open, abs nice and tight. You’re going to give me one row, and one row, and one push up. One row, one row, and one push up. Ok. Now, this is very important for you to make sure, that you stay on top of your wrists. Ok so, you’re here. You have to be on top. There’s no way you’re going to balance on a ball if your weight is not distributed on the kettlebell. If you want to practice you can put the hand here into a row, put the hand here, grab it, row.

Put the hand up there and go into your push up. So you’re going to do twenty rows on each side with a push up in between each one. So you’re going to get twenty. twenty reps on everything. Lets keep it simple. And the last and final thing is going to be for triceps, because I know us women like triceps. But were going to get a little dynamic with it. You’re going to sit up again a wall and you’re going to grab your kettlebell like this, and you’re going to do, its two movements. So you’re going to lean forward a little bit as you press up, lean forward, touch the handle to the back of the shoulder blades which is a tricep extension and then back down. Don’t drop it any lower than your chest. Press, tricep extension and then down. Twenty of these. Watch your hat. That’s obviously why I was going a little bit out this way.

But if you go straight up, perfect shoulder press. Twenty of those, thats it. You’re going to go into some jumping jacks, jump ropes, abs, whatever it is. Go for, if you’re at your house and you have a treadmill right next to you, get on the treadmill for a minute and then go right around the whole entire thing and thats just your rest, to give your shoulders a little bit of rest. Go right back into your cleans for twenty. Presses for twenty. Your pull back jumps for twenty. Your rows with a push up and then your wall sit with the presses. So, kettlebells is about lifting heavy of enough weight. Pop, power, core, abs, breathing, everything. And obviously distributing your weight the right way when you are doing things like balancing. So, mmm, mmm, mmm, K. Mmm, mmm, Mmm. Go nuts burn calories, work the muscles.

Do thirty if you don’t have access to heavy kettlbells. If you do need to do this with dumbbells I did tell you I’ll show you one. SO basically what you’ll do is you can do this here, on the inside or on the outside. So its like a swing, or a bicep curl. Boom, here. Then your presses here then you can do the same thing with a dumbbell, boom. You’re going to have to open your feet up a little bit wider for your, for your swings with your pull backs, and then you’re face down here. Boom and boom and right into your push up, watching out for my kettlebell. And then right up against the wall. Holding onto the dumbbell like this boom boom boom. You can do the same thing. But, I’m a big fan of kettlebells. Umm the pull back thing is going to be a little bit easier if you dont have such big kettlebells. Uh, such big dumbbells in your hands. So again go crazy I hope you liked it, any questions comments, let me know. Look for more videos, work hard, wear your heart rate monitor, keep it up there and that’s it really. Yeah, thats really all there is to it. Ok bye.

watch this video on more home weight lifting routines for women

watch this video to get more home weight lifting routine

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Workouts Women Lose Weight

watch how workouts women lose weightwatch this video on workouts women to lose weightwatch this video to more workouts for women to lose weight
Hey everyone this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your workouts for women to lose weight. So we are going to get fairly dynamic today, were going to move very quick. I’m going to demonstrate a couple of different movements maybe like four or five huge whopping four or five reps with our exercises. I have my cheat sheet. I also have on what, what, oh yeah I do, I do I have my heart rate monitor on. I flash you guys every workout, I know you love it. I know it, its ok. Ok, so we are going to go with Workouts for Women to Lose Weight. Starting out in the plank position doing lateral hops. So this is all obliques.

So today were going to move fast ok. So the faster you move, interval style of training, the more calories that you burn. Ok, the higher your heart rate, the stronger your heart gets. So the first thing that were going to do and you can get a mat. Were here and you’re just going to do lateral hops. So, pull yourself over from side to side. Boom boom. Now you could do this a couple different ways. You could do it timed, for a minute at a time or you can count. If you’re going to count, you’re doing thirty each way. One one, two two, three three. So I’m going to run through this really quickly. Soon as you’re done doing that you’re doing whats called dive bombers push ups. Ok so, you’re on your forearms as you’re doing those and you’re working your obliques . Then you’re going to go on your hands right into, your legs are close together and you’re going to do swoop here, and then swoop back. keep your legs straight.

