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Cardio Workouts For Women

watch this video on cardio workouts for women
Hey everyone this is Jenn Aguirre and I am here with a new cardio workout. So the last time you saw me I was on my treadmill in my house. And I did a little combination. I talked about doing side shuffling and all that other stuff. And then I did it with a jump rope. But now i have something new. So I’ve been loving this one. Ive been doing it every chance I get. And every time I do it I try and step it up and do a little bit more. I have to be honest. I’ve been noticing a little bit more striations in my legs. Pretty much the same workout that I’ve been doing with my resistance training since I’ve been doing this. And it makes the time go by, so fast.

So, this is something that you’re really going to have to concentrate for so I am not going to talk. Thats why I have a little bit of music playing in the background, um as I do this. What you want to do is start out at the most comfortable pace that you have. Your point here is to not touch this. Pretty much what I did yesterday, and thats what inspired me to do this for you guys today. Is I did this for forty minutes and those forty minutes, flew by. Because I started at a speed that I know I can maintain on the regular where its kinda easy. And I went up point one or point deux every time I did it. What I mean by that is side shuffling to backward jog to side shuffling to backward jog and then back to here, and then I bump it up one or two. So I’ll demonstrate on one round. Right now I’m going to put it up to 4.5 ok and I’m going to side shuffle.

Now, as you guys can see I’m wearing my shirt. My missfitclothing.com. m.i.s.s.f.i.t.c.l.o.th.i.n.g. Ok um so it says, this body was made with a clean diet, heavy iron and a whole lot of F’in hard work. This is hard work. Ok, so pretty much I’m side shuffling right now. I got my headphones on. Usually if I’m in the gym I’ll have it right here. So I’m going to slowly, I’m going to shut my mouth. And I’m going to slowly transition to here. I don’t know why I said slowly. Without touching. So now you can count. I would normally do, twenty side shuffles and then this is a filler and then side shuffle to the other side. I would do another twenty here. And you pick a spot, keep your abs nice and tight. Go back to here, go back to here and then I go boom boom, and I bump it up. Ok so, this is basically how and why your time will fly by.

Because you will be bumping it up starting at whatever pace you can. now, if you want to do, if this is challenging for you, really challenging, which is hard. And you want to do a couple rounds at the same speed and then bump it up. Thats cool. You want to try and bump it up one point every time to see how fast you can go. So basically I want you guys to see. I’m hoping I can get up to it while I’m talking because it takes a lot of concentration. Yesterday when I was doing this, my max was 6.5 on the treadmill doing this combination. Going back and forth. When I was at 6.2 I almost fell. I’ve never ever been so motivated to get back on and bump it up to six five just because I fell.

And all I could think about was that saying when they say fall down seven times get up eight. So I’m going to bump it up to 5.5 the key is concentration and think about which foot is going to turn.Ok just for sheer purposed of this video not being too long, I’m going to bump it up to six. Just going to do a couple. Ok. going to bump it up to six three. whoo! whoa and forward ok. so. I do not want to fall on camera first take. I know sometimes when people are doing exercises and they’re doing some really hard stuff and then they erase it on the tape so that when you get to watch it, it looks like they’re awesome. may God strike me dead right now, we’ve only done this once. So first take. So that was at six three that was the highest that I did. Yesterday, I did do six five but I was way warmed up. That was about twenty five minutes into my workout. I could have probably done it.

I just wanted to say it was our first take so and plus the video is getting long. So try this again. If you want to make it even harder. Just say you’re on there and you’re banging it out and you’re at 6.5 or whatever. Lets say you’re a speed demon. Try bumping up the incline. So you could always make everything a little bit harder. You can always push yourself. Theres never a limit to anything you can do. Its I mean, you could hold onto weights if you want to. You could put your hands on your head so that you got no arms. Uh, forget it. Like you notice how my arms were like this the whole entire time? You gotta, you have to use your arms.

And you have to think about where your transitions are coming from. Its all core so keep those abs nice and tight. So I hope you guys like this one. I hope this motivated you guys on your next cardio workout. Changing it up on the treadmill because I know the treadmill can get boring. You guys know i use a nook and my i-pod. I like, totally mutli-task. Obviously I’m not reading on this workout. So, enjoy it. Let me know what you think and let me know what you got up to. Let me know how long you did it for. Let me know if you did an incline. Say, in your face Jenn I totally did like a 15 incline and at 6.5. Ok. And then I’ll say I’m proud. I’m not jealous, I’m proud. But you better believe I’m going to try and do it at a 15.0 if you tell me that you do. Alright, Ok Bye!

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