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Dumbbell Home Workout Routine-For Women

Watch how this dumbbell home workout routine can help you lose weight

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our dumbbell home workout routine. So, what am I gonna do right now? I’m gonna go ahead and give you a little flash. Just a little one! Just a little bit, theres my heart rate monitor and I already started it. I’m at a whopping zero calories right now. Whoaaa… let me put it on my heart rate page. Ok, so, dumbbell home workout routine. So what were going to do, were actually going to do two circuits today. So the first circuit is going to be all on one side, and the two different exercises and then all on the other side. And then you go through that as many times as you possibly can.

And the next one is going to be three. You guys know, if you’re following my videos, I have a cheat sheet. I’m allowed to. You should be writing this stuff down too after you watch it, or before you watch it and then practice, I don’t, well wait that’s impossible, but whatever you know what I mean. Ok, so the first one that were doing, its called a dumbbell snatch. So you’re going to go ahead and take a heavier sized dumbbell. This is all core, you guys know, powerhouse, here. So you gotta be strong in your core, and breathe through your diaphragm like you’re bracing for somebody to punch you and squeeze your cheeks. You’re going to take your heavier dumbbell than usual and you’re going to use the power from your hips to get the kettlebell, the dumbbell, all the way up. Ok so right here, ok boom, power came from the hips.

So whooo, each time you come up. Now were gonna add in a burpee. Ok. I want you to try and do your best to add in a single arm burpee. For the first time you could do it on a double arm, but, if you’ve got it, do it. What i mean by that is, you’re going to put the hand down here, ok. Put the hand down here, open up your chest so all your weight is on here. Thats how you do it. If it helps you could put your hand back here. Don’t be afraid, a lot of things are all fear. Pop it out. Pop it in. Pick it up again. Power into the next one. Boom, here. Then you get dynamic and power. Ok, so front view. Boom, here, pop it out, in.

Power up here pop it out, in. Now if you need to, you can, put one hand down. So you go here, boom boom. Ok. Go for as many as you possibly can. If you have a heavy enough weight, you might only be able to get 20 in a row. Fifteen in a row. No less than fifteen, I would say no less than 20. if you don’t have access to really heavy weight, then go ahead and do 30. You can do it, like, even if you have to rest for a second, then go ahead and pick it up and do it again. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re not going to go to the other side. Were going to do something on that same side. So you’re going to go face down. Core is your powerhouse.

Abs are nice and tight. I have my dumbbells here for the next rotation. And on this same arm, you’re going to give me a single arm row. So you’re on your hand here. You’re feet are open, for balance. And you’re going to pull into a row, ok. Just go back and forth. Now, if you want to make it a little bit harder you can go ahead into a high row. So with your palms facing this way so your hand is horizontal and pull up here. If you don’t have a heavy enough weight, do it this way. As opposed to doing it here. it might be too light for here, you might be able to do it here. Switch it, go back and forth. Do fifteen up here and then do another fifteen down there. You’re committing to thirty, or twenty if you do have access to really heavy weight that you can do rows with. Then you’re going to go ahead and stand up, do your snatch on one side, boom.

You’re going to go through that… two three times. Whatever is going to take you, 20 to 30 minutes. Ok, because this is your home dumbbell workout routine. So this is your workout for the day. Ok, so you want it to take you at least 45 minutes. Now, you’re done with that. You’ve gone through one side, other side, one side other side, one side, other side. You’ve done three sets of it. Now, were going to go on the next thing.

So basically you’re going to go down, theres no dumbbell for this exercise, and you’re going to do a push-up because I love push-ups. And you’re going to go from side to side. So you’re going to start with your feet and hands together. Abs are tight and youre going to step out and then come together. Step out and then come together. Go back and forth. Ok, so lets just say I went back and forth at least 15 times on each side so you’re doing a total of 30 push-ups. Or 20 on each side so you’re doing 40. No less. You can do it. Even if its just a little mini push-up. Or get all the way down. Soon as you’re done with that. You’re going to sit and were going to add in some abs. Ok, so you’re going to sit in a v-sit position, you’re going to get two lighter dumbbells, v-sit means you’re sitting like this, its an ab position. So you’re here.