Swoop here, and swoop back. I totally just kissed the ground. Theres my lipstick line. Swoop and swoop. WHoo. I want you to do, twenty of these. I did say, I was going to do a whopping three or four, I think that was four. Yes, it was. Ok, so right after that, shoulders should be on fire after you do more than four, four times five, twenty. You’re going to go right into, We’ve done posterior reaches before, but now were going to do it in a lunge position. No jumping.

You’re going to keep your legs staggered here in a nice good lunge. And you’re doing a full lunge as you do a posterior reach. So you’re going to go down and up as fast as you can. I want you to do, thirty on one leg and thirty on the other. boom boom. dont let your knee hit the ground. Like mine just did, twice. Just kidding. I’m showing you what not to do. Fast, dynamic. I’ve done four I’m out of breath. Ok soon as you’re done with that you are going to go grab onto a weight, nothing too heavy and you’re going to do jumping jacks. ‘Cause we dont do regular old jumping jacks, here. SO more shoulders on fire as you press up. I don’t want the dumbbell to be light, but I dont want it to be too heavy.

Heavy enough, where you actually feel the press. You are doing, forty yes forty of those. soon as you’re done doing that you’re going to do another variation of a push-up. Its meant to go quick and you’re being dynamic with using your core. So you’re going to go into a push up with an alternating reach. Push up reach, push up reach keep those abs tight so you don’t fall over like I almost did on the first one. Don’t think I didn’t notice and I didn’t think you noticed.

So you’re going to do twenty on each side so you’re doing forty yes I said it I didn’t stutter, fa fa forty push ups. Soon as you’re done with that you’re going to go right into hands in the triangle position and wide mountain climbers. So here, out to the side, obliques. Boom boom. Forty on each side. Yes fa fa forty on each side and then what are you doing? You’re going right back to the plan position and doing lateral hops so you’re going from oblique to oblique. Then go back to your dive bombers. Totally using my cheat sheet. You should be writing this down as we speak. Or you can go timed. If you’re going to go timed you want the lateral hops to be for one minute I want the dive bombers to be for two minutes.

Posterior reach with the lunge, one minute on each leg. Your jumping jacks one minute, dynamic. And then your push ups with your reach two minutes and then your wide mountain climbers, one minute. Ok so write it down, if you missed anything, rewind. Technology. Go nuts, have an awesome workout get dynamic. Do it for no less than forty-five minutes going around each rotation. If you want to ad an ab rotation in between, some russian twists or something. You want to add my, what I love, my jump rope in between for one minute you can. Go crazy dont stop. Keep the heart rate up there crazy calorie burn. And I promise this will help you lose weight. That accompanied with good nutrition and other cardio. I had to add that on. Um but look for more workout videos go crazy and workout hard. Scale of 1-10 uh, an 11. yeah. K bye.


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Home Workout Routines For Women

watch this video on workout routines for women

play this video below the red arrows on more workout routines for womenwatch this video on more workout routines for women

Hello, this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our home workout routines for women. Cheet sheet. Yeah, home workout routines for women. So, basically what we need today, in todays workout, is one disc, or a papertowel or a pair of socks. We need two tubes, one heavy and one medium. And then we need two dumbbells so what were going to do is, the first rotation is three exercises and the second rotation is one, two, three, four exercises. Now I would recommend you warm up instead of going right into this. So you could maybe warm up by doing some high knees, some jump rope. Maybe some jumping jacks, some russian twists. Something, or maybe like a quick jog.

