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Arm Workout For Women

watch this video on arm workout for women
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Upper Body Workouts Without Weights

watch how this upper body workouts without weight can help you lose weight

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your upper body workouts without weights. K, so totally upper body, but of course I involve some core in my workouts. So were actually outside. This could be in front of your house, this could, this could be inside your house this could be anywhere. But I just wanted to change up the scenery. So, upper body workouts, without weights. Don’t need anything, but your body.

So were going to start out,and I have my cheat sheet, ‘cause you guys are allowed to have one too. I think in my videos I pretty much do push-ups on every single one of them. So were going to start out and were gonna do, huh, you’re going to do, I’m gonna do like five. You’re going to do like 20 or 30 of them. I’m going to go through my regular traditional push-ups that I love to do on my knuckles on one leg. And I’m going to bang out 20. Also known as five for Jenn. One, two, fifteen, twenty. That wasn’t even, that was four. You like that one? Ok so you’re going to do that, upper body awesome workout. Soon as you’re done doing that were going to go into something called an inchworm.

So basically what it is, is a lot of core and a lot of shoulders. You really want to focus on spreading out as much as you possibly can when you’re going for this, little walk. Ok. So you’re going to start out facing down like you’re doing a push-up. Now, what you’re going to do is keep the legs straight and inch, hence the word inchworm. Inch the feet in until you feel it in the back of the legs. Hamstrings are nice and tight. Then you’re going to walk the hands out, keep the abs nice and tight, don’t let the back drop, but walk the hands out further than you would, until you feel it all in your core. Get down as low as you possibly can. Not letting the back drop.

Then inch the toes back in, then walk the hands back out. Feel it in your lats and your abs, inch your feet back in. And go for distance. So, if you’ve got a driveway. Go all the way up your driveway. If you have a flat surface house, you wanna go all the way around your house, inch-worming. Walking past your family waving. Whatever. Or, if you’re only stuck in tight space you can walk in and walk back out. So what I mean by that is you can walk all the way out and walk back in, k. Walk all the way out.

Walk back in, walk all the way out, just go back and forth if you’re really only working with a short space. Ok so awesome, especially right after doing push-ups ‘cause you’re stretching out those tri-ceps, those shoulders and the abs are working. Soon as you’re done doing that I’m going to go into a rotation. Rotation with a leg raise to get a little dynamic. So, um rotations you could do with weights if you have a dumbbell you can do it with a dumbbell. If you don’t have anything, then, um, since today is total body without any weights. So you’re going to open up your feet right here. Actually try and keep your feet together. You’re going to go into a full rotation, then lift up the leg. Then go to the other side and lift up the leg. Other side, and lift up the leg. Now I know you just did push-ups as your first exercise. But a lot of the times in my workouts, I’ll have four exercises and the first one is a version of a push-up and the third one is a version of a push-up. So you could always add in, boom. Always add in, a push-up into your rotation. Now the next exercise in this one, is going to be dips.

So were going to go over to our bench. To our kitchen table chair. And were going to go ahead and get our legs straight, and were also going to do a leg raise in this one as well. So you’re going to put your hands here, and your feet out here. Then as you go down, you’re going to alternate and lift legs. Boom, all triceps. Keep those shoulder blades down. So you don’t want to be like this. It just looks ridiculous. So here, abs are nice and tight, lift as you go down. Awesome. So, go around that whole little combination, if you feel like you want to give your arms some rest especially since youre going right from triceps now to those push-ups again. What do I always do? I always show you guys my little jump rope. Lets see if I can not mess up. COME ON JENN! Lets go with it. Woo, I think I can do it. Oh.. oh my god that totally hurt. Oh my god that burns. Not as much as my arms burn. Ok so I just finished doing, about a minute, you guys must have blinked or something. A minute, two minutes of the jump rope.

