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Body Weight Workout Routines

watch this body weight workout routines

Hey Hey, it is jennaguirre.com and I am here with your body weight workout routines. So basically, you don’t need anything for this. This is for you to put yourself through, resistance style of training, routine, total body workout, in your house, with nothing. Total body workout routine. So, basically I have an absolutely horrible memory, I have to write down everything. All of my workouts for my clients, my workouts for myself. So, I wrote everything down over here. I remember what the first exercise was. So I’m going to go through all four of the exercises. Occasionally cheating and looking over at whats next. Um, and you could do the same thing.

Because I don’t expect you to watch this one and then remember what the workout was. So all body weight exercises. So were going to start face down doing a core exercise. So, its called a plank with rotation. So you’re going to be face down, abs are gonna be nice and tight like your bracing yourself waiting for someone to punch, you like that, brace yourself, brace yourself waiting for someone to punch you. And your glutes are gonna be tight. Glutes meaning your buttocks. So that these two are working together to protect your lower back. if you feel it in your lower back you just stop, re-engage and just start all over again. So I really want you to think about, keeping your abs tight, then opening up your chest. So I’m going to demonstrate what I mean by that. I’m going to actually tuck my hair in so that you can see what my back looks like as I rotate in that direction.

So your feet are going to be slightly open because you’re going to be rotating from one side to the next. So you’re going to go here. Hands are down, elbows are right underneath the shoulders. You’re going to open up, squeeze back here. So I’m going to show you on this side. Squeeze back here so your rear delts and back get activated as well. So back to the center, boom. So its obliques, rear delts, chest, abs, glutes, legs, wait… I think its total body maybe. yeah it is, uh huh. Back and forth. Now you can pick a number, whatever you can get, I’m wearing, uh, I did forget to flash you guys but it flashed itself, my heart rate monitor so don’t let your heart rate drop. Get yourself high enough where it, if you really truly do have to stop, you look at your heart rate and its not 100. Its 150, 160, 170, whatever you can do, however many you can do. Go until you physically do need to drop.

Don’t stop just for the sheer factor of stopping. Go and keep cheating and looking at your heart rate monitor. You’re going to go right into push-ups. Now I’m going to give some modifications of them. I really like doing them, on my knuckles. I like it for sheer purposes of my wrists and my hands, and my wrists bother me, but traditional, everybody does it this way. So you put your thumbs right inline with your chest. here, feet could be open, feet could be together, one foot could be on top of the other one. Whatever modifications that you want to do. You want to bring your body down and push the floor away from you. I’m going to do them on my knuckles. So I’m here, a little bit more triceps.

So here and then press up. Go as many as you can go for. Now you’re in the plank position are you not? Yes you are. So you have got to activate those abs and those glutes. You don’t want your back to drop. K. If you do have to, you can go on the knees, but I believe that everybody can do them on the toes, even if you have to limit your range of motion. And go slow. So go down as low as you possibly can find what your stick point is and then push up through. Next time you do them. Two days from now, three days from now, tomorrow, try and go a little bit further. Next set try and go a little bit further. So you’re here. You can do them, even if you limit it to here. But you’re, the whole point of this, full range of motion, go all the way down, and all the way up. Just till the chest touches the ground. That is a full push-up. Soon as you’re done doing that, you’re going to stand up.

I just cheated haha… ok body weight exercises. hands are going to be behind your ears because it engages, when your hands are above your head, its gonna get your heart rate elevated quicker. And, it spreads out your lats and engages the glutes more. Glutes meaning buttocks. So we are going to keep our hands here and were gonna do just regular squats. Now, go until your legs are on fire. Push your butt back. Sit down like your sitting in a seat and stand up. You wanna get more dynamic go ahead and do jump squats. So here, there’s a modification. If you cant go all the way down, a regression would be just sitting here and standing up. Sitting down and standing up. If you have a chair right there, you could put the chair behind you. You don’t sit down, go until your butt touches. So you could change it up. You could go super slow and then power. Super slow. Power.

Ok, so, right after you’re done doing that, were going to go right into lunges. Again put the hands up here, gets the heart rate up an extra five beats. Alternating lunges. You can go forward, here. Now you wanna make sure that when you step forward, heel comes up, heel stays down and you go straight down and then power back. Down, down, power back. You could do reverse lunge. Step back, both the knees are at 90 degrees. This ones a little bit easier if you’re just getting the hang of it. K, even more of a modification. Hold onto the wall, put one foot in front of the other and just go down. K, switch hands, just go down.

Limit your range of motion. Everybody can lunge. You wanna get more dynamic? Split jumps. Of course, add plyo into it, and it steps everything up ten notches. I don’t believe in, ok I’m going to move on to the next exercise, which is going to be a core one. As I tell you, I don’t believe when people say, “Oh I was told I cant do squats and I cant do lunges” because if you drop your keys your going to lounge down to get them, are you not? yeah, mmhmm. When you get up and off the toilet, I’m just keeping it real for you, you’re doing a squat. So if your doctor or somebody tells you, I can’t do squats, no. You could do it, you just limit your range of motion.

So, sorry. I got a little, I got a little real on you right there. Alright. So Russian Twists is the fifth exercise. So what I want you to do is keep your abs nice and tight, everybody can do this, if you have to put your feet down you can. More advanced is going to have the feet up. Chest is up I want your thumbs right here. Right touching below your clavical bone. Ok, and you’re going to rotate the whole upper body. Thats why I want your thumbs touching. Because I don’t want your arms to go. This isn’t obliques, but, this is. So your whole upper body, is moving and rotating. Your knees can move a little bit in the other direction. If you wanna, get into a little bicycle you can. But keep the chest up, don’t curl over. Its too much pressure on the spine. Keep the chest up, and again if you have to, keep the toes down and still get the same benefit.

If you really need to, you can tuck your toes underneath here. Still just as good. You can even maybe go down. Uh huh! Totally just pulled that one right out of the air. And then come up. Ok I’m done, I’m done with the workout. So, that was all five exercises. Body weight workout routine, Body weight. I did not touch not one piece of equipment. I touched my stairs, so that’s about it, and the floor. OK, so I hope you liked it. Go through it, go nuts, keep that heart rate up there. Go from one exercise to the next. Soon as you’re doing your Russian twists, go right back to your plank. Open up. Make sure that you engage every muscle.

I can do a bicep curl here with nothing in my hands and squeeze my bicep. So make sure when you’re in that plank, that you’re engaging those muscles. Opening up and squeezing the back. Ok, same thing, sitting down, good lunges, activating those glutes. Just pay attention to your body. That’s what its really all about. Pay attention to your body through the workout. Ok good, yes. Don’t just move, you’re more likely to get injured if you just start running through the motions. So I hope you guys like this. Go through the workout. Do it 45 minutes or more. Try and do it for sixty minutes, go crazy. Let me know what you think and look for more videos.

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