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Leg Workout For Women At Home

watch this video on leg workout for women at home
Hey everyone this is Jenn Aguirre and I am with a Leg Workout Today. So basically I’ve been asking people for feedback. What they want to see and they’ve been asking me for leg workouts. So what i did was put together a little cheat sheet. ‘Cause I always tell you guys to get your cheat sheets. One two three exercises in the first rotation. One two three exercises in the second. Just basic things, so you don’t need anything but a tube and maybe a bench or a sidewalk or something, way higher than a sidewalk. But basically the first three exercises, one is going to be like a weight shift, lateral lunge combined with a smurf jack.

So basically this is what you’re doing. You’re staying down the whole entire time. So, you’re going to be nice and wide. You’re going to be down here like this, you’re going to shift from one side to the next side, center, smurf jack in. Side side, smurf jack in. Side, side, now! if you don’t have the range of motion to go all the way down that low. Thats good, I mean, not, not that thats good, you can still do it. Stay down low here, you go side, you go in you go out. You don’t have to go that low. But the lower you go the more your quads are going to be on fire, glutes are going to be on fire and I know thats what a lot of people ask me for.

So, soon as you’re done doing lets just say twenty or thrity of those then you’re going to go over to, basically what you have to do is, its like you’re doing a frog jump on to the bench so this is what makes it a little bit harder than just doing a bench jump. So I want you to put your hands here, when you take your arms out of the equation, your legs gotta do all the work. And you’re going to start down here. So I want you to land in the frog and land in the frog. Now if you need to you can go ahead and take your arms out because it will help give you a little bit of momentum. Practice it with the arms and then eventually take your arms out of the equation so your legs and your glutes do all the work again. Then, more quads and glutes ‘cause I know everyone likes the heiny. Now, go and grab your tube, wrap it around your foot on the arch its very very important when you’re doing tube walking that you don’t turn your toes out because you will slap yourself in the butt. So I”m going to cross my tube and pull it up to my waist.

Sit down here keep my toes facing forward. and open close open close. Ok so here the main focus here you lift up and open so you use this right glute right here and then you don’t drag in. Were not doing a Michael Jackson video. Were controlling. Open, glutes close. open, slightly close. Now, do not turn out again like I said ‘cause then you’ll be like that. You want to keep constant tension on those glutes. And you stay low. If you start to feel it in your back, heres a little sidenote, then you just got to re-engage ‘cause you might be like this. Stand up for a second, your legs are probably going to be on fire. Sit back down, keep the chest up hold the tube here. if its too tight like that just cross it here and hold it like a golf club.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. Thats your rotation. Soon as you’re done doing that, you go right back down to the ground and you do those lateral shift, lateral shift. So we did twenty or thirty of those, bench jumps no less than twenty and the tube walk, try to go forty forty each side, fifty fifty because that will go quick. One one two two. Ok, soon as you’re done doing two to three rounds of that, preferably three to four. Then you’re going to go around to the next one. So basically we are going to use, quickly run out of frame. boop boop boop. I got my furniture mover. I could easily have just taken off my shoe, so I think I’m going to. So I don’t have a furniture mover, I have a sock and a wood floor. So, you are going to put your hands here. K. This will activate the glute even more. I think I might have done one of these in my videos before, they’re called track lunges.

So basically if you were to ever watch a race, a track race. You see them like this, in this position. And then they power, and they fire off of that leg. Thats what I want you to do. But you are going to slide back. Hands here, slide down, slide up. So all the focus is on this leg. So its like you’re doing a single leg squat. Boom and boom. Its not a reverse lunge. Its a track lunge almost like a single leg squat. Its like this hip is not going to bend ‘cause your just going to go down, boom and then slide in. Ok, you’re going to do at least twenty on each leg. Twenty on one side, twenty on the other. Now, soon as you’re done doing that, I’m not even going to put my sneaker back on. You’re going to go right back to, back to the other leg. So basically you went here, and then you went here. Now you’re going to go back to this leg.

This legs going to be on the bench. Hands are going to be here. Again you don’t need any weights for this. A plyo step up. Ok. So power, make sure the leg gets straight, and then land soft. keep that foot on the bench and make sure the whole foot is on the bench. Power up and down. And I”m on socks right now. Definitely dont do this in socks. put your sneaker back on. Then as soon as you’re done doing that were going to get a little dynamic so you just finished using this leg then you went to this leg. Now you’re going to go back to this leg and I love love love push ups but you’re going to engage your glutes by doing a single leg extension with a shoulder press. So basically what you’re going to do is like this put this leg up there so this glute is going to stay activated the whole entire time as you do a shoulder press. and this quad is flexed.