Then you go back down to your, I believe it was, your push-ups again. Then your inchworm then your lunge with leg raise, then your dip with leg raise. Upper Body workout without weights. You don’t need a weight. Nothing. Shoulders and arms and triceps and everything, should be on fire. I hope you liked it, go nuts. Go around this whole rotation a couple times. If you want to get more cardio, do more than a minute or two minutes of the jump rope in between. Go for as many as you can. Push yourself over twenty reps of everything. And by that I mean, twenty reps, on each side when you get to the rotation. Back and forth on the inchworm. Twenty each time or if you’re going for distance. In out and in counts as one. So, I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think. Work hard. My heart rates dropping I”m not going to tell you what it is because Ive been talking for like five minutes. Alright its 130 which means that I gotta start moving again, alright so I gotta go, ok go!
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Bicep Workouts-For Women

watch this video on bicep workouts for women

Ok this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your bicep workout today. So, I love doing bicep workouts, as well as tricep, I know us ladies love the triceps, but I’m a very big fan of bicep work when its done the right way. Theres’ a lot of rear delt involvement and it really helps with capping out the shoulders. The more capped out the shoulders are the more you look like, you have a smaller waist.

Combine that with my core workouts and you are, primed and ready to go. Ok, so here’s our workout. I’m going to get as dynamic as possible. if you do really want to put on size on your biceps, and really get strong on them. Then take the leg part of the workout out of the equation and just do this little combination. But, I want you guys to burn a lot of calories, so I’m going to combine a lunge with a bicep curl. So basically I’m going to have you stay in a static position. You’re going to stay on one leg. Now I want you to do thirty, I want you to do 20 lunges and 20 bicep curls. So basically you’re going to do a full curl, on your left leg in front. So you’re going to go down, curl.

So turning the hand each time ok. Lock the arms, lock the elbows facing the ground. And only curl the forearm up and rotate out so that your pinky is leading towards the shoulder. Boom boom. Lets just say I did 20 of those. Now, your biceps are tired. Hammer curls are a little bit easier. So now we gotta work the other leg, to stay dynamic, and we can still work the bicep but in a little easier position. So you’re going to go lunge to hammer curl. Ok, for another 20. So thats 40 bicep curls. Boom. Ok, fast forward, you’ve just done 40. Now, we are going to pick up our medium to heavy tube, and we are going to do fast.

I’m cheating thats my cheat sheet I always have one, you guys should have one writing it all down. Fast burnout curls. So stand here, slight bend in the knees and you’re just going to squeeze. Fast, fast as you possibly can. Ok, now with that, you can get heavy. If you have access and you really want growth on those biceps. And if you notice, on the back of the arms. You can notice better on the non-tattooed arm. So you can see. Now, if you want to, you can get heavy weight and lower lunges. So that you’re doing 12-15 on one leg and just to add in the legs and burn more calories and use more muscles. And use heavy dumb bells.

So that its heavier, slower, and building muscle. And then you do the other side and then its kinda like a drop set. And then you do the hammer curls and then you burn it out with the tube. Now I’m a big fan of pushups especially give your biceps a little rest. Go right into knuckle push-ups. So thats the 4th exercise in the rotation. You can do them anyway you want. You could do regular push-ups, I’m just a really big fan of the knuckle push-ups.

Soon as you’re done doin’ that, just finished, I’m stretchin out my biceps and workin out my triceps and my shoulders. Boom I go right back to my full curl with my lunge. Again you could take the legs out of the equation and do heavy bicep curl turns then keep the same weight. Bang it out with hammer curls. Stand on your tube, burn out with your tube. Medium, heavy, whatevers going to burn them out. 25 or more reps.

Go right into your pushups then go right around and go through the whole entire rotation again. So thats your bicep workout routine. I loove biceps. I love every muscle. Somebody asked me the other day what my favorite body part is to work and I said hmmm its a tie between legs, back, biceps… I don’t know I love them all. So um, let me know what you guys think. If you guys have any questions. Go burn them out, they actually burn. Like, I did one set and they actually burn a little bit. Just a little bit… Ok I’m done. Go work hard, that’s it. I said that at the end of my workouts. Go work hard, burn alories, get results.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions, please leave them below
please leave your questions below on bicep workouts for women

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Upper Body Toning Workouts

watch this video on upper body toning workouts for women who want weight loss

Hey everybody this is jennaguirre.com and I am here with your upper body toning workouts. So theres going to be four exercises in this workout. Were doing some kettlebells today, so I’m gonna briefly go through the movement and talk about what I want you to do, while you’re doing it, but I’m not going to really break it down, I’m just gonna go through the movement for you. Bare with me, I’m a little ill.