Like if you’re, if its nice weather and you can go jogging, go jog around your block once for like two to three minutes, get your heart rate up there and flowing. And, the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to stand here and you’re going to pick up your weights. So, this is basically going to be a total body workout. And you’re going to start with your two dumbbells, you can start with them here or you can start with them here. Now, you’re going to go into a squat to press. Now we are going to do this exercise in the first rotation and in the second rotation of exercises but you’re going to do them a little bit different. So with this one were going to start with the easier version, where you’re squatting and then pressing up as you stand up. Squat and press. So, I want the weight to be heavy enough where its challenging because you are going to do twenty, twenty five, maybe even thirty, depending on what size weights you have. If you feel like you can get to the end of twenty and thats all you have access to is not too heavy of weight where its really challenging you then go nuts for thirty. K.

Go thirty five. If you’re shoulders, if you don’t have to put it down occasionally, and you’re shoulders aren’t burning. Then its not heavy enough and you’re going to have to do more reps. Go until you feel the burn Ok. So use what you’ve got. Soon as you’re done doing that where I’ve kind of burned out your shoulders, you’re going to go right into a single leg pike. So you’re gonna, youre going to feel it in the hamstring of one leg. You’re going to basically go one leg single leg pike, flip over and do bridges. THen single leg pike on the other leg and single leg bridges. So I’ll explain to you what I mean by that.

So, stay on one leg and pull it up now I want you to do no less than twenty preferably 30 and when you’re done with that you don’t need the disc. Your hamstrings have been stretched, now they’re being strained. You’re going to keep your butt up and keep this leg up. You’re in table top position and bridge up. Don’t bend the elbows, its all about the hamstrings and the glutes. With this one you’re going to do thirty to forty of those. Then you’re going to flip back over and do single leg pike on the left leg and single leg bridges on the left leg. Go right back to your shoulder press, go around this three times or for twenty five minutes or more. ‘Cause you’re going to do a full sixty minute workout with this. And then you’re going to go into your second round of exercises. Ok, so dont forget, squat to press, single leg pike, single leg bridge.

Single leg pike, single leg bridge. THats the rotation, two to three more times. Ok, then your next rotation that you’re doing, you’re going to need your tube, ok. So I have my mat here because I’m on a solid wood floor. And I’m going to have my heavy tube and I”m going to put it around my hook or around, you guys have seen inside my house around my banister. So were going to use lats and were going to use obliques. So you’re going to be facedown. Its very important that your core is activated here because you easily can be flipped over and just sitting on your butt. So what I mean by that and you’ll see in just a second. Tension still as you bring the knee up. Switch. Bring the knee up. Switch. So its obliques and lats. but if you’re just like looking around, ya, there you go, I did that on purpose I swear I really really did like I’m not joking. You’re going to do thirty on each side. One one, two two, all the way up to thirty. Soon as you’re done doing that. You’re going to go back to that squat to press, but I’m going to make it a little bit harder.

So if you did thirty before you’re only going to do twenty on this one. If you did twenty before, you’re not going to do anything less than fifteen. Or if you have access to lighter weights then lighten up the weights a smidge. I mean a smidge. And you’re going to go into a squat to press, but at the bottom. Ok so you’re going to squat down, and press up and then stand up. Way way harder squat and stand. Ok, I did my whopping four reps. You guys are doing your whopping fifteen, twenty, twenty five. Whatever you can do. Again, I want those arms on fire. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to grab your medium tube, you’re going to wrap it around here. We’ve done this one before, I love it. Total core workout. Posterior reach with a jump. SO now, your hands are going to be to the side. You’re gong to push down and then jump up. Don’t hyperextend the back, breathe on the way up so you don’t put too much pressure on the back. Squeeze your glutes and your cheeks to protect your lower back.

So youre here, boom and reach up those arms. Its very important to reach up those arms as high as possible. So don’t just press down and then let go. Power. Ok. And you might get thrown forward a little bit. but as soon as you get the feel for the jump and the feel for the momentum and where everything is pulling you from. You’ll use the right muscles to keep you from going face down into your banister. And the last and final exercise is going to be an ab one. You’re going to grab your dumbbells that you were using for your presses. If you were using very heavy weight and its too heavy to grab both the dumbbells, then only grab one and hold it like this. But I want you to try to use both.