Its also a core exercise, and clearly also ooh that butt is on fire! And also a shoulder exercise. But I love incorporating shoulders in all my workouts. Whether its doing push ups in the middle of a leg day or what not. So, then you go right back to the top after you’re done doing both sides. You do your track lunge, your step ups, your over head, leg extension shoulder press. So, I hope you liked your leg workout. Work those thighs, work that rumpus. Umm, and that’s it. Tell me if your legs were on fire and I will see you in the next video.
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Body Weight Workout Plans-For Women

watch this new video on body weight workout plans for women

hey everyone its jennaguirre.com and we are here with my new t-shirt workout. No, I’m only kidding. Body Weight Workout Plans. Um, so this is appropriate for this workout because you’re going to move your mmm mmm, but its, no curse word so were good. Um, ok so body weight exercise thats what today is all about. So, I got my cheat sheet. You guys get a pen, a piece of paper. So basically what you’re going to do today, you don’t need anything. A pair of socks, I have my two discs. You need a wall and um, you need some muscles. Yeah, those you got. So you’re going to use them. Thats it, body weight exercise. Alright so the first thing were going to do is were gonna do some seal crawls. One disc, two disc, a pair of socks and a wood floor. Uhh, you know whatever you’re furniture movers outside in your driveway whatever way.

This is all meant to be done in your house. Ok so seal crawls is all about the shoulders all about the core, don’t let your butt drop. I’m going to show you a few moves that way. I want you guys to do twenty on each arm. So I’ll demonstrate what I mean. I’ll count out loud as I’m doing it. So basically here. Now if you’re more advanced you could do it single leg and do twenty on each arm in one direction and twenty on each arm back. Um, forget that I’m going on one leg. So one one, two two, all obliques and all shoulders. Hence its called a seal crawl because, seals don’t have legs so you’re just going to drag your body. So you’re just going to do twenty on each. Arr, arrr, arr, ar, and all core. Don’t let your back drop like a seal would. Where they just drag their body like this. This is terrible, terrible, terrible. Don’t do that.

So keep your abs nice and tight. If you want to you can even, well here, I’m going to get even more dynamic and more advanced. You’re going to keep the other leg elevated. Ok. Beautiful. I’m done with those. You just did twenty I just did my whopping, I don’t know, four on each arm. Ok this next one, you’re walking up the wall. I love doing this one. Every and anybody can do it its just a matter of how high you’re going to go. So I want you guys to do fifteen of them. You’re going to do a shoulder press. I’m making it harder. You’re going to do it on single leg. So basically what were going to do is were going to start out flat with your feet on the wall. Here. And you’re going to walk yourself up extend one leg, push up. Extend the other leg, push-up. And then walk yourself back down to flat, and then walk yourself back up.

Ok so you’re doing fifteen of those, ok so I’m going to go through this fairly quickly. Um, fifteen of those. So right after I burnt out your shoulders and your core on that, you’re doing this, right after. All body weight exercises. As soon as you’re done with that you need more length again. Were going to go back to moving in a forward direction and each time you move. Its going to be a bear crawl now and its going to be a crawl with a spider push up. So, bear crawls meant opposite arm and opposite legs are moving. You’re fairly close to the ground, but not with your back hyper extended at all. If I forgot to flash you guys, I’ve got my heart rate monitor on. Ok. so, bear crawl with a spider man push-up. So you’re here, spider push up then step through. Spider push up. All body weight exercises. Ok so I just did my whopping four because you guys all know how many I demonstrate, because I’m awesome. Four. Big over achiever. Umm, you guys are going to do twenty in one direction and then you’re going to move backwards, or you’re going to turn around and go twenty in the other direction.

Ok so what I mean by backwards is, this one could get confusing. So if its more about confusing, boom and then move opposite arm and opposite leg. So boom, push up. Boom, push up. So it does get just a little bit harder, but it does get confusing. If it does get too confusing and you just keep jacking it up, just turn around and do the regular bear crawl because I want you guys to keep moving instead of trying, and then practice it on your own when you’re not in the middle of your workout. Soon as your done doin that. Were going to do whats called superman cobras. Ok, usually I would do these with a weight but today is all about body weight exercises. So its all core though. So you’re glutes are activated. Every muscle in your body is going to be activated on this. So your shoulders your abs, your glutes, your quads are flexed, which is right here.

