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Core Workout

check out my video on core workout

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Best Ab Workouts For Women

checkout my video on the best ab workouts for women

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Core Exercises For Women

Core exercises for women watch this video here
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The Secret to Getting My Abs

watch this video on how Jenn Aguirre shares her secret to getting her abs
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Ab Workout Routines Women

watch this video on ab workout routines women

hey this is jenaguirre.com and we are here with our ab workout routines for women. Jmm, So basically we are gonna go through, one two three, cheat sheet, one two three four exercises for your abs. Um, the first three of them are going to be all on one side. So you’re going to go from one side to the other side, which is a lot of oblique action which I know us ladies, on our ab routine for women uh, we would like obliques.

So it makes the waist look smaller, and uh, do we not want that? yes. I know I do, I think you guys do. So thats what I’m bringing to you. And then one exercise, you might be able to do it, you might not. I fully just made it up myself. I absolutely love it. You need some high chairs. If you don’t have them, go buy them. I’m only kidding. You might not be able to do them if you don’t have high chairs. But I’m going to throw it in there. Get creative. That was what I could do with what I have. Do what you can do with what you have. Ok, so the first thing that were going to do is use one of our light tubes. And were going to do a v-sit, since I love v-sits so much.

And were going to wrap it around something. So, lets just say, I am going to wrap it around my banister. here, ok. So a lighter tube, if you wanna get, if you want to make it harder you can go ahead and use a heavier tube. You want to be far enough away so that theres actual tension on it. So now, I’m gonna kinda show you a side view like this. SO you’re going to grab it here, like this. Now, when we do russian twists, we do them like this. I talked to you guys about how you want them all to be coming from the core. So with this, you want to make sure that your hands are right in front of your body. And your arms are wrapped around your chest, and your thumbs are right in front of your nose. And now were just going to pull with resistance to the side.

Ok. So all obliques. Now, if you want to and you can, you can balance. Or you can just stay facing up. Whatever is going to work for you. If you feel like you can stay, and feel more control, you can bang out more in a row. So as soon as you’re done with one side, you’re going to flip around and do the other side. here. So I want some symmetry. So make sure that your whole upper body is moving. So don’t just move your arms because that takes away the whole point of doing the ab routine for women when you’re not doing your abs you’re just working your arms. Ok, so now were going to move on to an exercise with a kettlebell.

You can use a dumb bell for this one. But its called a windmill. The windmill is all about core control. This is going to help you with all your workouts. But its a very concentrated exercise. So basically what youre going to do is, I’m standing up and I’m going to work this side. Ok. I’m going to work this in a stretch and this in a strain. So my arm is up. Ok. You’re going to have one foot facing right in front of you, and one foot facing off to the side. You want to be wide enough so that this hand, that has nothing in it, is going to run down the side of your body. So I’ve got my heavy kettlebell, my hand is here, start with something light.

Go wide enough so that you can open up and look up toward that kettlebell and run your hand down the side of your body and then come stand up. Okay, abs have got to be tight for this but shoulders also. So you want to lock that shoulder into play. So when you do a lot of plank movements and core things when you’re face down, this is going to help. Ok, dynamic push-ups, plyometrics, this is going to help. So you’re body is going to be in a full rotation position.

So when we go down and do full rotations sometimes in some of the workouts, these are the things you want to make sure, and if this is as far as you can go, everybody’s range of motion is different. Then that’s as far as you’re going to go, and that’s it. Ok, you want to feel stretch and strain. Ok, from side to side. You’re going to stay on one side, and then go to the other. Thats going to go fast, and then slow and controlled and then your next exercise is going to be a full crunch with a dumb bell so its going to be a little faster, a little bit lighter. You could, dot he same, you could do it with this kettlebell. So heavy kettlebell, you can do heavy full crunches, or you can go with a lighter dumb bell.

Ok. So with this full crunch, since I’m all about core, it could be used in a way where your arm helps you a little bit. So if you’ve ever watched any of my videos on turkish get-ups, you’re allowed to help with the other arm. So, going up and going down. So lets just say I did the windmills on one side and then the windmills on the other, now I’m going back to the first side and I’m going to do my full crunches and then go back into my other side. Now you can try and not to and just go straight up and not use the other arm.

