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Ab Workouts For Women With Out Equipment

watch this ab workouts for women without equipment

Ok this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with ab workouts for women without weights. So you don’t need anything. All you need is maybe two paper towels or your little furniture movers that I use in some of my videos. So, all ab workouts so we got four exercises. I’m probably gonna cheat, I think that I might have them memorized. Think I might have them memorized, I don’t. Ok, I do know that the first one is full crunches. So four exercises go through them do as many as you can. Do it before or after the workout. Warm up your abs or burn out your abs so maybe do a ten minute warm up, do it twenty minutes at the end of your workout. Ok so abs nice and tight. These are my favorite sweat pants so please forgive me now if they fall I do have them pinned, but I don’t, I hope I don’t flash you.

Alright, so I’m gonna lay down, (so comfortable) k, were gonna lay down and our feet are going to stay down. Now modifications would be for you to go ahead and tuck your feet under something if you need to. I want you to really try and engage those abs so that they do all the work. You take your hip flexors out of the equation when you keep your legs straight. Put your arms up, try to use as little momentum but if you do need to you can. Face your knuckles to the ceiling and then reach, and make an L with your body. No weight. Roll down one vertebrae at a time, roll up one vertebrae at a time.

So your fingertips, or knuckles or whatever always stay facing the ceiling. Boom. Roll up and roll down. Ok so lets just fast forward so you guys don’t have to watch me do a million of these. Ok, so lets just say you did twenty five, lets just say I did twenty five, I did twenty five. Ok so now were going to do something called, if you’ve ever seen the ab wheel its like a version of a roll out. Ok, so you can use the wheel but I’m going to use my two discs so I’m gonna go ahead on a rug over here that I have on my front, I’m gonna do a sweat pants check, yep check nothings hanging out and I’m gonna put my hands on my discs. You have got to be very very tight in the abs, and in the glutes, all about the core, so that you protect that lower back cause you don’t want to arch your lower back as you’re rolling out.

So if you have a wheel or if you have your two discs. Ok, so you’re going to keep your hands here and you’re gonna roll it out, and pull it back in. Ok, you could use, you could put a pair of socks on your hands, or two towels. They might work even better than these furniture movers but you should feel a full stretch in the whole entire ab. Ok, roll out and roll back in. Ok you don’t want to arch your back. so this is what I mean that you don’t want to see. You don’t want to see this, ugh, I cant even get back up. Uh, see that’s what not to do, don’t do that. There’s no point. Ok so you’re just going to roll out and roll back in. This one you’re not going to do as many. K, Its all about core control, glutes are tight, abs are tight. Ok so lets just fast forward it and say that I did fifteen. Now were gonna use these discs on our feet and were gonna do pikes and then tucks. So pikes are with the legs straight,(sweat pant check) and um uh tucks are going to be with the knees bent. Both activating the abs. So now, when you do a pike and you pull your legs in, its like you wanna look at your toes and pull your toes towards your chest. And its like, mimicking you laying down on the ground and doing a reverse crunch so keep the legs straight.

So, elbows, wrists are going to be right on top of the shoulders, right underneath the shoulders, here, and your feet are on your discs and you’re going to pull up. See so I’m looking at my toes. Keep the abs tight and pull up, k. Minimal movement in the upper body. Ok so its literally just your head looking down, staying in neutral spine like I’ve taught you guys and pulling the feet in and keeping the abs nice and tight. Right after you’re doing as many as you possibly can do, go ahead (sweat pant check) and do tucks. So you’re going to bring the knees in, curl the spine. Knees in, so its just like you’re laying on the ground and doing a tuck, doing a crunch. OK, so you’re here. Now even if this isn’t very hard for you, you can make it hard by engaging your abs even more. If it is hard, keep going, don’t stop, it’ll get easier. I promise you it will. And then as soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to go right back to full crunches.

Ok, you don’t need any weights, ab workout, for women without any weight. Paper towel, forget it, no movers, paper towel, pair of socks. So keep your abs nice and tight. It’s all about every area right here. so you are working everything even when you’re coming up in a full crunch or when you’re coming up in a pike. You’re face down so your core is involved. So start out with this, finish with it, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, twenty five minutes. I hope you guys liked it, keep your abs nice and tight. Engage that core, eat right and do cardio. Abs nice and tight. Ok, let me know what you think and look for more videos.

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I'd love to hear your questions about my ab workouts for women without equipment

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