Your calves are flexed. Your shoulder blades, and you’re going to keep your head in neutral spine and then open up and squeeze together. Your body, your upper body, your knees, your chest, your chin, nothing is ever going to touch the ground. So all glutes and everything. Ok keep your abs nice and tight the whole entire time and open up. So this is all going to be very good with flexibility and if you do enough of them, because I don’t want you to do any more than forty then you’re going to feel the burn everywhere. K. Soon as you’re done with that were going to activate the glutes a little bit more. hands are going to be here stretch out those lats shoulders should be a little bit tired now and youre going to do what I call smurf jacks, Its not what I call them, its what theyre called. And you’re just going to jump. In and out.

Quads and glutes should be on fire. Getting a little bit dynamic. Get as low as you can. If you cant get fully all the way down to the ground, then just go to here and go in out, in out. Ok, all body weight exercises. You’re going to do forty of those. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going right back to your seal crawls. So, body weight workout plan, I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think, leave your comments. Leave your umm questions, anything. But go crazy burn a lot of calories you dont need anyting for this workout so theres no excuse. if you’re at home and youre watching spongebob with the kids or you’re doing nothing, youre watching Oprah, I dont know is she even on anymore? I dont know. Whatever it is that you’re doing, you could be burning calories. So god forbid you get up and burn a few. Thats what I always say. Get up burn calories, work hard. It all counts. Let me know what you guys think and look for more videos.
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Body Weight Workout Programs-For Women

watch this video on body weight workout program for women

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with todays body weight workout program. Totally just cheated! Busted. I’m not even trying to fake it. Body Weight Workout Program, I got it written down. So basically what I’m here to do today is show you about how you can do a total body workout with just your body weight. Ok, so basically what were going to do is, you can do this in a doorway, or you can buy one of these things online. I think it was $20 bucks then you send in a rebate and you get one of those little hanging ab things. Which, they’re actually right there so I might go get them. Um, first exercise that were going to do for body weight exercise is all push-ups.

But, pull ups are also awesome body weight exercise. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to combine them. You’ve probably seen this combination a million times but I’m going to put together that, that, a burpee and at the end I’m going to add in some abs. So, total workout. Go around this, superset it with some jump rope, I’m about to bust out my jump rope I’m even going to stand out here. Showing you, got my heart rate monitor on, got my heart rate monitor on. And I’m going to go, ok, so were going to go down into a push-up, boom, push-up, stand up grab onto this, do a pull-up. Ok. So if your doorway is high and youre going to have to jump up for it thats even more dynamic, if its not you just grab right onto it and pull yourself up. If you need a little bounce, anybody can do it. If you need a little bounce coming from your legs, you jump.

Ok, then you go back down, pop it out, push-up, stand up, grab it and pull up. Go through that 20-25 times. Go for time, go for two minutes straight of doing that. Soon as youre done doing that your going to go into some abs. So youre going to hang here. Hang here, or youre going to ,freeze frame. You are going to, hey I’m back! You’re going to grab onto your little ab things. Again, send this in. I don’t remember how much it was. You go here. Now, if you’re in a low doorway and if you’re tall, you might be six feet tall. I actually do, I have a client thats 6ft 2 and she does this. Hold onto here, let your body hang and put your legs behind you. Then pull your legs up. Slow and controlled, you don’t want your body to swing like this. Ok, you want to control it. Abs nice and tight. Keep the legs nice and tight. If you have enough leverage, your doorway is high or you’re short, keep your legs straight and lift your legs straight. All the way back full range of motion. Or, if you just bought this, or you’re using your doorway and you haven’t got this yet. You can do them hanging like this.

Whatever grip feels more comfortable for you. So you let your body hang. Don’t be like this, keep your shoulders down and back and pulling. Keep your upper body nice and tight. So don’t let yourself hang like this, this just looks ridiculous. How hard is this. Ok I’m going to stop now, I’m going to get serious. ok so abs, boom. Ok. Soon as you’re done doing that, soon as you’re done doing 30, 40, 50. I dont know what. You go and you grab your jump rope. And you get more dynamic. Especially have it ready, without a knots. I think I do this in every single video. And you jump rope. Ok, go for as long as you can. Go for two minutes, get some double jump in there.