Keep the legs straight and give me a full crunch with the arms above the head. so more shoulders which are probably going to be tired from those posterior reaches and the shoulder presses. I think I did five! Bonus! You guys got an extra rep out of me. Whoo! I might have only done four. Ok. And then you’re going to go right back around to the top which is your plank with the leg raise. Now, if you keep falling over, and you just don’t have it yet, then take the legs out of the question and just alternate the lat pulldown with the dark tube. Um so, or the heavy tube. And then go right around the whole entire rotation the whole entire time for another twenty five to thirty minutes going around all the other exercises, I think it was four exercises that we did so that you’re getting a full 55-60 minutes of workout which is key. Beautiful. So you’re doing a total body workout. Ok. So your home workout routine for women. Go nuts, work everything out. Train as hard as you possibly can. Maximum effort or umm, produce maximum results. Fully just pulled that one out of nowhere. So, I hope you like it, let me know what you think and watch for more of my videos.


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Free Home Workouts For Women

watch this free home workouts for women

Hey everyone this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our free home workouts for women. So, this is a really great combination, I do this all the time. I might do this on rotation, at home. I might do this before I workout as kind of like a warm up. Or, I might do it at the end of my workout as kind of like a cool down but not really. Like, maybe I’m at the gym and all the cardio equipment is booked and then this is kinda my little workout to kinda burn out my arms.

So free home workout for women, this is what were going to do. Timed. But you’re going to go around each, so basically its one, one minute thirty, thirty, and then one minute. So, you’re going to jump rope. You don’t have to do tricks if you don’t want to. you can just go very basic. For, umm, a minute thirty. As soon as it hits a minute twenty five, so you can stand close, what I do is I stand close to the clock at the gym, or the clock in my studio or the clock in my house where its got the ticker. As soon as it hits one minute and twenty five seconds, give yourself like five seconds to get down to the ground and do your pushups.

As soon as it hits, a minute, fifty seven seconds, so now you’re into your two minutes because you’ve done thirty seconds of push-ups, then you, lay back down really quickly and do reverse crunches. So I’m going to use, and you could grab onto a chair you could just put your hands down. So, I’m in my studio right now, but this is your home workout. Umm, uh, you could do it at the gym, again I’m totally beating a dead horse. But basically I’m going to run through the whole entire thing for you. So, my camera lady is going to give me the little wave when I’m at one minute and thirty seconds as soon as I’m done I’m going to go down and do thirty seconds of push-ups occasionally glancing up at her and then I’m going to flip over and I’m going to do this and she’s going to wave me down when I’m at my three minutes. So, were going to go right into our jump rope.

Ok, so I’m a very big fan of the jump rope. I love it. Um, the reason why is because, great total body workout. Calves, arms, shoulders. When you start doing the tricks, and doing the double jump, you start going into a little bit more shoulder activation. Bicep, forearms, all that stuff is really great for when you’re doing weight lifting. So when you’re lifting heavy weight. Lets just say you are trying to go heavier. Or if you are using machines in the gym. It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re doing. Or just general kettlebells or dumbbells, your grip is going to be that much better because you’re stronger from doing things like this. Shoulder strength, everything. Total body, everything. Umm, and then obviously its really great cardio. You can do high knees if you want to. Whatever it is. But I absolutely love the jump rope.

Such a huge fan of it. So, getting a little out of breath and I did neglect to tell you guys, or to show you guys what I usually do. So I’m going to do tricks on you, and I’m going to show you, my heart rate monitor. Like I always do, and I’m going to get right back into it. There you go, look, I’m awesome. Is one minute thirty up yet?! So, we could chat more. She’ll wave me down and then I’ll go right down. Now, right now as I’m keeping my shoulders back and keeping my posture good, then I’m going to go, squeeze my shoulders and go right into my push-ups. Ok, I like to do them on the knuckles. So, the big thing here, for this 30 seconds is don’t put your knees down. So you don’t have to go fast. Or you can go fast. You could change it up and do different styles of push-ups. So right now I’d be looking up at my timer, you want to stretch, thats what you do.