But I refuse to let you know it when you get to watch me do my workout. So as I do with all my videos I’m showing you that I am wearing my heart rate monitor and I am gonna flash you my heart rate monitor. There it is. Um, ok so no matter what I”m always going to wear my heart rate monitor and I’m going to turn it on. For kettlebell purposes, I always turn my watch around. Because when you’re doing certain movements, I don’t want it to hit the watch and crack the front of it. Or you could put it, if you’re a woman watching this, you could put it over here. If you’re a man, well, it doesn’t really matter, well you’re gonna have to keep it here because you can’t put it on your bra strap.

Ok, so upper body toning workout, lets get to it. Ok so the first exercise, I always cheat, because I gotta write everything down, and I’m hoping you’re writing this down too. So, were gonna grab my two discs, my two towels, my two paper towels, whatever it is that you’ve got at home, or a pair of socks on your hands. And you’re going to do alternating reach push-ups. Ok, now I’m going to show you because I’m going to do alternating on each side, so I’m going to show you how its going to look on either side. But one arm stays tight to the body, one arm reaches up. So its all lats. I’m going to turn on my heart rate monitor, go go go. Ok, I’m here, feet are going to be open, you’re going to reach, and come together. Now you see the other side. Reach and come together. So, fifteen, twenty on each side. No less than 30 or 40 push-ups.

Thats what I want you to do. Ok, good. My heart rate just got up to 140. Good, I’m on point. So, now I’m going to take my tube, and I’m going to attach it to my banister. Attach it to something sturdy and were going to do whats called a posterior reach. So arms are going to lock straight. It’s going to be all lats, theres a reason for this, theres a method to my madness. The arms are going to lock straight and you’re going to press down and reach up. If you want to get dynamic you can do a jump with it. I’m not going to do the jump with this. I will show it though. So you’re going to press, and here.

So its all shoulders, lower back also so you want to breath like your bracing yourself, waiting for somebody to punch you. Arms locked straight and reach. Now you want to keep good form, and go as fast as you can with the good form. As soon as you feel it like that. Stop. Do at least 30 or 40 of these. One, one, counts as one. here and up. Now if you want to get dynamic like I explained. Boom and jump. Ok so you can do either one of those. Now were going to get into some kettlebells. So, basically what you’re going to do is. Heart rates at 145. Ok. So its called a clean and press with a darcy throw so you can alternate the sides. if you want to, you can do it all on one side and then switch and do it all on the other side. But basically you’re going to go clean, press, here, darcy throw and go to the other side.

Clean, press. With kettlebells, all the different movements the power comes from the hips, no matter what. Ok, you’re breathing fast as you do the power movement. Boom. Ok. And all the different positions, or movements or cleans and presses, pull backs, darcy throws, its all with your hands holding in different ways. So right now, kettlebell training is meant to be heavy. So right now I have it here, locked on my hip. This is where I’m holding it. This is my stick with my knuckles facing the ceiling. I keep the arm close to the body, and I go down and up, and then I pop and press up here. And now the darcy throws are away from the body.

Close to the body, away from the body. Go back and forth, give me at least 20 on each side. Now were going to go into something a little bit challenging, again, you could stay on the same side, so lets just say you did 14, 15 on one side 15 on the other, 20 on one side, 20 on the other. Now you’re going to go to whatever side you didn’t just finish. So if you just finished the left, go back to the right. Or, if you’ve been alternating with a darcy throw in between you can alternate with this because this is what I want ok.

So I’m going to show you some different positions. This is called a gladiator. So you’re going to lock the arm here, Its just like, almost like a turkish get-up which we’ll get into that in another video. Ok you’re going to come up here, come onto your elbow, come onto your hand. – let me show you the side position. You’re going to pop the leg out so you’re to the side. Bring the leg here. Boom. So it’s challenging. See how I’m picking my focal point? boom. putting the leg back, and then here. Lay down. You could switch it to the other side. Boom. So this is where you don’t want the watch to hit, same thing with the clean and press.