Think I messed up on every video too. But I don’t do this when I’m on my own ok. Its because I’m talking ok? Do some crosses. Oh. Here I go! OH! I’m done. And then what am I going to do? I’m going to go into my push-up, pull-up combination. Ugh! I am bad. I am bad like Michael Jackson! Actually, I’m better. Ooh, did I say that out loud. Ok. I am. Alright so I hope you liked it. Total Body, no, Body weight workout program. Totally cheating. It’s ok. Its ok you can, I hope you wrote all that down. Hope you took a mental picture. Chick, chick chick. Alright now I’m just getting ridiculous. Go crazy go nuts go through this workout, get at least 45 minutes.

Add some of your own stuff in there. But I hope you liked it, make sure you do everything with good form. Push yourself. Heart rate is at a whopping 155 now. But I’m sure it was higher than that when I was in the middle of it. Like how I stuck my tongue out while I was doing my crosses? Uhh! Have fun, ok, let me know what you think, of course, leave your comments. Ok look for more videos. Bye.
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Body Weight Exercise-For Women

Watch this video to learn how this body weight exercise routine for women can help you

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with body weight exercise. A very awesome body weight exercise is push-ups. Huge fan. That’s all I do in between almost every one of my circuits. No matter what body part it is. If its arms day, bi’s and tri’s, I’m super setting it with some push-ups. It’s a great body weight exercise. So I’m going to show you one, a regular version of a push-up. And then I’m going to show you a couple different versions of them that I do when I’m in the gym and I’m working out. So, basic push-up is a chest muscle. And it fully works when you press out, and come together. So bench presses with the bar bell.

Awesome chest workout, but you’re limiting your range of motion. With push-ups you are limiting your range of motion a little bit because you can’t bring your hands together like you would with dumbbells. But when you add different dynamics to them and move your hands, you get to really truly access the muscle and squeeze. That’s all I do is crazy amounts of push-ups. So, there’s different ways. A regular traditional one is going to be with your hands right by your, uh, right in the center of your chest with your thumbs. And you could put your feet together, together, open. Different modifications on the knees.

I believe that even if you’re a beginner you can do it on your toes. Even if you’ve got to limit your range of motion, if I get a pulse. Then you go as slow as you possibly can, slowly getting down more and more each time you try them. So you’re here, you got abs nice and tight, feet are open. And you go all the way down and all the way up. That’s full range of motion on a push-up. All the way down, all the way up. If you want to you can get a little block right here, and you go down until your chest touches the ground.

Ok, I like to do them on my knuckles and with my hands closer together. I feel it a little bit more in my rear delts, I feel it a lot more in my triceps in a closer grip and I like the way that it feels on my wrists a lot better. So you’re going to be on your knuckles ok, if you want to try it this way. I put one foot on top of the other, also to make it a little harder as well. And you’re going to go down, here. Again, keeping the chest up and then squeeze and press up. So its a little more triceps, I like the way my shoulders pop when I’m doing these. And that’s another version of a push-up. I love staggered plyo push-ups. So I’m going to show you this one, then you guys try them and let me know what you think.

So, staggered plyo, so your hand position is staggered. And, how are you going to get it staggered position on the other side? You’ve got to plyo over there. So I’m going to demonstrate what I mean. On these your feet are going to have to be open. You can also try and make it more dynamic and harder by putting your feel closer and closer together. So, staggered. Down here on this side and then you pop to the other side.

Pop, pop. Getting down as low as you possibly can with every one. Now, you don’t have to get that low. You don’t have to let your chest touch the ground every time. If literally you start out doing this, I’ll take it. I’ll take it. Just get dynamic. Get a little bit of air. If your staggered is like this and all you can do is or you have a little bit of a staggered change, eventually. Its baby steps. It’s all about pushing and then you get further away and then you get further down. So push, try those different variations. See if your triceps and your shoulders are burning. Let me know what you think and I hope you like it. Squeeze. Squeeze like you’re trying to crack a walnut between your armpit and your chest. Oh, I think I just cracked one. Ow. Hope you liked it, ok bye.

