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Free Cardio Workout Routines

watch this video on free cardio workout routines for women

Ok jennaguirre.com with your, free cardio workout routine. So, we are in my house now. You can see I got my kids tent in the background, you might see a little bit of that right over there, his little area, but were gonna work out right over here. So you know how big of a fan I am of the jump rope but if for some reason you can’t jump rope, you dont want to mess up your wood floors. you could always do other versions. So this is all about getting cardio. Cardio in your house, not having access. Lets just say its raining outside right now, you don’t have a jump rope and you don’t have a treadmill. I’m going to flash you guys almost every single video, and I’m going to show you, I got on my heart rate monitor again.

This is how, you are going to gauge your cardio. Ok, so lets just say you don’t have a treadmill, were just gonna start out, all about interval style of cardio for boredome purposes and because you’re not going to stand here in your living room, or whatever room in your house and do high knees for 45 minutes straight. So, were gonna do one and two minute intervals of everything. So high knees. I’m going to hold down my, my, I don’t even, I forgot her name from Star Trek.

My little puff, my little puffs back here. But whatever, I’m going to hold those and were gonna do high knees. Were gonna go here for one minute, oh, wait let me start my heart rate monitor. Boop, boop boop. Ok on, so now. High knees, ok. So lets just say, this, you could do this on the jump rope or you could just do this, high knees. Sixty seconds, two minutes, stay high. Lean back, put all of the focus on your back leg. Boom boom boom boom boom, one minute ok. Soon as you’re done with that, go right into, jump squats with a burpee. Ok were just getting dynamic here today. Get that heart rate up. What did I say? Get it to at least 140. I’m at 157. Ok, fast forward it is one minute.

I’m gonna do toe taps. You could do them, on your steps, or you could just do them, not standing. Ok. lean back, all on this leg. 165. Beautiful, one minute, done. Now I’m going to go and I’m gonna take my, paper towel, movers, whatever it is for your free, at home cardio routine. And I’m going to do tucks, as fast as I can. And I’m going to alternate them. Center, alternating. Center. As fast as I can. omg my legs are on fire. 163. One minute. Ok four exercises. Go back to high knees, hold onto your pom poms like me.

Then right after that, you got your burpees. Then your toe taps, then your fast tucks. Kill it. Go for as long as you can. Do two minute intervals of that. 2, 4, 6, 8, 8 minutes. Go around that, I don’t know five- six times. Time will go fast, calorie burn will be high. I’m still at 146. I don’t want you to rest in between. ‘Cause, lets just say you’re going outside and your are able to do a jog. You don’t run for a minute and then stop. It’s constant. That’s what I want you to do, constantly move. So if you’re trying to get, lets just say you just finished doing your high knees. Or you just finished doing one of the exercises, just don’t stop moving. Bounce around, do the peepee dance if you have to.

And then go right into the next exercise. But do not stop. You’re not going to be like this in the middle of your cardio workout. Just because my heart rate is still elevated, this does not count as cardio. Ok so, I hope you guys like this. Your free cardio workout routine. Let me know what you think. I don’t know what that was. But, let me know what you think, get at it, burn calories, I’m going to remind you guys again. 500-600 calories. Now I’m doing the robot. Alright I’m done. Go crazy, dude, I don’t, I can’t even, I’m still heart rate, still heart rate up, ok. Let know what you think, ok have fun. Bye.

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