Up onto that elbow, up onto that hand, pop the leg, notice how I’m not looking at you, because I need my focal point. One foot on top, in front, now, this is meant to be done, with a heavy kettlebell. If you need to, just to get the movement, light in the beginning, go ahead and do it. Same arm same leg. Boom up to the side, side, side, if you need to, you can put your feet staggered. Or on top, boom, I’m going to do one more on the other side. Switch it. Remember, you could stay on the same side. Switch legs. Up, up, boom. Ooh I made eye contact. And down, ok, soon as I’m done with that, what do I do? I go back to my reach and my reach.

Whoa, my upper body is going to be toned from that workout. Hahaha… .ok so I hope you liked it. Go nuts go crazy, never anything less than fifteen, on each side. So push-ups fifteen fifteen, on each side, not fifteen total. Go crazy, go through the whole workout. Go around all four exercises three four times. Go nuts. Arms are going to be on fire. All shoulders and I always involve core in all my workouts. So this, all this stuff is a lot of core. So I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think. And look for more videos. As usual.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions. Please leave them below.
please leave your comments below on upper body toning workouts

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Chest Workouts-For Women

watch this video on chest workouts for women

Hey everyone jennaguirre.com and we are here with today’s chest workouts. So any workout that you ever see me doing, I am always wearing, I totally beat a dead horse with every one of my videos, my heart rate monitor. So, I’m going to flash you again, as I do with all my videos. Heart rate monitor on, watch on. I’m about to turn it on, and then we are going to get into our chest workout. So, I am a very big fan of push-ups, I love push-ups.

And of course I’m a big fan of the jump rope. So basically there’s gonna be four chest uh, uh, four chest exercises that you guys are gonna be doing. And you’re going to go right around them, as a filler I’m gonna add the jump rope, just because I always do. Give your arms a little more work to do as you give your chest a little bit of rest. Not really too much rest. And then you’re going to go right back into it again. So I’m a big fan of push-ups, I’m a big fan of plyo-metrics being a little bit dynamic. So what were gonna do, were gonna staggered plyo push-ups. So I’m going to demonstrate what I mean by that, you’re going to use your abs to pop your body up.

I’m going to turn on my heart rate monitor. Ok, I’m going to have one hand far away from me, and one hand right next to me. You’re going to see what the other hand looks like when I get into that position. You’re feet are out wide. You’re going to go down, and then pop to the other side. Pop to other side and go back and forth. Keep the abs tight and breathe through the whole movement. Ok at least 15 on each side I always tell you guys that. Next exercise. I have my cheat sheet. I’m allowed. You should be writing this stuff down too. Go ahead, grab your tube. You’re taking your legs out of the equation this is a chest workout.

So were just working out your upper body right now, legs out of the equation. So what you’re going to do is stagger your feet to take it out of the equation. And what you’re going to do is double punches. Now, if you don’t, which is, just like doing chest press, but you get full range of motion on this one because you’re going to pick a focal point right in front of you. So, your chest opens and then you comes to the center. So you get to press away, and then press together. So really a lot of this right here in the center. Ok you want to go as fast as you can. With this one its all about power. With that one it was all about power as well. So you’re gonna go boom.

Now if the tube is as little irritating on your hand, you can switch it and go here. I want you to do at least 25 or 30 of these. really squeeze. Think about squeezing the chest together. Like you’re trying to crack a walnut between your armpit and your chest. Boom, boom. OK, I just did 30. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to keep that same tube in your hand, I was just kidding when I put it down. Keep the same tube in your hand and you’re going to do flies.

So now you really get to open up, get to engage this muscle over here. Switch your feet if you need to and you’re gonna, like your wrapping your arms around somebody to give them a hug. Maybe me. Here, and then out. Only until you can see your hands. Don’t go this far back. Might put a little too much pressure on your shoulder. So squeeze. Abs are nice and tight too. SO even though the legs are out of the equation, omg my arms are on fire! and I’ve done like, 2 ½. Omg my chest. ok so literally you want to squeeze together. So think, squeeze it. So even more like cracking a walnut between your armpit and your chest. Or between your chest and over here.

