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Body Weight Training-For Women

watch this video on body weight training

Hi. This is jennaguirre.com and we are on, my front lawn. But were really not, so were gonna take it back to when we were like five years old, and were gonna pretend like were on the beach. Which is why I’m wearing a bathing suit right now on my front lawn. Thank God there’s no traffic. Ok, so I’m going to put you through a workout that you can do at the beach, that you can do, on your front lawn, that you could do inside your house that you could be wearing regular clothes for.

So, I’m getting a kick out of me, ok you don’t have to be laughing at me because I’m doing enough of it. Got my heart rate monitor on, got my heart rate monitor on, even though I’m wearing my bathing suit on. You could do this at the beach. You could do this after playing a cool volleyball game, or whenever. Ok, so its basically just body weight exercises ok. So, body weight training is what were doing right now. So the first thing that were going to do is go into a reverse plank position. Ooh this grass is stickin me. No, its sand its sand! Were on the beach, the sand is stickin me! Ok, so reverse plank. My legs are straight.

My hands are behind me and I’m flexing and using a little bit of triceps so us ladies we love working our triceps. So basically what you’re going to do is a reverse plank position and go into a rotation. So were going to turn to the side, all triceps. Ok, now, if you need to, you can support yourself by putting this leg down and switching. Going from back and forth if you need to or keeping your legs straight. My glutes are fired. Ok so abs are working and my glutes are working. You’re just going to go back and forth, from side to side. As many as you can. Ok, you wanna get right into it and do some tricep work. Hands here or legs bent whatever is comfortable and you can do some dips.

Ok, keeping the abs up as high as possible. Ok this is just body weight training. So you don’t even need anything. If you have access to, something you can lean on and you can do some dips off of there if you feel like you’re not getting a full range of motion. Or if you feel like that little bit is working, then go ahead and do that. Now were going to go right into some push-ups. We’ve done core, we’ve done a little bit of triceps, right after that were going to go right into basic pushups. You could do them on the knuckles, I love to do them on the knuckles, hands are here, you could put one foot on top of the other one and go down.

I’m getting poked! By the sand. keep those abs nice and tight. Go as many as you possibly can. Ok, I’m cheating on my cheat sheet, I always use it. Ok now you guys are going to go right into some legs. You just finished doing push-ups so now were going to go into some dynamic split jumps. So, hands here, spreads out the lats and engages the glutes a little bit more. Were gonna go down and pop to the other side. Ok you’re on the sand, go all the way down. You don’t have to worry about slammin your knee into the concrete, get full range of motion on those lunges. here switch. 20 on each leg. Boom I just did 20.

You’re going to go right into prisoner jump squats. So here and jump. Get as high as you possibly can, I just did 20. Now, add some abs, even more. I’m a big fan of russian twists because, you get to use your total core, as opposed to just laying down flat on the ground. Where you don’t get to extend your spine in the other direction. So, if you know about your core, your abs do crunch up, but they also extend back. So if you’re laying down on the ground doing a traditional crunch, you don’t get to extend your back and get full range of muscle, uh, full range of motion on these muscles. So basically you’re going to go here or here you’re going to come to a balance and you’re going to russian twist, from side to side.

So you can work all these muscles back here and all these over here. Side to side, so don’t move just your arms, that’s why I’m having my hands here. So right on my chest. Go as fast as you can with control. If you want to add in, and now I’m going to go lay out since I’m on the beach. I’m just kidding. Ok we are done. We are done with our body weight training. I hope you liked it. Go lay out and get a tan.

Lord knows I need one. And uh, after you’re done burning lots and lots and lots of calories, I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think. Let me know if you did it on the beach. Let me know if you let people watch. Let me know if you were waving as you were jump squatting. umm, I didn’t wave at anybody, but I will, I will. I’ll do it on the beach and I’ll wave. So, I hope you liked it. Leave your comments, let me know what you think and look for more videos.

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