You can to hold the hands here, or here. Ok. So you’re either facing forward, or you’re like this. And you’re going to do shoulder press. Ok, now lets just say I’m holding them out here and I’m pressing up. If you want to get more dynamic and more core you can go ahead and balance. Now, pick a focal point. So right now I’m staring at something in front of me. There are sneakers. Abs are nice and tight, and I’m doing shoulder press. Now don’t stop shoulder pressing. If you’re abs get tired, bring your feet down for a second and then go ahead and pick them up again. Ok, do that at least 20-30 times depending on how heavy your dumbbell is. Ok, now were going to go right into laying down on the ground. You know me, I’m all about doing as much as we possibly can. So, I want us to do a bridge when we do this, but its a tricep workout. So all the ladies, bye bye, bye bye arm.

So I love to work the triceps. So, but I don’t want to just work the triceps, because I don’t want you just laying down doing nothing. SO you’re going to lift up into a bridge position. Now if you want to get really dynamic you can stay here, you could switch back and forth. But were going to do, 20-30. So, tricep extension is going to go down, and then extend back up. So if you notice, number one I’m workin my core, my abs are nice and tight, my back isn’t working and my cheeks are holding onto a million dollar platinum credit card that I don’t have to pay back. Now, if you notice my elbow is facing towards the ceiling.

And from my shoulder to my elbow is not moving. Just my forearm is moving. Thats a tricep extension. So you want to make sure you extend the arm out, and flex the back of the arm. Ok, hyper extend the elbow. Thats true tricep work, tricep work. Can’t really see because I got tattoos. triceps. Ok so, soon as you’re done with that you’re going to go right back to the push-ups, shoulder press, triceps. So the first rotation there’s like a lot of upper, back and back and then the next one is a lot of front of the body. And, and arms and us ladies triceps. So I hope you liked it, that was a big one. Ok. Go nuts, go right through all those exercises three times. Hope you liked it, look for more. Um, leave your comments and work hard. Heart rate.

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Dumbbell Home Workout Plan-For Women

watch how this dumbbell home workout plan for women can help you lose weight

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your dumbbell home workout plan. So basically I’m going to teach you guys, how to plan your week. And um, your dumbbell works. So basically you’re going to plan your workouts around what your schedule is like, plan it around when you can get the maximum benefit from the workout routine using your dumbbells ok. So total body workout or splitting up the work week, but basically if were trying to build lean muscle tissue, you want to get the most bang for your buck in reference to your workout.

So you don’t, most, I tell most of my clients, try not to do cardio before and then training after if ultimately were here to build muscle. You are here to also burn fat, you are also here, if your goal is to, you know drop body fat. but you want to do them the right way. So if you’re going to do cardio and then do training right afterwards, make sure that you have a little snack. If you’re going to do training first and then cardio right afterwards, no snack, because cardio is good on an empy stomach.

But you want to maximize your workouts. So if you’re going to use dumbbells, in your home workout dumbbell, workout plan, then you want to make sure that you are properly fueled, and its at a good time of the day when you feel like you can get the best workout. because obviously to put on lean muscle tissue you have to have the right fuel you cant drive your car without gas in it. And, we want you to build lean muscle tissue because the, if somebody comes to me saying they want to lose weight, I’m just going to do cardio. That doesn’t make any sense. When you do resistance training and put on lean muscle tissue your body will burn more calories.

Five to ten more times the calories at rest than somebody that doesn’t do any resistance training. SO when you do your dumbbell work you want to make sure that you have every bit of energy that you can have so that you can truly maximize from your workouts so that you can have lean muscle tissue growth. Now I’m not talking about size and being huge. A lot of times women get afraid of those words. Muscle mass? I’m not using muscle mass. Lean muscle tissue from using resistance training, dumbbells, and your workouts.

So um, this was really just like a tip for you guys, just clarification in reference to how important resistance training is. how important it is to incorporate dumbbells into your workouts. You guys are getting all that from the web site. Um, so I hope that this helps. If you have any questions as to maybe elaborating on some of the things that i just said. By all means, ask me. If you feel like you have more energy on the weights, and play around with it.