Or, you can use the arm, slightly. The other arm, I mean, to go up and down. Ok, that’s our three exercises. Now here is your exercise where, if you have high chairs, you can do this. Ok. In the gym they have them. You could do it on a dip machine. So if you have one of those chairs you could put your hands on and do dips. Or um, they have a dip machine over at the gym, not the seated one, the machine. Or, they have the hanging ab straps. They have those for your at home things.

You could buy that, where you hang it on your door and they have the little straps where you put your arms on and you’re basically going to do the same thing. So this is almost like hanging on a dip machine. So you’re going to put your hands like this on your chairs. Now, because its not too far off the ground, you’re going to have to bend your knees. So now my abs are nice and tight, I’m controlling. Now also, if you have wood floors, you don’t want these chairs to go out. Ok, so you want to make sure that you squeeze your shoulders together to hold these chairs from sliding out. And you’re going to come here and pull up. Keep the legs tight.

Because you don’t wanna, obviously you’re close to the ground. Ok, so thats a hard one. Because theres a lot thats coming into play here. yes it is an abs workout, but its arms, its everything. You could also, do this hanging. So, I don’t know if I have a good grip here. Ok, so like I don’t. But lets just say if I did, if I had a good grip here. Or if I had one over here, which I don’t, on the other side of my door. You could hang here.

So, lets pretend like I can hang. I have no grip right here. You can do it this way. So lets just say you have a nice, sturdy doorway, that you can hold onto and get a grip on. I mean obviously I cant get a grip on my front door, but get a grip on there, and hang. Then you could bring both the knees in. So the same way you did it over there, you could do it hanging. Or like I said, they have those things you could put your arms in and you hold on and the straps holds you by the biceps.

So, I hope you liked this one, um, real great ab routine. So you got, obliques, obliques, obliques, full crunches and then you got some core control over here on your chairs, if you have higher chairs, or you have something you can hang on. So it is a lot of shoulders so a lot of this stuff is a lot of shoulders also. But I’m a very big fan of shoulders and core. So, I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think. Go crazy, burn calories, um, I usually show my heart rate monitor so I’m going to flash it. And um let me know what you think, ok.

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Free Ab Workouts For Women

watch this video on free ab workouts for women

Hey, this is jennaguirre.com and we are outside in front of my house. We just did a video pretending we were on the beach, so were going to pretend were on the beach again. So were not in front of my house, were five years old, although you wouldn’t be doing this if you were five years old, and were working out, or were in front of the house, or were inside, so you can do this workout anywhere that you are.

So this is basically your free ab workout for women. Ok so, all it is, is some basic exercises, three movements that you could do at the beginning or the end of your workout routine. Or, since were on the beach, you could be laying down, and laying out and nobody would know. Well, I mean they will know when you’re doing the corkscews but, well you know what, they’re gonna know so it’s whatever. Alright I’ve got my heart rate monitor as you guys can see so I don’t need to flash you, beacuse, I’m flashing you right now. And were going to go into the first movement which is corkscrews. So its a reverse crunch position.

So basically, you are going to have your legs up, and now we are going to rotate just like a corkscrew, as we do a reverse crunch. So your hands are here, if you have to and you needed to hold onto something, lets just say if you are in your house. You could hold on here, you could hold on here, but you really want your abs to do all the work. So you’re going to lift up and turn. Lift up and turn, so you’re just going to go back and forth. You know now that I think about it, this would look pretty funny on the beach. But do it, who cares what you look like. Because when you stand up, that’s really what matters.

That’s what I care about. When I’m standing up, and people are seeing what I look like in the end results. Who cares about if they’re watching you in the middle of your workout. Boom, ok I just did like 85 of those by the way. And now I’m going to move on to the next one, which is basically going to be all isometric work here, as your legs, you’re going to feel it a little bit in your quads and your hip flexors. So, you’re going to go like this. Ok, flutter kicks, or scissor kicks. So, back and forth. All control here. Keep the abs nice and tight, go back and forth. Boom and boom. You’re going to feel it a little bit in your hip flexors, but its going to be all right here.

