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Bicep Workouts-For Women

watch this video on bicep workouts for women

Ok this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your bicep workout today. So, I love doing bicep workouts, as well as tricep, I know us ladies love the triceps, but I’m a very big fan of bicep work when its done the right way. Theres’ a lot of rear delt involvement and it really helps with capping out the shoulders. The more capped out the shoulders are the more you look like, you have a smaller waist.

Combine that with my core workouts and you are, primed and ready to go. Ok, so here’s our workout. I’m going to get as dynamic as possible. if you do really want to put on size on your biceps, and really get strong on them. Then take the leg part of the workout out of the equation and just do this little combination. But, I want you guys to burn a lot of calories, so I’m going to combine a lunge with a bicep curl. So basically I’m going to have you stay in a static position. You’re going to stay on one leg. Now I want you to do thirty, I want you to do 20 lunges and 20 bicep curls. So basically you’re going to do a full curl, on your left leg in front. So you’re going to go down, curl.

So turning the hand each time ok. Lock the arms, lock the elbows facing the ground. And only curl the forearm up and rotate out so that your pinky is leading towards the shoulder. Boom boom. Lets just say I did 20 of those. Now, your biceps are tired. Hammer curls are a little bit easier. So now we gotta work the other leg, to stay dynamic, and we can still work the bicep but in a little easier position. So you’re going to go lunge to hammer curl. Ok, for another 20. So thats 40 bicep curls. Boom. Ok, fast forward, you’ve just done 40. Now, we are going to pick up our medium to heavy tube, and we are going to do fast.

I’m cheating thats my cheat sheet I always have one, you guys should have one writing it all down. Fast burnout curls. So stand here, slight bend in the knees and you’re just going to squeeze. Fast, fast as you possibly can. Ok, now with that, you can get heavy. If you have access and you really want growth on those biceps. And if you notice, on the back of the arms. You can notice better on the non-tattooed arm. So you can see. Now, if you want to, you can get heavy weight and lower lunges. So that you’re doing 12-15 on one leg and just to add in the legs and burn more calories and use more muscles. And use heavy dumb bells.

So that its heavier, slower, and building muscle. And then you do the other side and then its kinda like a drop set. And then you do the hammer curls and then you burn it out with the tube. Now I’m a big fan of pushups especially give your biceps a little rest. Go right into knuckle push-ups. So thats the 4th exercise in the rotation. You can do them anyway you want. You could do regular push-ups, I’m just a really big fan of the knuckle push-ups.

Soon as you’re done doin’ that, just finished, I’m stretchin out my biceps and workin out my triceps and my shoulders. Boom I go right back to my full curl with my lunge. Again you could take the legs out of the equation and do heavy bicep curl turns then keep the same weight. Bang it out with hammer curls. Stand on your tube, burn out with your tube. Medium, heavy, whatevers going to burn them out. 25 or more reps.

Go right into your pushups then go right around and go through the whole entire rotation again. So thats your bicep workout routine. I loove biceps. I love every muscle. Somebody asked me the other day what my favorite body part is to work and I said hmmm its a tie between legs, back, biceps… I don’t know I love them all. So um, let me know what you guys think. If you guys have any questions. Go burn them out, they actually burn. Like, I did one set and they actually burn a little bit. Just a little bit… Ok I’m done. Go work hard, that’s it. I said that at the end of my workouts. Go work hard, burn alories, get results.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions, please leave them below
please leave your questions below on bicep workouts for women

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