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Body Weight Workout Programs-For Women

watch this video on body weight workout program for women

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with todays body weight workout program. Totally just cheated! Busted. I’m not even trying to fake it. Body Weight Workout Program, I got it written down. So basically what I’m here to do today is show you about how you can do a total body workout with just your body weight. Ok, so basically what were going to do is, you can do this in a doorway, or you can buy one of these things online. I think it was $20 bucks then you send in a rebate and you get one of those little hanging ab things. Which, they’re actually right there so I might go get them. Um, first exercise that were going to do for body weight exercise is all push-ups.

But, pull ups are also awesome body weight exercise. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to combine them. You’ve probably seen this combination a million times but I’m going to put together that, that, a burpee and at the end I’m going to add in some abs. So, total workout. Go around this, superset it with some jump rope, I’m about to bust out my jump rope I’m even going to stand out here. Showing you, got my heart rate monitor on, got my heart rate monitor on. And I’m going to go, ok, so were going to go down into a push-up, boom, push-up, stand up grab onto this, do a pull-up. Ok. So if your doorway is high and youre going to have to jump up for it thats even more dynamic, if its not you just grab right onto it and pull yourself up. If you need a little bounce, anybody can do it. If you need a little bounce coming from your legs, you jump.

Ok, then you go back down, pop it out, push-up, stand up, grab it and pull up. Go through that 20-25 times. Go for time, go for two minutes straight of doing that. Soon as youre done doing that your going to go into some abs. So youre going to hang here. Hang here, or youre going to ,freeze frame. You are going to, hey I’m back! You’re going to grab onto your little ab things. Again, send this in. I don’t remember how much it was. You go here. Now, if you’re in a low doorway and if you’re tall, you might be six feet tall. I actually do, I have a client thats 6ft 2 and she does this. Hold onto here, let your body hang and put your legs behind you. Then pull your legs up. Slow and controlled, you don’t want your body to swing like this. Ok, you want to control it. Abs nice and tight. Keep the legs nice and tight. If you have enough leverage, your doorway is high or you’re short, keep your legs straight and lift your legs straight. All the way back full range of motion. Or, if you just bought this, or you’re using your doorway and you haven’t got this yet. You can do them hanging like this.

Whatever grip feels more comfortable for you. So you let your body hang. Don’t be like this, keep your shoulders down and back and pulling. Keep your upper body nice and tight. So don’t let yourself hang like this, this just looks ridiculous. How hard is this. Ok I’m going to stop now, I’m going to get serious. ok so abs, boom. Ok. Soon as you’re done doing that, soon as you’re done doing 30, 40, 50. I dont know what. You go and you grab your jump rope. And you get more dynamic. Especially have it ready, without a knots. I think I do this in every single video. And you jump rope. Ok, go for as long as you can. Go for two minutes, get some double jump in there.

Think I messed up on every video too. But I don’t do this when I’m on my own ok. Its because I’m talking ok? Do some crosses. Oh. Here I go! OH! I’m done. And then what am I going to do? I’m going to go into my push-up, pull-up combination. Ugh! I am bad. I am bad like Michael Jackson! Actually, I’m better. Ooh, did I say that out loud. Ok. I am. Alright so I hope you liked it. Total Body, no, Body weight workout program. Totally cheating. It’s ok. Its ok you can, I hope you wrote all that down. Hope you took a mental picture. Chick, chick chick. Alright now I’m just getting ridiculous. Go crazy go nuts go through this workout, get at least 45 minutes.

Add some of your own stuff in there. But I hope you liked it, make sure you do everything with good form. Push yourself. Heart rate is at a whopping 155 now. But I’m sure it was higher than that when I was in the middle of it. Like how I stuck my tongue out while I was doing my crosses? Uhh! Have fun, ok, let me know what you think, of course, leave your comments. Ok look for more videos. Bye.
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