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Body Weight Training Routine-For Women

watch this video on body weight training routine for women

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with body weight training routine for today. So, all body weight exercises. You don’t need any dumbbells. Total body workout basically so I’m going to get a little dynamic on you guys and I’m going to put you through a little combination. Ok, so body weight training routine. The combination is going to be, for distance, if you have it. If not, then you’re going to have to go a short distance, forward and back. What I mean by that, is you’re going to do bear crawls. I want you to do it, go outside. Go bear crawling in your yard. Do this workout, go to your local park you have.

Save this workout for when you can be outside and can go for distance. So I’m going to start back here and I’m going to do bear crawls to you. I want you to do at least 25 bear crawls. So what you’ll do is just 20, 30, 30 bear crawls. So I’m going to start face down. So bear crawls you got one side that’s tight and one side that’s long. So the opposite arm and the opposite leg. So here, here. So you’re going to go forward, all body weight. As soon as you get to 30, or 20, or 25, nothing less than 30. You’re going to go with what I call a half burpee. So you’re going to keep your hands here. So lets just say I just finished, boom.

Now I’m going to get dynamic and do a half burpee. So bring my knees in, for forty times. Go as fast as you possibly can, keeping your abs nice and tight. Soon as you’re done with that you’re going to stand up and you’re going to get some legs involved. You’re going to do some prisoner jump squats. Hands are going to be by the ears, jump. You’re going to do 40 of those too. Soon as you’re done with that youre going to do 40 on each leg hands are behind the ears, split jumps.

One one, two two, three three. Forty again. Then what you’re going to do is, you just finished bear crawling. And you’re going to go here, and now you’re going to go backwards. Which can get confusing. Don’t think about it too much. Go backwards, 25, 30, however many times that you went forward. And you’re going to do that whole thing, all over again. 40 half burpees, 40 prisoner jump squats, 40 split jumps on each leg.

Go around that twice. Go back to your forward again, do it again at that end. Go back to your backward again. Do it again at that end. So basically you’re doing a total body workout. Body weight training routine. Ok, total body, getting dynamic. A lot a lot of core with the bear crawls and everything. Getting dynamic with the jumping and the legs. So, I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think. Put yourself through it. Let me know how long it took you. Time yourself, and then the next time you do it, try and beat your time. So thats an awesome way to challenge yourself. So I hope you liked it, leave your comments, everything.

Go crazy you got work to do so you gotta go, bye.

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