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Upper Body Cardio Workout For Women

watch this upper body cardio workout

Ok jennaguirre.com and we are here today with our, I’m cheating, as I always do, Our Upper Body Cardio workout. K so, I am wearing the worlds tightest shirt right now. But I am going to, like I tell you guys that I’m going to do every time, I’m flashing you, my heart rate monitor. So that you can see, which you can see it actually anyways since this shirts so tight, um which you can see were gonna need, we, I always wear it whether its a cardio workout or not but since were doing upper body cardio workout I want you to wear your heart rate monitor definitely. Make sure that your heart rate stays elevated the whole time. But obviously with emphasis on the word ‘cardio’ with emphasis on the word ‘upper body’ too, its just, whatever.

Ok, so I am a very big fan of push-ups, that’s all I do, all day long. Everyday, push-ups. So I’m going to do, there’s many different versions of them, I’m gonna do my knuckle push-ups like I always do. You guys do whatever version you want to do, just push yourself. Heart rate stays elevated. That’s the first exercise in this rotation. So, hands here, feet together, one on top of the other, whatever it is that you want to do. And you’re going to go down and do push-ups. Get yourself until you can go anymore. Now, if you really want to get dynamic, I am going to go off my knuckles and were going to go into some plyo push-ups. So, you can get a little bit of air on those, so boom.

Ok, I just did a whopping three. Yes, go back into it, do as many as you can. Try and do fifteen, twenty, however you have to do them. If you do five plyos and then go right into the regular ones. Go nuts, push-ups first exercise. Second exercise is, you’re gonna need your tube, ok, so you can buy of these tubes anywhere. They have all different resistances. So basically what I’m going to do, I’m going to hook it up, right over here, to my banister. Hook it up to anything sturdy. K, and you’re going to do punches. Now, here, so its almost like you’re doing a chest press, but you’re doing alternating punches, so right here, you could put one foot in front of the other. It’s all about the upper body, k.

So that’s why I’m having you do a staggered stance, take the lower body out of the equation. So the tube is right here on your bicep, so, if you want to you can flip it and have the tube here, so its not touching your bicep. K, here and you’re going to do alternating punches. K, so you see my abs are a little bit activated with the rotation, but no lower body. K. so pick a focal point, right here, somebody’s face, maybe my face. I don’t know, anybody, somebody you don’t like. Your boss. Whatever, and just keep punching. Try and go for thirty on each arm, or until your arms are on fire. Or until your heart rate monitor says, your heart exploded. No, I’m only kidding. Then, the next exercise, since its an upper body cardio workout, you’re going to go right into a jump rope. Ok, so you just finished blowing out your shoulders, after doing push-ups, now were adding a cardio component with shoulders, ‘cause jumping rope is shoulders, keep those shoulders close to the body. Give yourself a double jump. Stop messing up Jenn, give yourself some criss crosses. This is, my shoulders are burning right now. Oh my gosh. Just go, one minute, two minutes. A hundred times around, two hundred times around. You can go for three minutes if you want to.

Soon as you’re done with that you’re going to go into a squat with a row. Yes it is a little bit of lower body, but the main focus here is doing upper body so you might need to switch tubes, again you can buy these in packs of light, medium, and heavy. So with your punches you would do your medium and with your squats to a row you would do your, heavier one. I just don’t have a heavier one with me today. So you’re just gonna go, just for sheer cardio purposes, here and push. So go fast and back up so that there’s still tension even when you squat. K, you don’t have to go very low. ‘Cause its all about the upper body. If you wanna stay down here and just pull fast in a row? If you want to take your legs totally out of the equation, and just pull into a row and then switch, and go for, you want to pull high? Whatever. You want to alternate, just like we did with the punches? But now you’re going in the other direction so its all back.

So you use the front of the body and the back of the body. Go for as many as you possibly can. And then, really blow those shoulders out, and more cardio, non, old school kind of jump jacks, were gonna do them with a dumb bell. So boom. Do fifty. Do it for two minutes. Do it till your heart rate says 185. 175, one something. One something higher than 140. Then your shoulders, I can, yep, yeah that’s smoke, I just saw some smoke come off my shoulder. Heart rate monitors falling. Then you go right back into your push-ups. And you go nuts, and you go around this whole entire thing, five exercises. Upper Body cardio workout, ok. Go crazy, get it to be considered quality cardio. All upper body so your shoulders and your chest and your back and everything are on fire. You’re going to walk around all jacked afterwards. Even if you’re not, just do it anyway. Just walk around like that. Alright, have fun with this. Always have fun. That’s what this whole entire thing is all about. Keep your abs nice and tight, engage those muscles, because I can do a back exercise right here without nothing in my hand. So, absorb the movements. I hope you guys had fun, look for more videos.

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