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Body Weight Exercise-For Women

Watch this video to learn how this body weight exercise routine for women can help you

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with body weight exercise. A very awesome body weight exercise is push-ups. Huge fan. That’s all I do in between almost every one of my circuits. No matter what body part it is. If its arms day, bi’s and tri’s, I’m super setting it with some push-ups. It’s a great body weight exercise. So I’m going to show you one, a regular version of a push-up. And then I’m going to show you a couple different versions of them that I do when I’m in the gym and I’m working out. So, basic push-up is a chest muscle. And it fully works when you press out, and come together. So bench presses with the bar bell.

Awesome chest workout, but you’re limiting your range of motion. With push-ups you are limiting your range of motion a little bit because you can’t bring your hands together like you would with dumbbells. But when you add different dynamics to them and move your hands, you get to really truly access the muscle and squeeze. That’s all I do is crazy amounts of push-ups. So, there’s different ways. A regular traditional one is going to be with your hands right by your, uh, right in the center of your chest with your thumbs. And you could put your feet together, together, open. Different modifications on the knees.

I believe that even if you’re a beginner you can do it on your toes. Even if you’ve got to limit your range of motion, if I get a pulse. Then you go as slow as you possibly can, slowly getting down more and more each time you try them. So you’re here, you got abs nice and tight, feet are open. And you go all the way down and all the way up. That’s full range of motion on a push-up. All the way down, all the way up. If you want to you can get a little block right here, and you go down until your chest touches the ground.

Ok, I like to do them on my knuckles and with my hands closer together. I feel it a little bit more in my rear delts, I feel it a lot more in my triceps in a closer grip and I like the way that it feels on my wrists a lot better. So you’re going to be on your knuckles ok, if you want to try it this way. I put one foot on top of the other, also to make it a little harder as well. And you’re going to go down, here. Again, keeping the chest up and then squeeze and press up. So its a little more triceps, I like the way my shoulders pop when I’m doing these. And that’s another version of a push-up. I love staggered plyo push-ups. So I’m going to show you this one, then you guys try them and let me know what you think.

So, staggered plyo, so your hand position is staggered. And, how are you going to get it staggered position on the other side? You’ve got to plyo over there. So I’m going to demonstrate what I mean. On these your feet are going to have to be open. You can also try and make it more dynamic and harder by putting your feel closer and closer together. So, staggered. Down here on this side and then you pop to the other side.

Pop, pop. Getting down as low as you possibly can with every one. Now, you don’t have to get that low. You don’t have to let your chest touch the ground every time. If literally you start out doing this, I’ll take it. I’ll take it. Just get dynamic. Get a little bit of air. If your staggered is like this and all you can do is or you have a little bit of a staggered change, eventually. Its baby steps. It’s all about pushing and then you get further away and then you get further down. So push, try those different variations. See if your triceps and your shoulders are burning. Let me know what you think and I hope you like it. Squeeze. Squeeze like you’re trying to crack a walnut between your armpit and your chest. Oh, I think I just cracked one. Ow. Hope you liked it, ok bye.

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