Keep your back up against the ground. And go as many as you can with control. Now you can’t really see because I’m on the grass, but if your back starts to hyper extend, then you relax. Stop, and start the movement over when you can gain composure for your abs and when you feel like you have it. Because you don’t want your back to kick in and you hyper-extend. Ok the last and final exercise is going to be a double crunch with a russina twist. So I like combining these two. So you’re completely spread out. You’re going to go from up here, to up like this, and then russian russian. I don’t know why they call ‘em russian russian.

Up, russian twist and down. Remember, control your upper body, as you do the russian twists. So all the way up, and then twist. Double crunch and then twist. So now, the trick to this one, is using a little bit of momentum to come up and then your legs catch. So you’re not going to be able to come up if your legs came up first. See, see. Thats my way of faking like I can’t come up. No faking. I can’t get up. Upper body first and then the legs catch.

Ok, so soon as you’re done with that, you go right back to your cork screws. Then you go right back to your scissor flutters, and then you go right back to those. Great core workout. You’re working all areas over here, working a little bit of glutes also. Get those abs nice and flat for the stomach. So, your free ab workout routine for women. Um, or for anybody for that matter. And um, get people jealous. Go ahead, do this and have people go “What is she doing?! Those abs are incredible!” Go nuts. Let me know what you think leave your comments. And work hard.

I’d love to hear your comments, please leave them below
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Home Ab Workouts For Women

watch my brand new home ab workouts for women

hey Everyone this is Jennaguirre.com and we are here with our home ab workout for women. So basically what I am doing today is doing a lot of obliques. So obliques, nice pretty waist. Ok, so thats what were gonna work on. We are going to do three exercises. Were gonna go back and forth, so were gonna go right side, then left side. Then were gonna go right side on the second exercise, left side. RIght side of the third exercise, left side.

So, I’m just gonna go through it. Ok, so side plank, I’m going to give some modifications to these, so were gonna do a side plank. Now, plank, elbow right underneath the shoulder, foot here, or you can put one foot on top of the other. We are going to use that dumb bell so I’m going to move it out of the way. So you’re here. Were going to do a rotation and a leg raise. So I want you to reach. So its not your shoulders because there’s no ‘abs’ in shoulder moving. So you’re going to reach forward, as far as you can, and then crunch up. Reach forward, and then crunch up. Now if you need to, modification would be going on the knees.

So reach, and then crunch. Ok, so think about obliques. Home ab workout for you women. Now I want you to do, this is a combination of two different exercises, I want you to do fifteen on one side, and then boom, we switch. Now whatever leg is on top. Thats the leg thats going to be in the front. Ok, move my rug up, and I’m here. Side plank, reach, and then tuck. Reach and then tuck. All obliques. So, I always talk to you guys about my heart rate monitor and I forgot to tell you today that I do have it on. Ok, it is right over here. I got it on, right under my sports bra. Ok the next exercise that we are doing is more obliques. I have my cheat sheet, ok perfect.

Were going to do a full crunch. So right now we were on this side, you were balancing on this arm. So then we just finished balancing on this arm. So what I want you to do now, is whatever arm you ended on, the other arm is gonna be the one thats gonna do the full sit-up. So I was just, I just finished up on this side. So now I”m going to put this hand, here. Now, hip flexors are out of the equation. Come up, a little bit on a diagonal. You can help yourself, you’re still engaging your abs by putting your hand down on the ground. Full crunch up, and you’re going on a little bit of a diagonal. And lay back down.

So, you’re not fully helping yourself. You’re going up a little towards that opposite foot. Soon as you’re done with no less than fifteen on one side, you’re going to go ahead and switch. Use this hand to help you, and a little turn. You don’t need the help, don’t use it. Use those abs. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Ok, now, were going to get a little dynamic with it. Couple different ways you could do this kneeling down, you could do this standing up. So what were going to do is you’re going to grab your tube, you don’t want it to be too heavy of a tube, and were going to do rotations. You’re going to hold onto your tube, both the handles.