Or, you keep going. Ok, I’ve got five seconds. And then I flip over and for one minute I’m going to grab onto my treadmill or my chair or anything and just do reverse crunches. Now with the reverse crunches you want to make sure you lift straight up. Ok, so all lower abs. Don’t come up here, this isn’t a reverse crunch. Lift, ok. Some of you, might only be able to get up here. It’s really not a matter of how high you go, its a matter of using the right muscles. So, were going for one minute on this. So she just gave me the wave down, and now she just gave me the, no no, just kidding, I thought it was 30 seconds. So, just keep going. As soon as she gives me the wave down or I look at my timer, and I’m at one minute and you could do leg lowering too for your abs. Add that for one minute. Now your shoulders are working a little bit by holding on.

Your abs are doing a lot of work. Good, I got three seconds, two, stand up, grab my jump rope and go right back into another minute and thirty seconds. Another thirty seconds of the push-ups and then another minute on the reverse. Literally, so thats three minutes. You can go around that, I’ve literally done that for a half an hour straight at the corner of the gym at the end of my workout. Ive done it for fifteen minutes before my workout. Or I’ve done it, just at my house. Another thing you could do is add this on at the end, or in between your treadmill. Lets just say you do a minute thirty and this is just to spark things up to make your workouts more interesting. You run on the treadmill for two minutes or maybe you sprint for one minute. So you get that heart rate, very very high. Then you get off, jump rope, kind of as a cool down.

Then you get your push-ups and the minute and a half of you like this, is going to make these muscles, start to burn. I was just about to tell you when I noticed the, five seconds that I had to get down to the ground. And then you’re push-ups and then you hold the arms above you and you do your reverse crunches and abs. And then boom, you hop right back onto your treadmill. You just keep it running the entire time so you don’t have to wait for it to get back up. And you’re jumping from one thing to another. So then that’s a four minute interval. and that will make the time go by so fast. So, I really really love this little combination. I do it maybe once every, once every two weeks. But you could do it more often than that. I mean there are so many videos for you guys to choose from but I hope you liked this. Your free home workout for women, and uh, look for more videos from me.

I’d love to hear your comments, please leave them below.

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Weight Lifting Routines For Women

watch how this weight lifting routines for women can help you lose weight

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our Weight Lifting Routines for women. And, I am going to put your through a workout its all going to be on one side of the body which I am going to demonstrate I believe its, cheat sheet, I believe its five exercises. I am not going to go through the entire series of exercises on the other side, but you know you need symmetry so thats what you’re going to do. As I do with all my videos I show you guys how I have my heart rate monitor on.

So I have it on, its all set I wet it and were all ready to go on our workout. Ok I’m going to start it. So, today is all about lifting weights. Weight lifting routine for women. Ok so we are going to start out, theres a kettlebell and a dumbell involved. I always have my jumprope here to do some jump rope in between. So the first exercise that were going to do is with our kettlebell. Everything is going to be one hand. K. Except for the last exercise your on both hands but its weight bearing on one side. So basically what were going to do is a swing. But you’re going to jump forward and jump back. But its going to be single arm, K. So we are trying to get as dynamic as possible.

So this is what a regular swing looks like, but you are going to jump, jump. Back and forth. So I want you to do twenty forward and do twenty back so its like you’re doing forty swings. Ouch. K. Soon as you’re done doing that you’re going to go right into, with your kettlebell and these are things you can do with dumbbells if you don’t have access to kettlebells. You’re going to go right into a clean with your kettlebell, into a reverse lunge to press. So you’re going to go right from here, to here, to press, to bring it back. Here to here, to press to bring it back. Boom, step back, press, K so you clean as you step back, press up as you go down and bring it back together.

