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Ab Workout Routines Women

watch this video on ab workout routines women

hey this is jenaguirre.com and we are here with our ab workout routines for women. Jmm, So basically we are gonna go through, one two three, cheat sheet, one two three four exercises for your abs. Um, the first three of them are going to be all on one side. So you’re going to go from one side to the other side, which is a lot of oblique action which I know us ladies, on our ab routine for women uh, we would like obliques.

So it makes the waist look smaller, and uh, do we not want that? yes. I know I do, I think you guys do. So thats what I’m bringing to you. And then one exercise, you might be able to do it, you might not. I fully just made it up myself. I absolutely love it. You need some high chairs. If you don’t have them, go buy them. I’m only kidding. You might not be able to do them if you don’t have high chairs. But I’m going to throw it in there. Get creative. That was what I could do with what I have. Do what you can do with what you have. Ok, so the first thing that were going to do is use one of our light tubes. And were going to do a v-sit, since I love v-sits so much.

And were going to wrap it around something. So, lets just say, I am going to wrap it around my banister. here, ok. So a lighter tube, if you wanna get, if you want to make it harder you can go ahead and use a heavier tube. You want to be far enough away so that theres actual tension on it. So now, I’m gonna kinda show you a side view like this. SO you’re going to grab it here, like this. Now, when we do russian twists, we do them like this. I talked to you guys about how you want them all to be coming from the core. So with this, you want to make sure that your hands are right in front of your body. And your arms are wrapped around your chest, and your thumbs are right in front of your nose. And now were just going to pull with resistance to the side.

Ok. So all obliques. Now, if you want to and you can, you can balance. Or you can just stay facing up. Whatever is going to work for you. If you feel like you can stay, and feel more control, you can bang out more in a row. So as soon as you’re done with one side, you’re going to flip around and do the other side. here. So I want some symmetry. So make sure that your whole upper body is moving. So don’t just move your arms because that takes away the whole point of doing the ab routine for women when you’re not doing your abs you’re just working your arms. Ok, so now were going to move on to an exercise with a kettlebell.

You can use a dumb bell for this one. But its called a windmill. The windmill is all about core control. This is going to help you with all your workouts. But its a very concentrated exercise. So basically what youre going to do is, I’m standing up and I’m going to work this side. Ok. I’m going to work this in a stretch and this in a strain. So my arm is up. Ok. You’re going to have one foot facing right in front of you, and one foot facing off to the side. You want to be wide enough so that this hand, that has nothing in it, is going to run down the side of your body. So I’ve got my heavy kettlebell, my hand is here, start with something light.

Go wide enough so that you can open up and look up toward that kettlebell and run your hand down the side of your body and then come stand up. Okay, abs have got to be tight for this but shoulders also. So you want to lock that shoulder into play. So when you do a lot of plank movements and core things when you’re face down, this is going to help. Ok, dynamic push-ups, plyometrics, this is going to help. So you’re body is going to be in a full rotation position.

So when we go down and do full rotations sometimes in some of the workouts, these are the things you want to make sure, and if this is as far as you can go, everybody’s range of motion is different. Then that’s as far as you’re going to go, and that’s it. Ok, you want to feel stretch and strain. Ok, from side to side. You’re going to stay on one side, and then go to the other. Thats going to go fast, and then slow and controlled and then your next exercise is going to be a full crunch with a dumb bell so its going to be a little faster, a little bit lighter. You could, dot he same, you could do it with this kettlebell. So heavy kettlebell, you can do heavy full crunches, or you can go with a lighter dumb bell.

Ok. So with this full crunch, since I’m all about core, it could be used in a way where your arm helps you a little bit. So if you’ve ever watched any of my videos on turkish get-ups, you’re allowed to help with the other arm. So, going up and going down. So lets just say I did the windmills on one side and then the windmills on the other, now I’m going back to the first side and I’m going to do my full crunches and then go back into my other side. Now you can try and not to and just go straight up and not use the other arm.

Or, you can use the arm, slightly. The other arm, I mean, to go up and down. Ok, that’s our three exercises. Now here is your exercise where, if you have high chairs, you can do this. Ok. In the gym they have them. You could do it on a dip machine. So if you have one of those chairs you could put your hands on and do dips. Or um, they have a dip machine over at the gym, not the seated one, the machine. Or, they have the hanging ab straps. They have those for your at home things.

You could buy that, where you hang it on your door and they have the little straps where you put your arms on and you’re basically going to do the same thing. So this is almost like hanging on a dip machine. So you’re going to put your hands like this on your chairs. Now, because its not too far off the ground, you’re going to have to bend your knees. So now my abs are nice and tight, I’m controlling. Now also, if you have wood floors, you don’t want these chairs to go out. Ok, so you want to make sure that you squeeze your shoulders together to hold these chairs from sliding out. And you’re going to come here and pull up. Keep the legs tight.

Because you don’t wanna, obviously you’re close to the ground. Ok, so thats a hard one. Because theres a lot thats coming into play here. yes it is an abs workout, but its arms, its everything. You could also, do this hanging. So, I don’t know if I have a good grip here. Ok, so like I don’t. But lets just say if I did, if I had a good grip here. Or if I had one over here, which I don’t, on the other side of my door. You could hang here.

So, lets pretend like I can hang. I have no grip right here. You can do it this way. So lets just say you have a nice, sturdy doorway, that you can hold onto and get a grip on. I mean obviously I cant get a grip on my front door, but get a grip on there, and hang. Then you could bring both the knees in. So the same way you did it over there, you could do it hanging. Or like I said, they have those things you could put your arms in and you hold on and the straps holds you by the biceps.

So, I hope you liked this one, um, real great ab routine. So you got, obliques, obliques, obliques, full crunches and then you got some core control over here on your chairs, if you have higher chairs, or you have something you can hang on. So it is a lot of shoulders so a lot of this stuff is a lot of shoulders also. But I’m a very big fan of shoulders and core. So, I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think. Go crazy, burn calories, um, I usually show my heart rate monitor so I’m going to flash it. And um let me know what you think, ok.

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