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Body Weight Workout Plans-For Women

watch this new video on body weight workout plans for women

hey everyone its jennaguirre.com and we are here with my new t-shirt workout. No, I’m only kidding. Body Weight Workout Plans. Um, so this is appropriate for this workout because you’re going to move your mmm mmm, but its, no curse word so were good. Um, ok so body weight exercise thats what today is all about. So, I got my cheat sheet. You guys get a pen, a piece of paper. So basically what you’re going to do today, you don’t need anything. A pair of socks, I have my two discs. You need a wall and um, you need some muscles. Yeah, those you got. So you’re going to use them. Thats it, body weight exercise. Alright so the first thing were going to do is were gonna do some seal crawls. One disc, two disc, a pair of socks and a wood floor. Uhh, you know whatever you’re furniture movers outside in your driveway whatever way.

This is all meant to be done in your house. Ok so seal crawls is all about the shoulders all about the core, don’t let your butt drop. I’m going to show you a few moves that way. I want you guys to do twenty on each arm. So I’ll demonstrate what I mean. I’ll count out loud as I’m doing it. So basically here. Now if you’re more advanced you could do it single leg and do twenty on each arm in one direction and twenty on each arm back. Um, forget that I’m going on one leg. So one one, two two, all obliques and all shoulders. Hence its called a seal crawl because, seals don’t have legs so you’re just going to drag your body. So you’re just going to do twenty on each. Arr, arrr, arr, ar, and all core. Don’t let your back drop like a seal would. Where they just drag their body like this. This is terrible, terrible, terrible. Don’t do that.

So keep your abs nice and tight. If you want to you can even, well here, I’m going to get even more dynamic and more advanced. You’re going to keep the other leg elevated. Ok. Beautiful. I’m done with those. You just did twenty I just did my whopping, I don’t know, four on each arm. Ok this next one, you’re walking up the wall. I love doing this one. Every and anybody can do it its just a matter of how high you’re going to go. So I want you guys to do fifteen of them. You’re going to do a shoulder press. I’m making it harder. You’re going to do it on single leg. So basically what were going to do is were going to start out flat with your feet on the wall. Here. And you’re going to walk yourself up extend one leg, push up. Extend the other leg, push-up. And then walk yourself back down to flat, and then walk yourself back up.

Ok so you’re doing fifteen of those, ok so I’m going to go through this fairly quickly. Um, fifteen of those. So right after I burnt out your shoulders and your core on that, you’re doing this, right after. All body weight exercises. As soon as you’re done with that you need more length again. Were going to go back to moving in a forward direction and each time you move. Its going to be a bear crawl now and its going to be a crawl with a spider push up. So, bear crawls meant opposite arm and opposite legs are moving. You’re fairly close to the ground, but not with your back hyper extended at all. If I forgot to flash you guys, I’ve got my heart rate monitor on. Ok. so, bear crawl with a spider man push-up. So you’re here, spider push up then step through. Spider push up. All body weight exercises. Ok so I just did my whopping four because you guys all know how many I demonstrate, because I’m awesome. Four. Big over achiever. Umm, you guys are going to do twenty in one direction and then you’re going to move backwards, or you’re going to turn around and go twenty in the other direction.

Ok so what I mean by backwards is, this one could get confusing. So if its more about confusing, boom and then move opposite arm and opposite leg. So boom, push up. Boom, push up. So it does get just a little bit harder, but it does get confusing. If it does get too confusing and you just keep jacking it up, just turn around and do the regular bear crawl because I want you guys to keep moving instead of trying, and then practice it on your own when you’re not in the middle of your workout. Soon as your done doin that. Were going to do whats called superman cobras. Ok, usually I would do these with a weight but today is all about body weight exercises. So its all core though. So you’re glutes are activated. Every muscle in your body is going to be activated on this. So your shoulders your abs, your glutes, your quads are flexed, which is right here.

Your calves are flexed. Your shoulder blades, and you’re going to keep your head in neutral spine and then open up and squeeze together. Your body, your upper body, your knees, your chest, your chin, nothing is ever going to touch the ground. So all glutes and everything. Ok keep your abs nice and tight the whole entire time and open up. So this is all going to be very good with flexibility and if you do enough of them, because I don’t want you to do any more than forty then you’re going to feel the burn everywhere. K. Soon as you’re done with that were going to activate the glutes a little bit more. hands are going to be here stretch out those lats shoulders should be a little bit tired now and youre going to do what I call smurf jacks, Its not what I call them, its what theyre called. And you’re just going to jump. In and out.

Quads and glutes should be on fire. Getting a little bit dynamic. Get as low as you can. If you cant get fully all the way down to the ground, then just go to here and go in out, in out. Ok, all body weight exercises. You’re going to do forty of those. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going right back to your seal crawls. So, body weight workout plan, I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think, leave your comments. Leave your umm questions, anything. But go crazy burn a lot of calories you dont need anyting for this workout so theres no excuse. if you’re at home and youre watching spongebob with the kids or you’re doing nothing, youre watching Oprah, I dont know is she even on anymore? I dont know. Whatever it is that you’re doing, you could be burning calories. So god forbid you get up and burn a few. Thats what I always say. Get up burn calories, work hard. It all counts. Let me know what you guys think and look for more videos.
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