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Body Weight Training Routine-For Women

watch this video on body weight training routine for women

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with body weight training routine for today. So, all body weight exercises. You don’t need any dumbbells. Total body workout basically so I’m going to get a little dynamic on you guys and I’m going to put you through a little combination. Ok, so body weight training routine. The combination is going to be, for distance, if you have it. If not, then you’re going to have to go a short distance, forward and back. What I mean by that, is you’re going to do bear crawls. I want you to do it, go outside. Go bear crawling in your yard. Do this workout, go to your local park you have.

Save this workout for when you can be outside and can go for distance. So I’m going to start back here and I’m going to do bear crawls to you. I want you to do at least 25 bear crawls. So what you’ll do is just 20, 30, 30 bear crawls. So I’m going to start face down. So bear crawls you got one side that’s tight and one side that’s long. So the opposite arm and the opposite leg. So here, here. So you’re going to go forward, all body weight. As soon as you get to 30, or 20, or 25, nothing less than 30. You’re going to go with what I call a half burpee. So you’re going to keep your hands here. So lets just say I just finished, boom.

Now I’m going to get dynamic and do a half burpee. So bring my knees in, for forty times. Go as fast as you possibly can, keeping your abs nice and tight. Soon as you’re done with that you’re going to stand up and you’re going to get some legs involved. You’re going to do some prisoner jump squats. Hands are going to be by the ears, jump. You’re going to do 40 of those too. Soon as you’re done with that youre going to do 40 on each leg hands are behind the ears, split jumps.

One one, two two, three three. Forty again. Then what you’re going to do is, you just finished bear crawling. And you’re going to go here, and now you’re going to go backwards. Which can get confusing. Don’t think about it too much. Go backwards, 25, 30, however many times that you went forward. And you’re going to do that whole thing, all over again. 40 half burpees, 40 prisoner jump squats, 40 split jumps on each leg.

Go around that twice. Go back to your forward again, do it again at that end. Go back to your backward again. Do it again at that end. So basically you’re doing a total body workout. Body weight training routine. Ok, total body, getting dynamic. A lot a lot of core with the bear crawls and everything. Getting dynamic with the jumping and the legs. So, I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think. Put yourself through it. Let me know how long it took you. Time yourself, and then the next time you do it, try and beat your time. So thats an awesome way to challenge yourself. So I hope you liked it, leave your comments, everything.

Go crazy you got work to do so you gotta go, bye.

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Body Weight Training-For Women

watch this video on body weight training

Hi. This is jennaguirre.com and we are on, my front lawn. But were really not, so were gonna take it back to when we were like five years old, and were gonna pretend like were on the beach. Which is why I’m wearing a bathing suit right now on my front lawn. Thank God there’s no traffic. Ok, so I’m going to put you through a workout that you can do at the beach, that you can do, on your front lawn, that you could do inside your house that you could be wearing regular clothes for.

So, I’m getting a kick out of me, ok you don’t have to be laughing at me because I’m doing enough of it. Got my heart rate monitor on, got my heart rate monitor on, even though I’m wearing my bathing suit on. You could do this at the beach. You could do this after playing a cool volleyball game, or whenever. Ok, so its basically just body weight exercises ok. So, body weight training is what were doing right now. So the first thing that were going to do is go into a reverse plank position. Ooh this grass is stickin me. No, its sand its sand! Were on the beach, the sand is stickin me! Ok, so reverse plank. My legs are straight.

My hands are behind me and I’m flexing and using a little bit of triceps so us ladies we love working our triceps. So basically what you’re going to do is a reverse plank position and go into a rotation. So were going to turn to the side, all triceps. Ok, now, if you need to, you can support yourself by putting this leg down and switching. Going from back and forth if you need to or keeping your legs straight. My glutes are fired. Ok so abs are working and my glutes are working. You’re just going to go back and forth, from side to side. As many as you can. Ok, you wanna get right into it and do some tricep work. Hands here or legs bent whatever is comfortable and you can do some dips.

Ok, keeping the abs up as high as possible. Ok this is just body weight training. So you don’t even need anything. If you have access to, something you can lean on and you can do some dips off of there if you feel like you’re not getting a full range of motion. Or if you feel like that little bit is working, then go ahead and do that. Now were going to go right into some push-ups. We’ve done core, we’ve done a little bit of triceps, right after that were going to go right into basic pushups. You could do them on the knuckles, I love to do them on the knuckles, hands are here, you could put one foot on top of the other one and go down.