Ok then the last thing that you’re doing. Now, ok I want you guys to pretend, like i have two dumbbells in my hand because I only brought one home with me today. But, I like to engage a whole bunch of diferent muscles instead of keeping it simple like a chest press. So I’m going to put it in this hand and I am going to put, my butt up. I am going to pretend like there’s another imaginary dumbbell over here. And I am going to do, chest press here. If you really want to get dynamic, you can, keep it as one. Ok Extend this leg out and, oh yeah ok I like this one. So we don’t have to pretend anymore. You like this? I got glutes, hamstrings, calf of that other leg, and full chest here.

Soon as you’re donedoing 20, 25 or no less than 15 if you got a heavy weight at home and you want to do heavy, you can. ok then switch the legs and switch the arms. Glutes, your whole body should be straight. K, so don’t let it drop here. And you shouldn’t feel it in your back. If your abs are nice and tight, and your glutes are tight I just scooped up a million dollar bill and I’m holding onto it. Right here I’m holding onto it. Ooh, don’t let it go! Then, you take the pressure off your back. Boom I just did 20 on each side. Now, what did I say? I’m a very big fan of fillers, and I’m a very big fan of the jump rope. Yay its not tangled. So now, you know what?

Lets do some crosses, and I want you to practice. Fixing my heart rate monitor, my heart rate is at 120. Gotta get it up, so, I’m going to cross. So its coming across here. Its a little bit of chest movement here. How you like that one? omg, I always find a way. Here and cross. Go slow. Ok, here. Squeeze as you’re coming together. Then, I think were done. No, I’m done. You have like five more rounds to do. You’re going to go right back to the top.

Do that for at least a minute, two minutes. Or just go into regular. You cant get the cross? Practice you’ll get it. Then go right down to your plyo, staggered pushups again. Hope you guys like this, awesome chest workout. You are going to feel it a little bit in your shoulders and your triceps. And everywhere just because I like to engage more than one muscle. Heart rates at, ooh! heart rates at 150, and I didn’t even look at it right after I stopped. I’m awesome, you guys are awesome too. Alright leave your comments, let me know. Go crazy on your chest, engage every time that you do the movement. So you can bang these out without even squeezing your chest. Squeeze every time leave your comments too, let me know what you think. Feel the burn baby.

Please leave your comments and questions below
please leave your comments and questions below on chest workouts

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Upper Body Workout Plan

watch my new upper body workout plan

Hey everyone jennaguirre.com and we are here with your Upper Body Workout Plan. So you are going to need two tubes, a light… uh a medium and a heavy. You’re going to need a kettlebell you’re gonna need a jump rope and you are going to need a nice and sturdy wall. Because were going to get kind of dynamic and upside down today. So, we are starting out, walking up the wall. Ok, so I have my little cheat sheet over there, don’t worry you guys don’t have to see it only I do.

So were going to walk up the wall. Anybody can do this. I have seen so many people, ages and sizes, do this. If they can do it, you can do it. I know you can. So you’re going to start out flat. Its all about engaging the right muscles to get yourself to walk up the wall. If you wanna go ahead and add in a shoulder press, because that’s what it is. Or, incline push-up. go ahead and do that. I want you to walk up the wall, fifteen times. So you’re going to be here.

Start out parallel and straight. I know I’m a little bit more than parallel, and slowly walk yourself up. No matter how frustrated it gets, you will be able to eventually get yourself up like this. Then if you want to get really dynamic. Give yourself, a shoulder press. Then walk yourself all the way back out, don’t let your feet touch the ground, walk yourself back. A shoulder press. Walk yourself all the way out. And then walk yourself all the way back. Ok, as I’m going, I’m reminding you guys, if you can see my watch, that I have my heart rate monitor on. Huh!, ok that was fifteen. Its on. Heart Rate monitor I show you guys on every video boom there it is.

