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Upper Body Workouts Without Weights

watch how this upper body workouts without weight can help you lose weight

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your upper body workouts without weights. K, so totally upper body, but of course I involve some core in my workouts. So were actually outside. This could be in front of your house, this could, this could be inside your house this could be anywhere. But I just wanted to change up the scenery. So, upper body workouts, without weights. Don’t need anything, but your body.

So were going to start out,and I have my cheat sheet, ‘cause you guys are allowed to have one too. I think in my videos I pretty much do push-ups on every single one of them. So were going to start out and were gonna do, huh, you’re going to do, I’m gonna do like five. You’re going to do like 20 or 30 of them. I’m going to go through my regular traditional push-ups that I love to do on my knuckles on one leg. And I’m going to bang out 20. Also known as five for Jenn. One, two, fifteen, twenty. That wasn’t even, that was four. You like that one? Ok so you’re going to do that, upper body awesome workout. Soon as you’re done doing that were going to go into something called an inchworm.

So basically what it is, is a lot of core and a lot of shoulders. You really want to focus on spreading out as much as you possibly can when you’re going for this, little walk. Ok. So you’re going to start out facing down like you’re doing a push-up. Now, what you’re going to do is keep the legs straight and inch, hence the word inchworm. Inch the feet in until you feel it in the back of the legs. Hamstrings are nice and tight. Then you’re going to walk the hands out, keep the abs nice and tight, don’t let the back drop, but walk the hands out further than you would, until you feel it all in your core. Get down as low as you possibly can. Not letting the back drop.

Then inch the toes back in, then walk the hands back out. Feel it in your lats and your abs, inch your feet back in. And go for distance. So, if you’ve got a driveway. Go all the way up your driveway. If you have a flat surface house, you wanna go all the way around your house, inch-worming. Walking past your family waving. Whatever. Or, if you’re only stuck in tight space you can walk in and walk back out. So what I mean by that is you can walk all the way out and walk back in, k. Walk all the way out.

Walk back in, walk all the way out, just go back and forth if you’re really only working with a short space. Ok so awesome, especially right after doing push-ups ‘cause you’re stretching out those tri-ceps, those shoulders and the abs are working. Soon as you’re done doing that I’m going to go into a rotation. Rotation with a leg raise to get a little dynamic. So, um rotations you could do with weights if you have a dumbbell you can do it with a dumbbell. If you don’t have anything, then, um, since today is total body without any weights. So you’re going to open up your feet right here. Actually try and keep your feet together. You’re going to go into a full rotation, then lift up the leg. Then go to the other side and lift up the leg. Other side, and lift up the leg. Now I know you just did push-ups as your first exercise. But a lot of the times in my workouts, I’ll have four exercises and the first one is a version of a push-up and the third one is a version of a push-up. So you could always add in, boom. Always add in, a push-up into your rotation. Now the next exercise in this one, is going to be dips.

So were going to go over to our bench. To our kitchen table chair. And were going to go ahead and get our legs straight, and were also going to do a leg raise in this one as well. So you’re going to put your hands here, and your feet out here. Then as you go down, you’re going to alternate and lift legs. Boom, all triceps. Keep those shoulder blades down. So you don’t want to be like this. It just looks ridiculous. So here, abs are nice and tight, lift as you go down. Awesome. So, go around that whole little combination, if you feel like you want to give your arms some rest especially since youre going right from triceps now to those push-ups again. What do I always do? I always show you guys my little jump rope. Lets see if I can not mess up. COME ON JENN! Lets go with it. Woo, I think I can do it. Oh.. oh my god that totally hurt. Oh my god that burns. Not as much as my arms burn. Ok so I just finished doing, about a minute, you guys must have blinked or something. A minute, two minutes of the jump rope.

Then you go back down to your, I believe it was, your push-ups again. Then your inchworm then your lunge with leg raise, then your dip with leg raise. Upper Body workout without weights. You don’t need a weight. Nothing. Shoulders and arms and triceps and everything, should be on fire. I hope you liked it, go nuts. Go around this whole rotation a couple times. If you want to get more cardio, do more than a minute or two minutes of the jump rope in between. Go for as many as you can. Push yourself over twenty reps of everything. And by that I mean, twenty reps, on each side when you get to the rotation. Back and forth on the inchworm. Twenty each time or if you’re going for distance. In out and in counts as one. So, I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think. Work hard. My heart rates dropping I”m not going to tell you what it is because Ive been talking for like five minutes. Alright its 130 which means that I gotta start moving again, alright so I gotta go, ok go!
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