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Home Cardio Workout Routines

watch how this home cardio workout routines can help you lose weight

Hi this is jennaguirre.com and you are watching your at home cardio workout routine. So basically we are in my garage right now. And I do have a treadmill, and I also have my jump rope. So I’m going to teach you guys a little bit about some stuff. So basically, cardio counts as cardio, only if your heart rate is elevated over a certain beats per minute. So, that’s my biggest thing is that I want people to know, the education, I want you guys to learn from me. So cardio is only counted as cardio instead of activity if your heart rate is elevated. I’m a huge fan of heart rate monitors. I make everybody get one that physically comes into my studio, and any of my virtual clients.

I highly recommend everybody gets one. The only heart rate monitor that I have respect for, because that’s the one that I use, is polar. So right now I’m wearing my heart rate monitor. This one reads calories, heart rate, zones, um and then it has a timer on here and you can wear it as a regular watch. Right now its not even on. Now, I don’t encourage, I mean if you don’t get a polar and you just get one thats, oh, I don’t have to wear anything, because if you notice, I’m wearing my heart rate monitor band. So the band, this is what reads it, and this is gonna unbutton so basically this will come off when I’m done. I’ll wash the strap and then I’ll snap it back on.

This is what reads it, this is how it reads it. So everything is in the box, if and when you do get one. But I do really do recommend them because, because the whole point of this is to be able to do this stuff at your house. You don’t have a lot, and even if you don’t have a treadmill, were going to get into a whole bunch of videos on things without treadmills. But its gotta be counted as cardio and you have to have something to gauge it against. So on a scale of 1-10 you’ve gotta push yourself between a 7 and a ten.

No, no low zones, but this is gonna be the best thing. Don’t bother getting one that doesn’t have one of these. And get your heart rate elevated to a certain beats per minute. I’m gonna teach you guys about all those things. You’re gonna notice what I’m at. So basically, your at home cardio workout routine. So I’m going to start out on the treadmill. Now my treadmills a little noisy, its just my at home treadmill. Umm, so basically what were gonna do is, were gonna do intervals. Cardio interval training is awesome. So you want to stay in your, no lower than, lets just throw out a number here, no lower than 140. Ok, no lower than that. And then push yourself as high as you possibly can get it. Intervals. You’re going to go back and forth. 30 minutes, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, one minute, at your high zones, and then however long it takes you to recover. But, your recovery is not gonna drop below 145.

So, for that purpose of the interval style of cardio that I’m going to do. And also for the sheer boredom. I know, how boring cardio can be. And thats why I like to teach all my clients about this interval style for sheer purposes of boredom also. So basically what were gonna do is were gonna do four minute intervals. So were gonna do one minute jog, one minute side shuffle, one minute side shuffle, pop off and do one minute of the jump rope. Pick one of them, one or two of them as being your high, high zone. So push as fast as you can. So I’m not going to go out in a full out sprint here, but I am going to start my treadmill. Now, you want to do your warm up. You want to do a nice good like 3 minute warm up.

Ok so right now, I’m going to increase my speed. I’m increasing it, I’m turning on my heart rate monitor. Ok I’m going to keep it on the heart rate page. Right now I’m running at, you guys aren’t going to watch me through the whole entire thing. I’m running at 6.0. I’m going to make sure I get my heart rate up to that 140. I’m going to jog at a nice even pace. If this doesn’t get my heart rate up fast enough, and my minute doesn’t start until my heart rate gets up to that 140. Soon as I get my heart rate up to 140, then I look at my minute. That’s when my cardio starts. So, lets just say I just did my three minute warm up. Ok so I’m at 132 right now, 135, ok, 140 perfect. So I’m at 6.5 right now. So, I’m not going to have you guys watch this for a minute. Fast forward, 50 seconds, 55, one minute. So now I’m going to dramatically lower my speed. Maybe down to 4.0 might be 3.5 for you.

And I’m gonna turn to the side now my minute starts now. Side shuffle. Now you wanna pick a focal point with this. You can hold on if you need to, but you don’t want to hold on. So here, if you have to lower the speed you can lower the speed. My heart rate is still at 140. If I notice that its not, here’s some different things you can do. You can lower. Just bumped up to 142. Or you can increase the speed, or increase the incline. So I’m picking my focal point so I don’t fall. Ok lets just say that was a minute, I turn around, I do the other side . I’m not going to make you guys watch my one minute turned to the side, staring at my butt the whole time. K, now I stop it. Grab my jump rope, of course its tangled.

You want to make sure that its prepped and ready for you. Now, practice makes perfect. So you’re just going to regularly jump. If you wanna go nuts and start really learning how to engage those shoulders, and do, do double jumps, do cross jumps. I didn’t get like this right the first, the first time I jumped on a jump rope. Ok so now, if I want my heart rate to really get up there, and this minute be considered my high zone I’m going to have to do something dramatic. So lets just say, I start going faster. Not messing up. Fast double jumps. ok 155. Boom drop my tread, drop my jump rope, get back on the treadmill.

Literally it’ll make the time go by faster, it’ll make the workout go by faster, it’ll get your heart rate high and then go down low and you’ll do awesome quality cardio. Building, your heart is a muscle, so the more blood that it pumps in the average person 60-75 beats per minute. The average runner 40-50 beats per minute. And its because your heart is pulling in more blood. This style of training is going to help your heart. So for sheer purposes of helping you burn body fat, getting you stronger. Helping your stamina even for your resistance training. So at home cardio workout routine. Four minutes, go around it for as long as you possibly can. 40-45 minutes. Or until you get to a really good, quality calorie burn. 5-600 calories. I did I said it. 5-600 calories. Alright so I hope you guys liked it. let me know what you think. that’s it, alright look for more videos.

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