Or, you can hold on to just one handle. Ok, so I’ll hold on with one handle. Now its right in front of you, engage your obliques, engage your abs, and I want you to rotate. This is not enough tension for me. So, see how I”m giving a little bend, and a pivot. So you want there to be a strain here, and a stress here. So boom. So you have to add, you’re going to do double arms, here. Then you’re going to go with a medium one. If youre going to go with one handle you’re going to use your heavy one. I’m pointing down there not that you guys can see, but I’ve got my heavy tube down there. And theres got to be some tension, you’ve got to lock the arms straight so that your hands stay right in the center of your chest.

And just rotate Whoo! Thats a whole other world. Thats, what I want you, to feel. Now, I’ll do it just to get symmetry because I’m very obsessive about things. But theres no point in you watching my back move and were not going to turn around. So, you’re basically going to go right to the other side. So pretend like I got the tube coming from that direction, and I’m pulling this way now. So you gotta keep your chest up. If you curl here? No.

You’ve got to keep it right here, so your rib cage is sticking out, your hips are here and you’re giving a little pivot of the hips, but more obliques. Ok, then youre going to go right back down. Now if you want to do a filler, I’m a big fan, and again I’m pointing down to my jump rope down there. I’m a big fan of jumping rope in between, or, go right to the next one. So you’re going to go right back to the top and go into your side planks.

There is a little bit of shoulder movement here, so I know you guys are going to feel it in your shoulders, you’re balancing on them, then you’re holding a dumb bell with them, and then you’re holding onto the tube. But it is abs, engage your abs, right now I’m not even doing a movement and I’m engaging my abs. So thats what you guys gotta do, with every single movement that I teach you, every little workout that I give you. So your ab home workout for women, get to it, let me know what you think, leave your comments, look for more. Go crazy on those abs. Its all about the core baby. Alright. ß

I’d love to hear your comments and questions. Please leave them below
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Core Workouts For Women

watch this video on core workouts for women

OK jennaguirre.com we are here with our core workout for women. So basically I got four exercises and I always tell you guys that I need a little cheat so I have everything written down, four exercises. You need your rug for two of them just because you don’t want your back to be rubbing up against the floor. So core workout means that all the muscles in your core in your powerhouse your abs your lower back and your glutes are all gonna activate together. Ok, so basically the first exercise is gonna be side planks, ok we are going to add a little dynamic to it. Now, in reference to meaning like were going to add some rotations.

So a side plank is basically, a plank is face down, Ok so you’re right here, you’re making a plank with your body. Your elbows are right on top of your shoulders and your toes are right on top of your heels. Underneath. Side plank is with you here, ok. so all it is, is from your elbow, I mean your shoulder all the way down to your feet is nice and straight. So you don’t want your hips to drop. Now, I have one foot on top of the other, you can go like this. Ok now this is just, this is hard enough as it is. All this is whats holding you up, yeah you’re going to feel it in your shoulder and thats normal, ok so what I want you to do is, try to go and hold it for as long as you can. Lets just say thirty seconds, go right back down.

One minute whatever it is and then come back up. Now if you want to get more dynamic with it then you can go into a rotation. So you’re hands are here and then touch. Touch. And do fifteen on one side and then go to the other. So if you did, lets just say your combination was, you held it for thirty seconds and then you did fifteen rotations, go from one side to the next. Elbow right on top of the shoulder, your feet right on top of each other. Or, over here. I just held it for thirty seconds, now I’m going into my rotations. Don’t let your body drop when you rotate, ok. So thats going to be your first exercise in your core workout. Abs are nice and tight. Abs and glutes are working together to protect your lower back.

Now were going to go into a reverse plank position. Remember how i said the plank was face down? You’re going to be face up. Ok so its going to be a little bit of shoulders, a little bit of triceps, I know you women love that. Bye bye, yep triceps. Ok so were gonna work those. Now, your feet have to be open. So your body was straight when you were face down doing the plank. Your body has to be straight when you face up. So you want neutral spine, which means that your ears are in line with the shoulders, your fingertips are gonna face your toes and your gonna be like this. Now, if you need to, a regression modification for this, would be to put this side down as you rotate and lift up towards the ceiling.