Ok, were still involved in our workout that was just a reminder because I do it with every video. Ok, soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to go up and down the wall no less than fifteen times. You could add the push-up or not. You’re going to go ahead and sit up against that sturdy wall, that is now part of our workout and your going to stand on your tube. Medium tube, semi medium tube, not too light.

Ok, because you’re really close to the ground. if you were standing up I would maybe say try a light. But you’re sitting down and you’re going to do lateral raise. Here. keep your arms nice and straight. If you want to take all the tension out of the tube, pull it underneath you. Lift. I want you to get 25 at least. I want your shoulders to be on fire. I want you to see smoke. Get as low as you possibly can so your legs on fire too. And you’re going to feel it a little bit from walking up and down the wall as well. Ok 25 boom. Done. Soon as you’re done with that, good I got my little cheat sheet. Now, you’re going to grab your heavier tube. You’re going to be in the plank position.

The plank is on the elbows. Prone iso- ab, plank, whatever. Elbows, and you want your elbows right underneath your shoulders and your feet are gonna be out. I have myself set up like this so I have enough room, to get far enough away so that when my arm does go straight, that I still have tension on the tube. I’m pulling I’m pulling I’m pulling. Ok, you’re alternating, lat pull down. So here, lat pull down is here. Try and bring your thumb to the back of your shoulder. Boom and then put it down. Boom. Alternate the sides. Try and give me, now if you wanna get really dynamic and you want to stay on one side, you can. Keep those abs nice and tight, keep those glutes nice and tight.

You’re in the plank. Full range of motion. See how there’s still tension on the tube. Boom. Ok, just did 20 on each side. 25. 30, on each side. Ok, now were going to get dynamic on our kettlebell. Now you can stay on the same side. Lets just say you did stay on the same side with the tube, stay on the same side with these. They’re called full snatches. That’s what I want you to do. So you’re going to full and I’m going to add a darcy throw in between because since we alternated that, I want to alternate this. So were gonna go fully all the way up. Boom, power came from my hips. Get a little pop. Boom. And get a little pop to throw it back over.

Ok lets just say were doing 20 on each side. You want it to be a heavy enough kettlebell so that the point of the movement is for you to get the power. If its too light, then its kinda pointless. But, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. So, to understand and practice the movement do it with something not too heavy. Soon as you feel confident, go ahead and up your weight. Boom. Now, I’m done. I just did 25 on each side. My heart rate is at 150. You guys know I love, Love, the jump rope. Awesome shoulders, awesome total body. So you’re going to go ahead and give yourself a one to two minute filler. As fast as you can. Get that heart rate up.

If you want to go double jumps, I hope you guys have been practicing. Ohhh, don’t mess up Jenn don’t mess up. Oh! lock the arms back there. All back of the shoulders, all biceps, wrists, forearms, two minutes. If you want to do little 20 second intervals of fast double jumps, or crosses, and then keep going at a steady pace so you get your recovery and then boom start flipping. Two minutes. Start all over again right from the top. Which is, on your wall.

Awww, I’m coming back, I am. They’re not going to watch, but I’m coming back. Go through it, go nuts, have an awesome workout. Basically five things. Hope you guys liked it. Keep that heart rate elevated. Right now my heart rate is still at 150. I didn’t look at it after the jump rope. But you want that jump rope part to be where you get your heart rate really really high. So I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think, your arms should be on fire. Upper body toning workout. Upper body workout plan, let me know what you think and uh, look for more videos. Ok.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions. Please leave them below.
please leave your comments about my upper body workout plan

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Upper Body Cardio Workout For Women

watch this upper body cardio workout

Ok jennaguirre.com and we are here today with our, I’m cheating, as I always do, Our Upper Body Cardio workout. K so, I am wearing the worlds tightest shirt right now. But I am going to, like I tell you guys that I’m going to do every time, I’m flashing you, my heart rate monitor. So that you can see, which you can see it actually anyways since this shirts so tight, um which you can see were gonna need, we, I always wear it whether its a cardio workout or not but since were doing upper body cardio workout I want you to wear your heart rate monitor definitely. Make sure that your heart rate stays elevated the whole time. But obviously with emphasis on the word ‘cardio’ with emphasis on the word ‘upper body’ too, its just, whatever.

