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Core Workouts For Women

watch this video on core workouts for women

OK jennaguirre.com we are here with our core workout for women. So basically I got four exercises and I always tell you guys that I need a little cheat so I have everything written down, four exercises. You need your rug for two of them just because you don’t want your back to be rubbing up against the floor. So core workout means that all the muscles in your core in your powerhouse your abs your lower back and your glutes are all gonna activate together. Ok, so basically the first exercise is gonna be side planks, ok we are going to add a little dynamic to it. Now, in reference to meaning like were going to add some rotations.

So a side plank is basically, a plank is face down, Ok so you’re right here, you’re making a plank with your body. Your elbows are right on top of your shoulders and your toes are right on top of your heels. Underneath. Side plank is with you here, ok. so all it is, is from your elbow, I mean your shoulder all the way down to your feet is nice and straight. So you don’t want your hips to drop. Now, I have one foot on top of the other, you can go like this. Ok now this is just, this is hard enough as it is. All this is whats holding you up, yeah you’re going to feel it in your shoulder and thats normal, ok so what I want you to do is, try to go and hold it for as long as you can. Lets just say thirty seconds, go right back down.

One minute whatever it is and then come back up. Now if you want to get more dynamic with it then you can go into a rotation. So you’re hands are here and then touch. Touch. And do fifteen on one side and then go to the other. So if you did, lets just say your combination was, you held it for thirty seconds and then you did fifteen rotations, go from one side to the next. Elbow right on top of the shoulder, your feet right on top of each other. Or, over here. I just held it for thirty seconds, now I’m going into my rotations. Don’t let your body drop when you rotate, ok. So thats going to be your first exercise in your core workout. Abs are nice and tight. Abs and glutes are working together to protect your lower back.

Now were going to go into a reverse plank position. Remember how i said the plank was face down? You’re going to be face up. Ok so its going to be a little bit of shoulders, a little bit of triceps, I know you women love that. Bye bye, yep triceps. Ok so were gonna work those. Now, your feet have to be open. So your body was straight when you were face down doing the plank. Your body has to be straight when you face up. So you want neutral spine, which means that your ears are in line with the shoulders, your fingertips are gonna face your toes and your gonna be like this. Now, if you need to, a regression modification for this, would be to put this side down as you rotate and lift up towards the ceiling.

Then put it here, put that foot back, spot yourself and rotate towards the other side. Now, no modification would be you just you dropping your feet. So both feet will drop to the left and you will reach up. Put it down keep the butt up, my glutes – squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, are nice and tight. I’ll squeeze it when I turn. Squeeze, squeeze squeeze. And back. So go back and forth from one side to the next. All obliques, glutes, everything. Ok, next exercise, we all know how much of a cheater I am. Were gonna go over to the rug, I’m gonna bring my paper with me because I know I’m gonna forget the fourth one. Ok, so were gonna do reverse crunches. Ok, so, you’re going to put your hands here, now if you need to, I don’t have anything back here, but you can go close to something. So lets just say if I want to went close to my table and I held it right here.

You can do that. Hands here feet facing towards the ceiling. I don’t want you to go up here, I do want you to go up there. So don’t let your knees come in too far. So straight up so this is what you might need. This, put your hands here, lift straight up. Not everybody’s going to be able to get that high. Literally its still counts if that’s all you do. That muscle is still activating. So, lifting up. Now, if you want to make it a little bit harder, you could do reverse crunches and then lower, without the back coming off the ground. So as soon as your back starts to arch, keep it tight, keep it tight, keep it tight, keep it tight, keep it tight, soon as it comes up boom, I’m done. Reverse, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower, whoo! Up, or you could just stick with your reverse crunches. One right after the other. Keep your abs nice and tight. Now I’m just being a jerk. Wiping my nose and fixing my hat as I’m reverse crunching.

Just playing. Ok, so lets just say you do twenty five or thirty of those. Ok so now, these are called supermans, k, so you could do these a couple different ways. You could do them with a cobra so its all upper body. Um, you’re definitely going to work your entire core. But glutes is really whats going to hold you. And the reason why you really want to be face here is because your hip bones are gonna, you don’t want them to hit the wood. So you’re face down, there’s a bunch of different ways, again I’m going to show you a couple different modifications. So supermans is like this, we are going to go flying. So lift everything up. This is all back, my lower back is where I really feel it. its like a hyper extension. But my abs are engaged and my cheeks are engaged.

So I don’t feel it too much, so its not pain, its just, I feel it, because I’m workin it. So now, go up and go down. Now if you want to, my tables in the way. If you want to, you can go into a cobra. And then go right back down. Cobra, then go down. if you want to you can open up the feet, engage more glutes. Or, you could hold it up and go swimming. Superman swimming. Superman swimming. Core, all core. K, all of those exercises is working every area, right here. And its very important to do some lower back stuff, because that’s primarily where people feel a lot of pain. Because all they’re doing all day long is sitting down at a desk, and this muscle is not activated at all.

So as soon as you’re done doing this superman, you’re going to go right back into the side plank. Go around this, good core workout, twenty minutes. Umm, so I hope you liked it. Really squeeze those abs. I say this all the time. Brace yourself like somebody’s gonna punch you. And I’m not doing that to show off. And squeeze your cheeks, like an this what I, I like to give people things to think about. Like somebody’s gonna punch you, and like you’re holding onto a dollar platinum credit card that you don’t have to pay back. That you can spend all the money on it. And its got like a million dollar balance. So squeeze, I know you’re going to squeeze so if you know that that is whats there. So squeeze your cheeks, squeeze your abs and that protects this. Those are some things to think about as you’re doing “Core Training” So your ‘core workout for women’ let know what you think, there’s a lot more where that came from.

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