Then put it here, put that foot back, spot yourself and rotate towards the other side. Now, no modification would be you just you dropping your feet. So both feet will drop to the left and you will reach up. Put it down keep the butt up, my glutes – squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, are nice and tight. I’ll squeeze it when I turn. Squeeze, squeeze squeeze. And back. So go back and forth from one side to the next. All obliques, glutes, everything. Ok, next exercise, we all know how much of a cheater I am. Were gonna go over to the rug, I’m gonna bring my paper with me because I know I’m gonna forget the fourth one. Ok, so were gonna do reverse crunches. Ok, so, you’re going to put your hands here, now if you need to, I don’t have anything back here, but you can go close to something. So lets just say if I want to went close to my table and I held it right here.

You can do that. Hands here feet facing towards the ceiling. I don’t want you to go up here, I do want you to go up there. So don’t let your knees come in too far. So straight up so this is what you might need. This, put your hands here, lift straight up. Not everybody’s going to be able to get that high. Literally its still counts if that’s all you do. That muscle is still activating. So, lifting up. Now, if you want to make it a little bit harder, you could do reverse crunches and then lower, without the back coming off the ground. So as soon as your back starts to arch, keep it tight, keep it tight, keep it tight, keep it tight, keep it tight, soon as it comes up boom, I’m done. Reverse, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower, whoo! Up, or you could just stick with your reverse crunches. One right after the other. Keep your abs nice and tight. Now I’m just being a jerk. Wiping my nose and fixing my hat as I’m reverse crunching.

Just playing. Ok, so lets just say you do twenty five or thirty of those. Ok so now, these are called supermans, k, so you could do these a couple different ways. You could do them with a cobra so its all upper body. Um, you’re definitely going to work your entire core. But glutes is really whats going to hold you. And the reason why you really want to be face here is because your hip bones are gonna, you don’t want them to hit the wood. So you’re face down, there’s a bunch of different ways, again I’m going to show you a couple different modifications. So supermans is like this, we are going to go flying. So lift everything up. This is all back, my lower back is where I really feel it. its like a hyper extension. But my abs are engaged and my cheeks are engaged.

So I don’t feel it too much, so its not pain, its just, I feel it, because I’m workin it. So now, go up and go down. Now if you want to, my tables in the way. If you want to, you can go into a cobra. And then go right back down. Cobra, then go down. if you want to you can open up the feet, engage more glutes. Or, you could hold it up and go swimming. Superman swimming. Superman swimming. Core, all core. K, all of those exercises is working every area, right here. And its very important to do some lower back stuff, because that’s primarily where people feel a lot of pain. Because all they’re doing all day long is sitting down at a desk, and this muscle is not activated at all.

So as soon as you’re done doing this superman, you’re going to go right back into the side plank. Go around this, good core workout, twenty minutes. Umm, so I hope you liked it. Really squeeze those abs. I say this all the time. Brace yourself like somebody’s gonna punch you. And I’m not doing that to show off. And squeeze your cheeks, like an this what I, I like to give people things to think about. Like somebody’s gonna punch you, and like you’re holding onto a dollar platinum credit card that you don’t have to pay back. That you can spend all the money on it. And its got like a million dollar balance. So squeeze, I know you’re going to squeeze so if you know that that is whats there. So squeeze your cheeks, squeeze your abs and that protects this. Those are some things to think about as you’re doing “Core Training” So your ‘core workout for women’ let know what you think, there’s a lot more where that came from.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions down below
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Love Handle Workouts For Women

watch this love handle workout for women

Ok, this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with love handle workouts for women, because I know that’s what everybody wants. So it’s all about core training and its all about helping with this. Of course its going to be a great combination of nutrition, cardio and doing these exercises. That is whats really gonna help with the love handles. But, this is, these are three exercises that are going to help with, using these muscles, and help tighten up this. Um so basically, I always have little cheats because you guys know that I write everything down, and I expect you to write it all down too, so you can save it, and do it over and over again.

