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Home Ab Workouts For Women

watch my brand new home ab workouts for women

hey Everyone this is Jennaguirre.com and we are here with our home ab workout for women. So basically what I am doing today is doing a lot of obliques. So obliques, nice pretty waist. Ok, so thats what were gonna work on. We are going to do three exercises. Were gonna go back and forth, so were gonna go right side, then left side. Then were gonna go right side on the second exercise, left side. RIght side of the third exercise, left side.

So, I’m just gonna go through it. Ok, so side plank, I’m going to give some modifications to these, so were gonna do a side plank. Now, plank, elbow right underneath the shoulder, foot here, or you can put one foot on top of the other. We are going to use that dumb bell so I’m going to move it out of the way. So you’re here. Were going to do a rotation and a leg raise. So I want you to reach. So its not your shoulders because there’s no ‘abs’ in shoulder moving. So you’re going to reach forward, as far as you can, and then crunch up. Reach forward, and then crunch up. Now if you need to, modification would be going on the knees.

So reach, and then crunch. Ok, so think about obliques. Home ab workout for you women. Now I want you to do, this is a combination of two different exercises, I want you to do fifteen on one side, and then boom, we switch. Now whatever leg is on top. Thats the leg thats going to be in the front. Ok, move my rug up, and I’m here. Side plank, reach, and then tuck. Reach and then tuck. All obliques. So, I always talk to you guys about my heart rate monitor and I forgot to tell you today that I do have it on. Ok, it is right over here. I got it on, right under my sports bra. Ok the next exercise that we are doing is more obliques. I have my cheat sheet, ok perfect.

Were going to do a full crunch. So right now we were on this side, you were balancing on this arm. So then we just finished balancing on this arm. So what I want you to do now, is whatever arm you ended on, the other arm is gonna be the one thats gonna do the full sit-up. So I was just, I just finished up on this side. So now I”m going to put this hand, here. Now, hip flexors are out of the equation. Come up, a little bit on a diagonal. You can help yourself, you’re still engaging your abs by putting your hand down on the ground. Full crunch up, and you’re going on a little bit of a diagonal. And lay back down.

So, you’re not fully helping yourself. You’re going up a little towards that opposite foot. Soon as you’re done with no less than fifteen on one side, you’re going to go ahead and switch. Use this hand to help you, and a little turn. You don’t need the help, don’t use it. Use those abs. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Ok, now, were going to get a little dynamic with it. Couple different ways you could do this kneeling down, you could do this standing up. So what were going to do is you’re going to grab your tube, you don’t want it to be too heavy of a tube, and were going to do rotations. You’re going to hold onto your tube, both the handles.

Or, you can hold on to just one handle. Ok, so I’ll hold on with one handle. Now its right in front of you, engage your obliques, engage your abs, and I want you to rotate. This is not enough tension for me. So, see how I”m giving a little bend, and a pivot. So you want there to be a strain here, and a stress here. So boom. So you have to add, you’re going to do double arms, here. Then you’re going to go with a medium one. If youre going to go with one handle you’re going to use your heavy one. I’m pointing down there not that you guys can see, but I’ve got my heavy tube down there. And theres got to be some tension, you’ve got to lock the arms straight so that your hands stay right in the center of your chest.

And just rotate Whoo! Thats a whole other world. Thats, what I want you, to feel. Now, I’ll do it just to get symmetry because I’m very obsessive about things. But theres no point in you watching my back move and were not going to turn around. So, you’re basically going to go right to the other side. So pretend like I got the tube coming from that direction, and I’m pulling this way now. So you gotta keep your chest up. If you curl here? No.

You’ve got to keep it right here, so your rib cage is sticking out, your hips are here and you’re giving a little pivot of the hips, but more obliques. Ok, then youre going to go right back down. Now if you want to do a filler, I’m a big fan, and again I’m pointing down to my jump rope down there. I’m a big fan of jumping rope in between, or, go right to the next one. So you’re going to go right back to the top and go into your side planks.

There is a little bit of shoulder movement here, so I know you guys are going to feel it in your shoulders, you’re balancing on them, then you’re holding a dumb bell with them, and then you’re holding onto the tube. But it is abs, engage your abs, right now I’m not even doing a movement and I’m engaging my abs. So thats what you guys gotta do, with every single movement that I teach you, every little workout that I give you. So your ab home workout for women, get to it, let me know what you think, leave your comments, look for more. Go crazy on those abs. Its all about the core baby. Alright. ß

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please leave your comments below about my home ab workouts for women

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