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Chest Workouts-For Women

watch this video on chest workouts for women

Hey everyone jennaguirre.com and we are here with today’s chest workouts. So any workout that you ever see me doing, I am always wearing, I totally beat a dead horse with every one of my videos, my heart rate monitor. So, I’m going to flash you again, as I do with all my videos. Heart rate monitor on, watch on. I’m about to turn it on, and then we are going to get into our chest workout. So, I am a very big fan of push-ups, I love push-ups.

And of course I’m a big fan of the jump rope. So basically there’s gonna be four chest uh, uh, four chest exercises that you guys are gonna be doing. And you’re going to go right around them, as a filler I’m gonna add the jump rope, just because I always do. Give your arms a little more work to do as you give your chest a little bit of rest. Not really too much rest. And then you’re going to go right back into it again. So I’m a big fan of push-ups, I’m a big fan of plyo-metrics being a little bit dynamic. So what were gonna do, were gonna staggered plyo push-ups. So I’m going to demonstrate what I mean by that, you’re going to use your abs to pop your body up.

I’m going to turn on my heart rate monitor. Ok, I’m going to have one hand far away from me, and one hand right next to me. You’re going to see what the other hand looks like when I get into that position. You’re feet are out wide. You’re going to go down, and then pop to the other side. Pop to other side and go back and forth. Keep the abs tight and breathe through the whole movement. Ok at least 15 on each side I always tell you guys that. Next exercise. I have my cheat sheet. I’m allowed. You should be writing this stuff down too. Go ahead, grab your tube. You’re taking your legs out of the equation this is a chest workout.

So were just working out your upper body right now, legs out of the equation. So what you’re going to do is stagger your feet to take it out of the equation. And what you’re going to do is double punches. Now, if you don’t, which is, just like doing chest press, but you get full range of motion on this one because you’re going to pick a focal point right in front of you. So, your chest opens and then you comes to the center. So you get to press away, and then press together. So really a lot of this right here in the center. Ok you want to go as fast as you can. With this one its all about power. With that one it was all about power as well. So you’re gonna go boom.

Now if the tube is as little irritating on your hand, you can switch it and go here. I want you to do at least 25 or 30 of these. really squeeze. Think about squeezing the chest together. Like you’re trying to crack a walnut between your armpit and your chest. Boom, boom. OK, I just did 30. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to keep that same tube in your hand, I was just kidding when I put it down. Keep the same tube in your hand and you’re going to do flies.

So now you really get to open up, get to engage this muscle over here. Switch your feet if you need to and you’re gonna, like your wrapping your arms around somebody to give them a hug. Maybe me. Here, and then out. Only until you can see your hands. Don’t go this far back. Might put a little too much pressure on your shoulder. So squeeze. Abs are nice and tight too. SO even though the legs are out of the equation, omg my arms are on fire! and I’ve done like, 2 ½. Omg my chest. ok so literally you want to squeeze together. So think, squeeze it. So even more like cracking a walnut between your armpit and your chest. Or between your chest and over here.

Ok then the last thing that you’re doing. Now, ok I want you guys to pretend, like i have two dumbbells in my hand because I only brought one home with me today. But, I like to engage a whole bunch of diferent muscles instead of keeping it simple like a chest press. So I’m going to put it in this hand and I am going to put, my butt up. I am going to pretend like there’s another imaginary dumbbell over here. And I am going to do, chest press here. If you really want to get dynamic, you can, keep it as one. Ok Extend this leg out and, oh yeah ok I like this one. So we don’t have to pretend anymore. You like this? I got glutes, hamstrings, calf of that other leg, and full chest here.

Soon as you’re donedoing 20, 25 or no less than 15 if you got a heavy weight at home and you want to do heavy, you can. ok then switch the legs and switch the arms. Glutes, your whole body should be straight. K, so don’t let it drop here. And you shouldn’t feel it in your back. If your abs are nice and tight, and your glutes are tight I just scooped up a million dollar bill and I’m holding onto it. Right here I’m holding onto it. Ooh, don’t let it go! Then, you take the pressure off your back. Boom I just did 20 on each side. Now, what did I say? I’m a very big fan of fillers, and I’m a very big fan of the jump rope. Yay its not tangled. So now, you know what?

Lets do some crosses, and I want you to practice. Fixing my heart rate monitor, my heart rate is at 120. Gotta get it up, so, I’m going to cross. So its coming across here. Its a little bit of chest movement here. How you like that one? omg, I always find a way. Here and cross. Go slow. Ok, here. Squeeze as you’re coming together. Then, I think were done. No, I’m done. You have like five more rounds to do. You’re going to go right back to the top.

Do that for at least a minute, two minutes. Or just go into regular. You cant get the cross? Practice you’ll get it. Then go right down to your plyo, staggered pushups again. Hope you guys like this, awesome chest workout. You are going to feel it a little bit in your shoulders and your triceps. And everywhere just because I like to engage more than one muscle. Heart rates at, ooh! heart rates at 150, and I didn’t even look at it right after I stopped. I’m awesome, you guys are awesome too. Alright leave your comments, let me know. Go crazy on your chest, engage every time that you do the movement. So you can bang these out without even squeezing your chest. Squeeze every time leave your comments too, let me know what you think. Feel the burn baby.

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please leave your comments and questions below on chest workouts

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