If you feel like you do better cardio in the morning, and then awesome weights at the end of the day because you got fuel in you from the whole day, then do your workouts like that. If you feel like you really truly have the most energy for your workouts, and your heart rate is high, and all that other stuff in reference to your heart rate monitor. Then do your workout in the morning and do your cardio right after, or later in the day, making sure that its an hour to two hours after your last meal beccuse you want to do cardio on an empty stomach. So again, your dumbbell home workout plan is to be set up for what works for you.

So play around with your body, play around with your workouts, use your heart rate monitor as your gauge. or, if you don’t have one of these, your rate of perceived exertion on a scale of 1-10 can you push yourself to a ten, at that specific time of the day? So leave your comments, let me know what you think about this information and, work hard.

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Home Workout Schedule

watch how Jenn Aguirre sets up her home workout schedule

Hey Everyone this is jennaguirre.com and I am here to teach you guys about time management. Teach you about how to get your home workout schedule together. Ok. And get yourself planned so that you get yourself set up for success. So I’ll tell you what works for me. So basically what I do, and I have a three year old son so, I like you guys to know that, my day is kinda crazy. So um, while he’s sleeping, I wake up every morning to answer emails and then I have a treadmill at my house, if you guys are doing, if you do have access to a machine to do your cardio, um, if you do have kids, and you cant leave the house early in the morning. Or if you’re implementing your jump ropes or DVD’s, whatever it is. I suggest you get up early. Forty minutes earlier. That’s all that you have to do. That will get your day, started better.

That will get your day to be moved more efficiently. And then that night, at the end of that night, you’ll sleep better at night, so you’ll actually need less sleep because it will be a deeper, better sleep when you’re a healthier person. So wake up every single morning, forty minutes earlier than you need to. You’re at home. Ok, its your at home workout schedule. That’s all you need to do is get changed, put on your sneakers, go in your garage. If you don’t have a kid and you can go for a jog outside, put on your DVD, turn on your computer, pop up my face on the computer and do your workout. That’s what I highly, highly recommend.

Then any chance that you have, maybe on a lunch break, or when you get home from work. You guys have access to all this stuff. Get all your equipment, have it at your house, every free moment that you have. At least, so your maximize your cardio time in the morning. Get that over with, in the morning, on an empty stomach, that’s the best thing. Then you’re training. You could either do that later on in the day, or if you have some extra time in the morning. Do that in the morning as well. Do training first then cardio right after so that you’re doing your cardio on an empty stomach. So um, the best thing is really really early in the morning.

If you’re already waking up really early, then you’re schedule, you need to plan your home workouts, in your schedule, for you to do them, as soon as you get home. So, plan for whatever it is. That no matter what, you’re going to walk in the door you’re going to go right into your bathroom your going to get changed into your workout clothes and you’re going to get started. Don’t let anything affect anything.

Shut off your phone as you’re driving home. This is all for you and for your health. That’s the best, best advice that I can give you. If you have the time in the morning. Get half of it over with in the morning, get part of it over with. On your cardio days, get your cardio, get it over with and then you don’t have to think about it. On your cardio and your training days, I recommend you do training, four or five days a week. Three days a week at the bare minimum, and try and do cardio everyday. I recommend intense cardio, six days a week.

And then one day of light activity. And I only recommend that light activity for the psychology behind it because almost every one of us has some type of emotional connection with food. Every one of us. And on that light day, or on that ‘day off’ I don’t give myself a day off. Because I know I need to get my endorphins flowing, even on a Sunday. You’re more likely to stick with your nutrition plan, you’re more likely to stay healthier on your off days, if you do a little something. Ok, that’s why I recommend it. S you’re still giving your body rest, but you don’t want to fully have the day off, then you’re more prone to fall into old habits.

Then you have a lower calorie burn and a higher calorie intake, because you kinda, you kinda lost it a little bit. So, try and do something everyday. So I hope this, I hope this this little encouragement, this little time management this little home workout schedule thing, I hope it works for you guys. Let me know what you think, leave me your comments, and try and implement it. So, like I said, forty minutes earlier in the morning, get it over with, it will make your day that much better and make your sleep better at night. So if you feel like, Ah I’m losing sleep by waking up earlier, you’re getting healthier, and you’re sleeping better. And that’s what this whole entire journey is all about. So again, leave your comments and look for more of my videos.

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