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Love Handle Workouts For Women

watch this love handle workout for women

Ok, this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with love handle workouts for women, because I know that’s what everybody wants. So it’s all about core training and its all about helping with this. Of course its going to be a great combination of nutrition, cardio and doing these exercises. That is whats really gonna help with the love handles. But, this is, these are three exercises that are going to help with, using these muscles, and help tighten up this. Um so basically, I always have little cheats because you guys know that I write everything down, and I expect you to write it all down too, so you can save it, and do it over and over again.

So the first exercise that were doing is, side oblique toe taps, toe touches. So, if you can’t touch your toe, you can touch your knee and you are allowed to help with one hand. So I’ll demonstrate what I mean by that, and I’m on the rug because you’re like, this is what, what I tell my clients is, sit on the soup cup part of your butt. So right over here where there’s an indent. That’s where you’re gonna sit, k. You’re going to put your hand to your side, and this hand is going to be back here. So now, you’re kinda facing on a diagonal. This hand is whats going to assist you, and the momentum of this hand is whats going to help you. So, toe taps is gonna get you, to there. K.

Here. If you need to, you can just go there. So there’s a modification. And see how I’m using this hand? So you’re using it to come up. Boom. I’m hitting my table right now. So here and here. So I’m feeling it all back here. I’m even feeling it on this side. So here. That didn’t hurt. So lets just say you pick, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five. And then you turn around and use this hand, sit on this soup cup part of your butt, face on a diagonal that way, and come up over here, use that hand. Or, k. but you can get assistance from your hand. Obliques on fire, I did like five and they’re already burning. K, so I’m cheating, my next ones are going to be cork screws. K, so its like a version of a reverse crunch, but you’re turning, so that we can engage, here. K, so you’re going to lay back. Now you can hold onto something if you need to.

So lets just say you got a table and you’re holding onto it here. Holding onto it right above you, or you can put your hands here. So, a reverse crunch, but you’re going to turn. Think about a cork screw, think about what it looks like. So a cork screw just turns this way as you open up, a non approved bottle of wine. Like how I threw that in there? But, the thought process is that you’re turning as you go up. So, that’s what you’re going to do. So your legs are going to be up. You’re reverse crunching and turning as you go up. So boom. So it doesn’t have to be big. Alternate. Reverse and turn. All obliques. So don’t lift and totally turn your body to the side. So you’re not gonna like, go like that. You’re going to go up and turn. It does take a little bit of practice and getting used to. And if all you can do is that, I’ll take it. So just a little rotation of those hips.

So that its more obliques, right over here. Right after that, you’re going to go right into bicycle, but my version of the bicycle. Which is a v-sit bicycle. So your hands are going to be up here, or here. This helps you move your whole upper body and obliques, instead of just your arms. Your feet are going to be up and they’re going to move. So just like a traditional bicycle that they’ve done here, you’re going to do it up here. Hands here or hands here, you’re here. Go here. And you’re going to turn and turn. So it makes it a little bit harder because you’re not on the ground. But its more core, because you’re not on a flat surface. So here’s a little key here, your spine, not only does it flex forward, but it also extends back.

You don’t get to fully extend your spine all the way, because you’re limited, by your range of motion by the floor. So then this helps by getting extra extension of the spine, which then activates more core, for your love handle workout for women. Here we go. Just remember, I’m always going to throw this in there its gotta be a combination so you can work all these muscles underneath, but if you’re not doing quality cardio and you’re not eating right, you’re never going to see these muscles.

So, its a combination of everything. Resistance training, practice exercise, cardio and eating well. K, so I hope you liked this one. Go right back to the first one which was the side toe taps, then go right into the cork screws and then go right into your bicycle. Go around that fifteen, twenty minutes at the end or beginning of your workout, whatever. You wanna warm up your abs and then go, or you wanna finish it out so that they’re absolutely on fire when you’re done. Go ahead, either way, I’m a fan of it either way. So um, I hope you guys liked it. Do this, try it and look for more videos.

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