I’m getting poked! By the sand. keep those abs nice and tight. Go as many as you possibly can. Ok, I’m cheating on my cheat sheet, I always use it. Ok now you guys are going to go right into some legs. You just finished doing push-ups so now were going to go into some dynamic split jumps. So, hands here, spreads out the lats and engages the glutes a little bit more. Were gonna go down and pop to the other side. Ok you’re on the sand, go all the way down. You don’t have to worry about slammin your knee into the concrete, get full range of motion on those lunges. here switch. 20 on each leg. Boom I just did 20.

You’re going to go right into prisoner jump squats. So here and jump. Get as high as you possibly can, I just did 20. Now, add some abs, even more. I’m a big fan of russian twists because, you get to use your total core, as opposed to just laying down flat on the ground. Where you don’t get to extend your spine in the other direction. So, if you know about your core, your abs do crunch up, but they also extend back. So if you’re laying down on the ground doing a traditional crunch, you don’t get to extend your back and get full range of muscle, uh, full range of motion on these muscles. So basically you’re going to go here or here you’re going to come to a balance and you’re going to russian twist, from side to side.

So you can work all these muscles back here and all these over here. Side to side, so don’t move just your arms, that’s why I’m having my hands here. So right on my chest. Go as fast as you can with control. If you want to add in, and now I’m going to go lay out since I’m on the beach. I’m just kidding. Ok we are done. We are done with our body weight training. I hope you liked it. Go lay out and get a tan.

Lord knows I need one. And uh, after you’re done burning lots and lots and lots of calories, I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think. Let me know if you did it on the beach. Let me know if you let people watch. Let me know if you were waving as you were jump squatting. umm, I didn’t wave at anybody, but I will, I will. I’ll do it on the beach and I’ll wave. So, I hope you liked it. Leave your comments, let me know what you think and look for more videos.

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Body Weight Workout Routines

watch this body weight workout routines

Hey Hey, it is jennaguirre.com and I am here with your body weight workout routines. So basically, you don’t need anything for this. This is for you to put yourself through, resistance style of training, routine, total body workout, in your house, with nothing. Total body workout routine. So, basically I have an absolutely horrible memory, I have to write down everything. All of my workouts for my clients, my workouts for myself. So, I wrote everything down over here. I remember what the first exercise was. So I’m going to go through all four of the exercises. Occasionally cheating and looking over at whats next. Um, and you could do the same thing.

Because I don’t expect you to watch this one and then remember what the workout was. So all body weight exercises. So were going to start face down doing a core exercise. So, its called a plank with rotation. So you’re going to be face down, abs are gonna be nice and tight like your bracing yourself waiting for someone to punch, you like that, brace yourself, brace yourself waiting for someone to punch you. And your glutes are gonna be tight. Glutes meaning your buttocks. So that these two are working together to protect your lower back. if you feel it in your lower back you just stop, re-engage and just start all over again. So I really want you to think about, keeping your abs tight, then opening up your chest. So I’m going to demonstrate what I mean by that. I’m going to actually tuck my hair in so that you can see what my back looks like as I rotate in that direction.

So your feet are going to be slightly open because you’re going to be rotating from one side to the next. So you’re going to go here. Hands are down, elbows are right underneath the shoulders. You’re going to open up, squeeze back here. So I’m going to show you on this side. Squeeze back here so your rear delts and back get activated as well. So back to the center, boom. So its obliques, rear delts, chest, abs, glutes, legs, wait… I think its total body maybe. yeah it is, uh huh. Back and forth. Now you can pick a number, whatever you can get, I’m wearing, uh, I did forget to flash you guys but it flashed itself, my heart rate monitor so don’t let your heart rate drop. Get yourself high enough where it, if you really truly do have to stop, you look at your heart rate and its not 100. Its 150, 160, 170, whatever you can do, however many you can do. Go until you physically do need to drop.

Don’t stop just for the sheer factor of stopping. Go and keep cheating and looking at your heart rate monitor. You’re going to go right into push-ups. Now I’m going to give some modifications of them. I really like doing them, on my knuckles. I like it for sheer purposes of my wrists and my hands, and my wrists bother me, but traditional, everybody does it this way. So you put your thumbs right inline with your chest. here, feet could be open, feet could be together, one foot could be on top of the other one. Whatever modifications that you want to do. You want to bring your body down and push the floor away from you. I’m going to do them on my knuckles. So I’m here, a little bit more triceps.