So the first exercise that were doing is, side oblique toe taps, toe touches. So, if you can’t touch your toe, you can touch your knee and you are allowed to help with one hand. So I’ll demonstrate what I mean by that, and I’m on the rug because you’re like, this is what, what I tell my clients is, sit on the soup cup part of your butt. So right over here where there’s an indent. That’s where you’re gonna sit, k. You’re going to put your hand to your side, and this hand is going to be back here. So now, you’re kinda facing on a diagonal. This hand is whats going to assist you, and the momentum of this hand is whats going to help you. So, toe taps is gonna get you, to there. K.

Here. If you need to, you can just go there. So there’s a modification. And see how I’m using this hand? So you’re using it to come up. Boom. I’m hitting my table right now. So here and here. So I’m feeling it all back here. I’m even feeling it on this side. So here. That didn’t hurt. So lets just say you pick, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five. And then you turn around and use this hand, sit on this soup cup part of your butt, face on a diagonal that way, and come up over here, use that hand. Or, k. but you can get assistance from your hand. Obliques on fire, I did like five and they’re already burning. K, so I’m cheating, my next ones are going to be cork screws. K, so its like a version of a reverse crunch, but you’re turning, so that we can engage, here. K, so you’re going to lay back. Now you can hold onto something if you need to.

So lets just say you got a table and you’re holding onto it here. Holding onto it right above you, or you can put your hands here. So, a reverse crunch, but you’re going to turn. Think about a cork screw, think about what it looks like. So a cork screw just turns this way as you open up, a non approved bottle of wine. Like how I threw that in there? But, the thought process is that you’re turning as you go up. So, that’s what you’re going to do. So your legs are going to be up. You’re reverse crunching and turning as you go up. So boom. So it doesn’t have to be big. Alternate. Reverse and turn. All obliques. So don’t lift and totally turn your body to the side. So you’re not gonna like, go like that. You’re going to go up and turn. It does take a little bit of practice and getting used to. And if all you can do is that, I’ll take it. So just a little rotation of those hips.

So that its more obliques, right over here. Right after that, you’re going to go right into bicycle, but my version of the bicycle. Which is a v-sit bicycle. So your hands are going to be up here, or here. This helps you move your whole upper body and obliques, instead of just your arms. Your feet are going to be up and they’re going to move. So just like a traditional bicycle that they’ve done here, you’re going to do it up here. Hands here or hands here, you’re here. Go here. And you’re going to turn and turn. So it makes it a little bit harder because you’re not on the ground. But its more core, because you’re not on a flat surface. So here’s a little key here, your spine, not only does it flex forward, but it also extends back.

You don’t get to fully extend your spine all the way, because you’re limited, by your range of motion by the floor. So then this helps by getting extra extension of the spine, which then activates more core, for your love handle workout for women. Here we go. Just remember, I’m always going to throw this in there its gotta be a combination so you can work all these muscles underneath, but if you’re not doing quality cardio and you’re not eating right, you’re never going to see these muscles.

So, its a combination of everything. Resistance training, practice exercise, cardio and eating well. K, so I hope you liked this one. Go right back to the first one which was the side toe taps, then go right into the cork screws and then go right into your bicycle. Go around that fifteen, twenty minutes at the end or beginning of your workout, whatever. You wanna warm up your abs and then go, or you wanna finish it out so that they’re absolutely on fire when you’re done. Go ahead, either way, I’m a fan of it either way. So um, I hope you guys liked it. Do this, try it and look for more videos.

I’d love to hear your questions and comments below
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Ab Workouts For Women With Out Equipment

watch this ab workouts for women without equipment

Ok this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with ab workouts for women without weights. So you don’t need anything. All you need is maybe two paper towels or your little furniture movers that I use in some of my videos. So, all ab workouts so we got four exercises. I’m probably gonna cheat, I think that I might have them memorized. Think I might have them memorized, I don’t. Ok, I do know that the first one is full crunches. So four exercises go through them do as many as you can. Do it before or after the workout. Warm up your abs or burn out your abs so maybe do a ten minute warm up, do it twenty minutes at the end of your workout. Ok so abs nice and tight. These are my favorite sweat pants so please forgive me now if they fall I do have them pinned, but I don’t, I hope I don’t flash you.