Again, you could do these things with your dumbbell. I want you to do 15 or 20 of those. Then as soon as you’re done doing that, there is four exercises, oh no, there’s five! Then, you’re going to have your dumbbell, you’re going to stay in a split stance, all on this hand. And you’re going to do a plyo, staying in this position. So you’re not switching. Plyo split jump lunge with a press. Ok, so this is what it looks like. The dumbbell goes up as your body goes up and comes down as you come down.

Sown press and down you’re going to do 20 of these too. Do not switch. Soon as you’re done doing that, you’re going to go face down with your dumbbell and were going to do rear delts. K, so you’re here, hand is right here feet are open abs are nice and tight you’re body is going to stay low to the ground, here. Just going to go out to the side. So you can get a little bit of momentum, from right underneath this wrist, but its only your rear delt. So you want to focus on keeping your body down.

Don’t rotate because its not a rotation its a rear delt exercise. So youre here, stay with the body. So you’ll feel this, even though its a rear delt exercise, you’re going to feel it in your obliques because you’re forcing yourself to hold yourself down as you open up to the rear delts. Now the last exercise all on this side is going to be a weight shift pushup. You’ve had massive massive pressure on this arm. This is where were going to keep the pressure. I’m going to face you this way so you can see, hands are out wide like a regular push-up and you’re going to shift your weight onto this side. Boom and press up. So both arms are bending so you can look if you need to.

And you’re going to do 20 on that side. You’re going to switch to the other side. So this side is kinda getting all the rest when you go to the other side and you start off with the swinging and jumping. Ok, then you’re going to do the clean lunge, then the lunge press, then the rear delt, and then the weight bearing push-up. So you have plenty of time. You can go back and forth and back and forth. And get you two to three rounds and it will take you a whole entire hour. So, I hope you like this. Weight lifting routines for women. Lift weights, get nice and toned and lean long muscles. let me know what you think, leave your comments, get dynamic, do as many as you can.

Do not do anymore than 20, even if you have to lighten up the weight a little bit. Don’t lighten it up so much that on a scale of 1-10 on your heart rate monitor you’re heart rates not even high. Thats the whole point of this thing. And if you feel like you want to give your body a rest, from the weights, you can always do some jumping rope in between. You know me, I absolutely love doing the jump rope in between. So you go from one side, to the other side, to jump rope then go back to another set. Again I hope you liked it, let me know what you think, and look for more videos.
I’d love to hear your comments and questions down below:
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Workout Routines For Women

Watch this video on workout routines for women

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your workout routines for women. So what I did with this one is I know a lot of the ladies are always making comments about, the little muscles over here, and the little bye bye arm. So, I tried to add in some exercises into todays workout, for the ladies. Ok, so I have my cheat sheet. You guys are allowed to have it for your workout routine for women. And I have, what, what… do I have?

Yes I do, I have my heart rate monitor on, I do, I just wanted to show you. Ok, workout routines for women. Go crazy, this is what were going to do. First exercise is going to be a plie squat. So what I have here is two dummbells, and were pretty much going to use these dumbbells for the workout. of course I have my jump rope so that we can get dynamic in between sets. So a plie squat, if its done right, you can feel right over here. So thats what the ladies like, so that’s why I added it in. Wide but the hips and knees and toes are in a line. So you do not want the toes totally turned out, and the knees going in a different direction.

It just feels uncomfortable when I’m moving and its hurting, so I’m not going to do it. You’re not going to do it either. So, here plie in ballet is what? I mean I’m totally not a ballerina, but if I wanted to I could. if anybdoy wanted to be they could. So what you’re going to do with this is you’re going to add weight to this. As heavy a weight as you possibly can. And you want to think about squeezing up. So I’m going to grab two dumbbells because I’m going to use them on my next exercise. And I’m just going to let my dumbbells hang. You’re going to go down, till they touch the ground and think about squeezing up. Back shot. Down, and squeeze up.

As you’re squeezing your cheeks up. You’re squeezing your inner thighs together and you’re working this muscle over here. So down and up thats all you’re gonna do. Until it burns. And, heavy enough weight so that you really feel it. Don’t do anything too light ok, because then you’re going to be here doing like fifty of them before you even feel any squeeze on on, you’re going to feel it in your glutes too because your legs are open.