So here and then press up. Go as many as you can go for. Now you’re in the plank position are you not? Yes you are. So you have got to activate those abs and those glutes. You don’t want your back to drop. K. If you do have to, you can go on the knees, but I believe that everybody can do them on the toes, even if you have to limit your range of motion. And go slow. So go down as low as you possibly can find what your stick point is and then push up through. Next time you do them. Two days from now, three days from now, tomorrow, try and go a little bit further. Next set try and go a little bit further. So you’re here. You can do them, even if you limit it to here. But you’re, the whole point of this, full range of motion, go all the way down, and all the way up. Just till the chest touches the ground. That is a full push-up. Soon as you’re done doing that, you’re going to stand up.

I just cheated haha… ok body weight exercises. hands are going to be behind your ears because it engages, when your hands are above your head, its gonna get your heart rate elevated quicker. And, it spreads out your lats and engages the glutes more. Glutes meaning buttocks. So we are going to keep our hands here and were gonna do just regular squats. Now, go until your legs are on fire. Push your butt back. Sit down like your sitting in a seat and stand up. You wanna get more dynamic go ahead and do jump squats. So here, there’s a modification. If you cant go all the way down, a regression would be just sitting here and standing up. Sitting down and standing up. If you have a chair right there, you could put the chair behind you. You don’t sit down, go until your butt touches. So you could change it up. You could go super slow and then power. Super slow. Power.

Ok, so, right after you’re done doing that, were going to go right into lunges. Again put the hands up here, gets the heart rate up an extra five beats. Alternating lunges. You can go forward, here. Now you wanna make sure that when you step forward, heel comes up, heel stays down and you go straight down and then power back. Down, down, power back. You could do reverse lunge. Step back, both the knees are at 90 degrees. This ones a little bit easier if you’re just getting the hang of it. K, even more of a modification. Hold onto the wall, put one foot in front of the other and just go down. K, switch hands, just go down.

Limit your range of motion. Everybody can lunge. You wanna get more dynamic? Split jumps. Of course, add plyo into it, and it steps everything up ten notches. I don’t believe in, ok I’m going to move on to the next exercise, which is going to be a core one. As I tell you, I don’t believe when people say, “Oh I was told I cant do squats and I cant do lunges” because if you drop your keys your going to lounge down to get them, are you not? yeah, mmhmm. When you get up and off the toilet, I’m just keeping it real for you, you’re doing a squat. So if your doctor or somebody tells you, I can’t do squats, no. You could do it, you just limit your range of motion.

So, sorry. I got a little, I got a little real on you right there. Alright. So Russian Twists is the fifth exercise. So what I want you to do is keep your abs nice and tight, everybody can do this, if you have to put your feet down you can. More advanced is going to have the feet up. Chest is up I want your thumbs right here. Right touching below your clavical bone. Ok, and you’re going to rotate the whole upper body. Thats why I want your thumbs touching. Because I don’t want your arms to go. This isn’t obliques, but, this is. So your whole upper body, is moving and rotating. Your knees can move a little bit in the other direction. If you wanna, get into a little bicycle you can. But keep the chest up, don’t curl over. Its too much pressure on the spine. Keep the chest up, and again if you have to, keep the toes down and still get the same benefit.

If you really need to, you can tuck your toes underneath here. Still just as good. You can even maybe go down. Uh huh! Totally just pulled that one right out of the air. And then come up. Ok I’m done, I’m done with the workout. So, that was all five exercises. Body weight workout routine, Body weight. I did not touch not one piece of equipment. I touched my stairs, so that’s about it, and the floor. OK, so I hope you liked it. Go through it, go nuts, keep that heart rate up there. Go from one exercise to the next. Soon as you’re doing your Russian twists, go right back to your plank. Open up. Make sure that you engage every muscle.

I can do a bicep curl here with nothing in my hands and squeeze my bicep. So make sure when you’re in that plank, that you’re engaging those muscles. Opening up and squeezing the back. Ok, same thing, sitting down, good lunges, activating those glutes. Just pay attention to your body. That’s what its really all about. Pay attention to your body through the workout. Ok good, yes. Don’t just move, you’re more likely to get injured if you just start running through the motions. So I hope you guys like this. Go through the workout. Do it 45 minutes or more. Try and do it for sixty minutes, go crazy. Let me know what you think and look for more videos.

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