Ok, so I am a very big fan of push-ups, that’s all I do, all day long. Everyday, push-ups. So I’m going to do, there’s many different versions of them, I’m gonna do my knuckle push-ups like I always do. You guys do whatever version you want to do, just push yourself. Heart rate stays elevated. That’s the first exercise in this rotation. So, hands here, feet together, one on top of the other, whatever it is that you want to do. And you’re going to go down and do push-ups. Get yourself until you can go anymore. Now, if you really want to get dynamic, I am going to go off my knuckles and were going to go into some plyo push-ups. So, you can get a little bit of air on those, so boom.

Ok, I just did a whopping three. Yes, go back into it, do as many as you can. Try and do fifteen, twenty, however you have to do them. If you do five plyos and then go right into the regular ones. Go nuts, push-ups first exercise. Second exercise is, you’re gonna need your tube, ok, so you can buy of these tubes anywhere. They have all different resistances. So basically what I’m going to do, I’m going to hook it up, right over here, to my banister. Hook it up to anything sturdy. K, and you’re going to do punches. Now, here, so its almost like you’re doing a chest press, but you’re doing alternating punches, so right here, you could put one foot in front of the other. It’s all about the upper body, k.

So that’s why I’m having you do a staggered stance, take the lower body out of the equation. So the tube is right here on your bicep, so, if you want to you can flip it and have the tube here, so its not touching your bicep. K, here and you’re going to do alternating punches. K, so you see my abs are a little bit activated with the rotation, but no lower body. K. so pick a focal point, right here, somebody’s face, maybe my face. I don’t know, anybody, somebody you don’t like. Your boss. Whatever, and just keep punching. Try and go for thirty on each arm, or until your arms are on fire. Or until your heart rate monitor says, your heart exploded. No, I’m only kidding. Then, the next exercise, since its an upper body cardio workout, you’re going to go right into a jump rope. Ok, so you just finished blowing out your shoulders, after doing push-ups, now were adding a cardio component with shoulders, ‘cause jumping rope is shoulders, keep those shoulders close to the body. Give yourself a double jump. Stop messing up Jenn, give yourself some criss crosses. This is, my shoulders are burning right now. Oh my gosh. Just go, one minute, two minutes. A hundred times around, two hundred times around. You can go for three minutes if you want to.

Soon as you’re done with that you’re going to go into a squat with a row. Yes it is a little bit of lower body, but the main focus here is doing upper body so you might need to switch tubes, again you can buy these in packs of light, medium, and heavy. So with your punches you would do your medium and with your squats to a row you would do your, heavier one. I just don’t have a heavier one with me today. So you’re just gonna go, just for sheer cardio purposes, here and push. So go fast and back up so that there’s still tension even when you squat. K, you don’t have to go very low. ‘Cause its all about the upper body. If you wanna stay down here and just pull fast in a row? If you want to take your legs totally out of the equation, and just pull into a row and then switch, and go for, you want to pull high? Whatever. You want to alternate, just like we did with the punches? But now you’re going in the other direction so its all back.

So you use the front of the body and the back of the body. Go for as many as you possibly can. And then, really blow those shoulders out, and more cardio, non, old school kind of jump jacks, were gonna do them with a dumb bell. So boom. Do fifty. Do it for two minutes. Do it till your heart rate says 185. 175, one something. One something higher than 140. Then your shoulders, I can, yep, yeah that’s smoke, I just saw some smoke come off my shoulder. Heart rate monitors falling. Then you go right back into your push-ups. And you go nuts, and you go around this whole entire thing, five exercises. Upper Body cardio workout, ok. Go crazy, get it to be considered quality cardio. All upper body so your shoulders and your chest and your back and everything are on fire. You’re going to walk around all jacked afterwards. Even if you’re not, just do it anyway. Just walk around like that. Alright, have fun with this. Always have fun. That’s what this whole entire thing is all about. Keep your abs nice and tight, engage those muscles, because I can do a back exercise right here without nothing in my hand. So, absorb the movements. I hope you guys had fun, look for more videos.

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I'd love to hear your comments about my upper body cardio workout

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