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Upper Body Toning Workouts

watch this video on upper body toning workouts for women who want weight loss

Hey everybody this is jennaguirre.com and I am here with your upper body toning workouts. So theres going to be four exercises in this workout. Were doing some kettlebells today, so I’m gonna briefly go through the movement and talk about what I want you to do, while you’re doing it, but I’m not going to really break it down, I’m just gonna go through the movement for you. Bare with me, I’m a little ill.

But I refuse to let you know it when you get to watch me do my workout. So as I do with all my videos I’m showing you that I am wearing my heart rate monitor and I am gonna flash you my heart rate monitor. There it is. Um, ok so no matter what I”m always going to wear my heart rate monitor and I’m going to turn it on. For kettlebell purposes, I always turn my watch around. Because when you’re doing certain movements, I don’t want it to hit the watch and crack the front of it. Or you could put it, if you’re a woman watching this, you could put it over here. If you’re a man, well, it doesn’t really matter, well you’re gonna have to keep it here because you can’t put it on your bra strap.

Ok, so upper body toning workout, lets get to it. Ok so the first exercise, I always cheat, because I gotta write everything down, and I’m hoping you’re writing this down too. So, were gonna grab my two discs, my two towels, my two paper towels, whatever it is that you’ve got at home, or a pair of socks on your hands. And you’re going to do alternating reach push-ups. Ok, now I’m going to show you because I’m going to do alternating on each side, so I’m going to show you how its going to look on either side. But one arm stays tight to the body, one arm reaches up. So its all lats. I’m going to turn on my heart rate monitor, go go go. Ok, I’m here, feet are going to be open, you’re going to reach, and come together. Now you see the other side. Reach and come together. So, fifteen, twenty on each side. No less than 30 or 40 push-ups.

Thats what I want you to do. Ok, good. My heart rate just got up to 140. Good, I’m on point. So, now I’m going to take my tube, and I’m going to attach it to my banister. Attach it to something sturdy and were going to do whats called a posterior reach. So arms are going to lock straight. It’s going to be all lats, theres a reason for this, theres a method to my madness. The arms are going to lock straight and you’re going to press down and reach up. If you want to get dynamic you can do a jump with it. I’m not going to do the jump with this. I will show it though. So you’re going to press, and here.

So its all shoulders, lower back also so you want to breath like your bracing yourself, waiting for somebody to punch you. Arms locked straight and reach. Now you want to keep good form, and go as fast as you can with the good form. As soon as you feel it like that. Stop. Do at least 30 or 40 of these. One, one, counts as one. here and up. Now if you want to get dynamic like I explained. Boom and jump. Ok so you can do either one of those. Now were going to get into some kettlebells. So, basically what you’re going to do is. Heart rates at 145. Ok. So its called a clean and press with a darcy throw so you can alternate the sides. if you want to, you can do it all on one side and then switch and do it all on the other side. But basically you’re going to go clean, press, here, darcy throw and go to the other side.

Clean, press. With kettlebells, all the different movements the power comes from the hips, no matter what. Ok, you’re breathing fast as you do the power movement. Boom. Ok. And all the different positions, or movements or cleans and presses, pull backs, darcy throws, its all with your hands holding in different ways. So right now, kettlebell training is meant to be heavy. So right now I have it here, locked on my hip. This is where I’m holding it. This is my stick with my knuckles facing the ceiling. I keep the arm close to the body, and I go down and up, and then I pop and press up here. And now the darcy throws are away from the body.

Close to the body, away from the body. Go back and forth, give me at least 20 on each side. Now were going to go into something a little bit challenging, again, you could stay on the same side, so lets just say you did 14, 15 on one side 15 on the other, 20 on one side, 20 on the other. Now you’re going to go to whatever side you didn’t just finish. So if you just finished the left, go back to the right. Or, if you’ve been alternating with a darcy throw in between you can alternate with this because this is what I want ok.

So I’m going to show you some different positions. This is called a gladiator. So you’re going to lock the arm here, Its just like, almost like a turkish get-up which we’ll get into that in another video. Ok you’re going to come up here, come onto your elbow, come onto your hand. – let me show you the side position. You’re going to pop the leg out so you’re to the side. Bring the leg here. Boom. So it’s challenging. See how I’m picking my focal point? boom. putting the leg back, and then here. Lay down. You could switch it to the other side. Boom. So this is where you don’t want the watch to hit, same thing with the clean and press.

Up onto that elbow, up onto that hand, pop the leg, notice how I’m not looking at you, because I need my focal point. One foot on top, in front, now, this is meant to be done, with a heavy kettlebell. If you need to, just to get the movement, light in the beginning, go ahead and do it. Same arm same leg. Boom up to the side, side, side, if you need to, you can put your feet staggered. Or on top, boom, I’m going to do one more on the other side. Switch it. Remember, you could stay on the same side. Switch legs. Up, up, boom. Ooh I made eye contact. And down, ok, soon as I’m done with that, what do I do? I go back to my reach and my reach.

Whoa, my upper body is going to be toned from that workout. Hahaha… .ok so I hope you liked it. Go nuts go crazy, never anything less than fifteen, on each side. So push-ups fifteen fifteen, on each side, not fifteen total. Go crazy, go through the whole workout. Go around all four exercises three four times. Go nuts. Arms are going to be on fire. All shoulders and I always involve core in all my workouts. So this, all this stuff is a lot of core. So I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think. And look for more videos. As usual.

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