So youre going to feel that this muscle is activated. Soon as you’re done doing that I added in another exercise. I’m gonna get a little total body on you, so I”m gonna add in some bicep curls. But you’re going to do a lateral lunge. You will feel this tremendously. So you’re going to go ahead and take your two dumbbells. And you’re going to step to the side. Now, I”m going to show you a couple different views. When you step to the side in a lateral lunge, you’re going to go like this. You’re going to bring the dumbbells to wrap around the knee that is doing the moving. And you’re going to go down, until you feel it, in the inner thigh of the other leg.

Pushing the butt back. So, this is a front view, this is a side view. This is a back view. Ok, so all until you feel it back here, and you have to push your butt out. So if you just go like this, when you don’t bend the legs, you’re not going to feel it here. So you gotta go boom, push the butt out, drop the heel down so that you feel it on the inner thigh. So what were going to do is were going to add in some bicep curls. So you’re going to go here, stand up, curl it. Go to the other side. Here, stand up, curl. Give me 20 on each side. Yes, you will be doing 40 bicep curls. 20 on each leg of the lunges. Ok, soon as you’re done with that we are going to go into some push-ups.

Ok, with a leg raise so were going to activate our glutes a little bit on this one. So you don’t have to do them on the knuckles, I just like to do the push-ups on the knuckles because I have some issues with my wrists. So you’re here. Now, you could stay on the same side if you want. Or you could alternate the sides. So as you go down the leg raises. So my glute is activated. now if you want to, you could have stayed on the same side with the lunges. And then stay on the same side, here. So just go down, don’t let the leg touch so that glute stays activated the whole entire time. So you want to try and do, 30 pushups, 15 on each leg. And then as soon as you’re done with that, I believe were gonna do some dips. So lets just say, were going to go over here over to my bench. And you’re going to do some dips.

So, more triceps, so this is what I was talking about with the ladies and the arms. So we just worked them over there. And now were going to isolate them over here. Ok so if you need to you can bend the knees because your arms are probably going to be a little bit tired. And you’re goig to go down. Till your butt touches the bench. Ok, touches the ground, just about. So if youre on a higher bench. Lets just say you’re doing this in your living room or you’re doing this in your kitchen and youre at the kitchen table you’re going to be higher. So you’re not going to go all the way down. The focus here is to work the back of the arm and the triceps. So your elbow is going to bend, your shoulders are going to stay down and you’re going to squeeze and press till the back of your arm and your elbow is hyper extended.

Soon as you’re done doing that, what are we going to do? Were going to get a little bit dynamic, give your arms a little bit of a rest. Because yes, when you jump rope, you are working upper body a little bit to get the jump rope around. But right after youre done doing that, get dynamic. Jumping jacks if you want to. I mean, try and add something to it because I’m not a big fan of just standing here doing jumping jacks and its not 1982 anymore. You guys are more dynamic than that, especially training with me. So, I suggest the jump rope just because I feel like its the awesomest workout ever. I do it everyday. if you want you can grab onto two dumbbells and do jumping jacks this way. If you want you can do high knees in between. Whatever. Do something in between and then go right back to, your plies.

Ok, so four exercises. Pretty much a total body workout. We got some push we got some pull. We got some biceps, we got some, back of the arms, inner thighs, which was the main reason for posting this video. And we’ve got our workout routines for women, thats it. Were all done. Go crazy, go until you feel the burn in the back of the arms – in all the muscles. Let me know what you think, go around it at least 2-3 times. And umm, feel the burn baby, feel the burn. Get that heart rate up. So if you’re wearing your heart rate monitor your heart rate better be higher than mine because mines a little bit too llow right now.

So I gotta get to steppin. I’m gonna go workout, you go work out. Get crazy. Let me know what you think.

I’d love to hear your questions and comments down below:

please leave your questions below on workout routines for women

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