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Upper Body Workout Plan

watch my new upper body workout plan

Hey everyone jennaguirre.com and we are here with your Upper Body Workout Plan. So you are going to need two tubes, a light… uh a medium and a heavy. You’re going to need a kettlebell you’re gonna need a jump rope and you are going to need a nice and sturdy wall. Because were going to get kind of dynamic and upside down today. So, we are starting out, walking up the wall. Ok, so I have my little cheat sheet over there, don’t worry you guys don’t have to see it only I do.

So were going to walk up the wall. Anybody can do this. I have seen so many people, ages and sizes, do this. If they can do it, you can do it. I know you can. So you’re going to start out flat. Its all about engaging the right muscles to get yourself to walk up the wall. If you wanna go ahead and add in a shoulder press, because that’s what it is. Or, incline push-up. go ahead and do that. I want you to walk up the wall, fifteen times. So you’re going to be here.

Start out parallel and straight. I know I’m a little bit more than parallel, and slowly walk yourself up. No matter how frustrated it gets, you will be able to eventually get yourself up like this. Then if you want to get really dynamic. Give yourself, a shoulder press. Then walk yourself all the way back out, don’t let your feet touch the ground, walk yourself back. A shoulder press. Walk yourself all the way out. And then walk yourself all the way back. Ok, as I’m going, I’m reminding you guys, if you can see my watch, that I have my heart rate monitor on. Huh!, ok that was fifteen. Its on. Heart Rate monitor I show you guys on every video boom there it is.

Ok, were still involved in our workout that was just a reminder because I do it with every video. Ok, soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to go up and down the wall no less than fifteen times. You could add the push-up or not. You’re going to go ahead and sit up against that sturdy wall, that is now part of our workout and your going to stand on your tube. Medium tube, semi medium tube, not too light.

Ok, because you’re really close to the ground. if you were standing up I would maybe say try a light. But you’re sitting down and you’re going to do lateral raise. Here. keep your arms nice and straight. If you want to take all the tension out of the tube, pull it underneath you. Lift. I want you to get 25 at least. I want your shoulders to be on fire. I want you to see smoke. Get as low as you possibly can so your legs on fire too. And you’re going to feel it a little bit from walking up and down the wall as well. Ok 25 boom. Done. Soon as you’re done with that, good I got my little cheat sheet. Now, you’re going to grab your heavier tube. You’re going to be in the plank position.

The plank is on the elbows. Prone iso- ab, plank, whatever. Elbows, and you want your elbows right underneath your shoulders and your feet are gonna be out. I have myself set up like this so I have enough room, to get far enough away so that when my arm does go straight, that I still have tension on the tube. I’m pulling I’m pulling I’m pulling. Ok, you’re alternating, lat pull down. So here, lat pull down is here. Try and bring your thumb to the back of your shoulder. Boom and then put it down. Boom. Alternate the sides. Try and give me, now if you wanna get really dynamic and you want to stay on one side, you can. Keep those abs nice and tight, keep those glutes nice and tight.

You’re in the plank. Full range of motion. See how there’s still tension on the tube. Boom. Ok, just did 20 on each side. 25. 30, on each side. Ok, now were going to get dynamic on our kettlebell. Now you can stay on the same side. Lets just say you did stay on the same side with the tube, stay on the same side with these. They’re called full snatches. That’s what I want you to do. So you’re going to full and I’m going to add a darcy throw in between because since we alternated that, I want to alternate this. So were gonna go fully all the way up. Boom, power came from my hips. Get a little pop. Boom. And get a little pop to throw it back over.

Ok lets just say were doing 20 on each side. You want it to be a heavy enough kettlebell so that the point of the movement is for you to get the power. If its too light, then its kinda pointless. But, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. So, to understand and practice the movement do it with something not too heavy. Soon as you feel confident, go ahead and up your weight. Boom. Now, I’m done. I just did 25 on each side. My heart rate is at 150. You guys know I love, Love, the jump rope. Awesome shoulders, awesome total body. So you’re going to go ahead and give yourself a one to two minute filler. As fast as you can. Get that heart rate up.

If you want to go double jumps, I hope you guys have been practicing. Ohhh, don’t mess up Jenn don’t mess up. Oh! lock the arms back there. All back of the shoulders, all biceps, wrists, forearms, two minutes. If you want to do little 20 second intervals of fast double jumps, or crosses, and then keep going at a steady pace so you get your recovery and then boom start flipping. Two minutes. Start all over again right from the top. Which is, on your wall.

Awww, I’m coming back, I am. They’re not going to watch, but I’m coming back. Go through it, go nuts, have an awesome workout. Basically five things. Hope you guys liked it. Keep that heart rate elevated. Right now my heart rate is still at 150. I didn’t look at it after the jump rope. But you want that jump rope part to be where you get your heart rate really really high. So I hope you liked it, leave your comments, let me know what you think, your arms should be on fire. Upper body toning workout. Upper body workout plan, let me know what you think and uh, look for more videos. Ok.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions. Please leave them below.
please leave your comments about my upper body workout plan


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