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Free Ab Workouts For Women

watch this video on free ab workouts for women

Hey, this is jennaguirre.com and we are outside in front of my house. We just did a video pretending we were on the beach, so were going to pretend were on the beach again. So were not in front of my house, were five years old, although you wouldn’t be doing this if you were five years old, and were working out, or were in front of the house, or were inside, so you can do this workout anywhere that you are.

So this is basically your free ab workout for women. Ok so, all it is, is some basic exercises, three movements that you could do at the beginning or the end of your workout routine. Or, since were on the beach, you could be laying down, and laying out and nobody would know. Well, I mean they will know when you’re doing the corkscews but, well you know what, they’re gonna know so it’s whatever. Alright I’ve got my heart rate monitor as you guys can see so I don’t need to flash you, beacuse, I’m flashing you right now. And were going to go into the first movement which is corkscrews. So its a reverse crunch position.

So basically, you are going to have your legs up, and now we are going to rotate just like a corkscrew, as we do a reverse crunch. So your hands are here, if you have to and you needed to hold onto something, lets just say if you are in your house. You could hold on here, you could hold on here, but you really want your abs to do all the work. So you’re going to lift up and turn. Lift up and turn, so you’re just going to go back and forth. You know now that I think about it, this would look pretty funny on the beach. But do it, who cares what you look like. Because when you stand up, that’s really what matters.

That’s what I care about. When I’m standing up, and people are seeing what I look like in the end results. Who cares about if they’re watching you in the middle of your workout. Boom, ok I just did like 85 of those by the way. And now I’m going to move on to the next one, which is basically going to be all isometric work here, as your legs, you’re going to feel it a little bit in your quads and your hip flexors. So, you’re going to go like this. Ok, flutter kicks, or scissor kicks. So, back and forth. All control here. Keep the abs nice and tight, go back and forth. Boom and boom. You’re going to feel it a little bit in your hip flexors, but its going to be all right here.

Keep your back up against the ground. And go as many as you can with control. Now you can’t really see because I’m on the grass, but if your back starts to hyper extend, then you relax. Stop, and start the movement over when you can gain composure for your abs and when you feel like you have it. Because you don’t want your back to kick in and you hyper-extend. Ok the last and final exercise is going to be a double crunch with a russina twist. So I like combining these two. So you’re completely spread out. You’re going to go from up here, to up like this, and then russian russian. I don’t know why they call ‘em russian russian.

Up, russian twist and down. Remember, control your upper body, as you do the russian twists. So all the way up, and then twist. Double crunch and then twist. So now, the trick to this one, is using a little bit of momentum to come up and then your legs catch. So you’re not going to be able to come up if your legs came up first. See, see. Thats my way of faking like I can’t come up. No faking. I can’t get up. Upper body first and then the legs catch.

Ok, so soon as you’re done with that, you go right back to your cork screws. Then you go right back to your scissor flutters, and then you go right back to those. Great core workout. You’re working all areas over here, working a little bit of glutes also. Get those abs nice and flat for the stomach. So, your free ab workout routine for women. Um, or for anybody for that matter. And um, get people jealous. Go ahead, do this and have people go “What is she doing?! Those abs are incredible!” Go nuts. Let me know what you think leave your comments. And work hard.

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