Alright, so I’m gonna lay down, (so comfortable) k, were gonna lay down and our feet are going to stay down. Now modifications would be for you to go ahead and tuck your feet under something if you need to. I want you to really try and engage those abs so that they do all the work. You take your hip flexors out of the equation when you keep your legs straight. Put your arms up, try to use as little momentum but if you do need to you can. Face your knuckles to the ceiling and then reach, and make an L with your body. No weight. Roll down one vertebrae at a time, roll up one vertebrae at a time.

So your fingertips, or knuckles or whatever always stay facing the ceiling. Boom. Roll up and roll down. Ok so lets just fast forward so you guys don’t have to watch me do a million of these. Ok, so lets just say you did twenty five, lets just say I did twenty five, I did twenty five. Ok so now were going to do something called, if you’ve ever seen the ab wheel its like a version of a roll out. Ok, so you can use the wheel but I’m going to use my two discs so I’m gonna go ahead on a rug over here that I have on my front, I’m gonna do a sweat pants check, yep check nothings hanging out and I’m gonna put my hands on my discs. You have got to be very very tight in the abs, and in the glutes, all about the core, so that you protect that lower back cause you don’t want to arch your lower back as you’re rolling out.

So if you have a wheel or if you have your two discs. Ok, so you’re going to keep your hands here and you’re gonna roll it out, and pull it back in. Ok, you could use, you could put a pair of socks on your hands, or two towels. They might work even better than these furniture movers but you should feel a full stretch in the whole entire ab. Ok, roll out and roll back in. Ok you don’t want to arch your back. so this is what I mean that you don’t want to see. You don’t want to see this, ugh, I cant even get back up. Uh, see that’s what not to do, don’t do that. There’s no point. Ok so you’re just going to roll out and roll back in. This one you’re not going to do as many. K, Its all about core control, glutes are tight, abs are tight. Ok so lets just fast forward it and say that I did fifteen. Now were gonna use these discs on our feet and were gonna do pikes and then tucks. So pikes are with the legs straight,(sweat pant check) and um uh tucks are going to be with the knees bent. Both activating the abs. So now, when you do a pike and you pull your legs in, its like you wanna look at your toes and pull your toes towards your chest. And its like, mimicking you laying down on the ground and doing a reverse crunch so keep the legs straight.

So, elbows, wrists are going to be right on top of the shoulders, right underneath the shoulders, here, and your feet are on your discs and you’re going to pull up. See so I’m looking at my toes. Keep the abs tight and pull up, k. Minimal movement in the upper body. Ok so its literally just your head looking down, staying in neutral spine like I’ve taught you guys and pulling the feet in and keeping the abs nice and tight. Right after you’re doing as many as you possibly can do, go ahead (sweat pant check) and do tucks. So you’re going to bring the knees in, curl the spine. Knees in, so its just like you’re laying on the ground and doing a tuck, doing a crunch. OK, so you’re here. Now even if this isn’t very hard for you, you can make it hard by engaging your abs even more. If it is hard, keep going, don’t stop, it’ll get easier. I promise you it will. And then as soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to go right back to full crunches.

Ok, you don’t need any weights, ab workout, for women without any weight. Paper towel, forget it, no movers, paper towel, pair of socks. So keep your abs nice and tight. It’s all about every area right here. so you are working everything even when you’re coming up in a full crunch or when you’re coming up in a pike. You’re face down so your core is involved. So start out with this, finish with it, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, twenty five minutes. I hope you guys liked it, keep your abs nice and tight. Engage that core, eat right and do cardio. Abs nice and tight. Ok, let me know what you think and look for more videos.

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I'd love to hear your questions about my ab workouts for women without equipment

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