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Free Home Workouts For Women

watch this free home workouts for women

Hey everyone this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our free home workouts for women. So, this is a really great combination, I do this all the time. I might do this on rotation, at home. I might do this before I workout as kind of like a warm up. Or, I might do it at the end of my workout as kind of like a cool down but not really. Like, maybe I’m at the gym and all the cardio equipment is booked and then this is kinda my little workout to kinda burn out my arms.

So free home workout for women, this is what were going to do. Timed. But you’re going to go around each, so basically its one, one minute thirty, thirty, and then one minute. So, you’re going to jump rope. You don’t have to do tricks if you don’t want to. you can just go very basic. For, umm, a minute thirty. As soon as it hits a minute twenty five, so you can stand close, what I do is I stand close to the clock at the gym, or the clock in my studio or the clock in my house where its got the ticker. As soon as it hits one minute and twenty five seconds, give yourself like five seconds to get down to the ground and do your pushups.

As soon as it hits, a minute, fifty seven seconds, so now you’re into your two minutes because you’ve done thirty seconds of push-ups, then you, lay back down really quickly and do reverse crunches. So I’m going to use, and you could grab onto a chair you could just put your hands down. So, I’m in my studio right now, but this is your home workout. Umm, uh, you could do it at the gym, again I’m totally beating a dead horse. But basically I’m going to run through the whole entire thing for you. So, my camera lady is going to give me the little wave when I’m at one minute and thirty seconds as soon as I’m done I’m going to go down and do thirty seconds of push-ups occasionally glancing up at her and then I’m going to flip over and I’m going to do this and she’s going to wave me down when I’m at my three minutes. So, were going to go right into our jump rope.

Ok, so I’m a very big fan of the jump rope. I love it. Um, the reason why is because, great total body workout. Calves, arms, shoulders. When you start doing the tricks, and doing the double jump, you start going into a little bit more shoulder activation. Bicep, forearms, all that stuff is really great for when you’re doing weight lifting. So when you’re lifting heavy weight. Lets just say you are trying to go heavier. Or if you are using machines in the gym. It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re doing. Or just general kettlebells or dumbbells, your grip is going to be that much better because you’re stronger from doing things like this. Shoulder strength, everything. Total body, everything. Umm, and then obviously its really great cardio. You can do high knees if you want to. Whatever it is. But I absolutely love the jump rope.

Such a huge fan of it. So, getting a little out of breath and I did neglect to tell you guys, or to show you guys what I usually do. So I’m going to do tricks on you, and I’m going to show you, my heart rate monitor. Like I always do, and I’m going to get right back into it. There you go, look, I’m awesome. Is one minute thirty up yet?! So, we could chat more. She’ll wave me down and then I’ll go right down. Now, right now as I’m keeping my shoulders back and keeping my posture good, then I’m going to go, squeeze my shoulders and go right into my push-ups. Ok, I like to do them on the knuckles. So, the big thing here, for this 30 seconds is don’t put your knees down. So you don’t have to go fast. Or you can go fast. You could change it up and do different styles of push-ups. So right now I’d be looking up at my timer, you want to stretch, thats what you do.

Or, you keep going. Ok, I’ve got five seconds. And then I flip over and for one minute I’m going to grab onto my treadmill or my chair or anything and just do reverse crunches. Now with the reverse crunches you want to make sure you lift straight up. Ok, so all lower abs. Don’t come up here, this isn’t a reverse crunch. Lift, ok. Some of you, might only be able to get up here. It’s really not a matter of how high you go, its a matter of using the right muscles. So, were going for one minute on this. So she just gave me the wave down, and now she just gave me the, no no, just kidding, I thought it was 30 seconds. So, just keep going. As soon as she gives me the wave down or I look at my timer, and I’m at one minute and you could do leg lowering too for your abs. Add that for one minute. Now your shoulders are working a little bit by holding on.

Your abs are doing a lot of work. Good, I got three seconds, two, stand up, grab my jump rope and go right back into another minute and thirty seconds. Another thirty seconds of the push-ups and then another minute on the reverse. Literally, so thats three minutes. You can go around that, I’ve literally done that for a half an hour straight at the corner of the gym at the end of my workout. Ive done it for fifteen minutes before my workout. Or I’ve done it, just at my house. Another thing you could do is add this on at the end, or in between your treadmill. Lets just say you do a minute thirty and this is just to spark things up to make your workouts more interesting. You run on the treadmill for two minutes or maybe you sprint for one minute. So you get that heart rate, very very high. Then you get off, jump rope, kind of as a cool down.

Then you get your push-ups and the minute and a half of you like this, is going to make these muscles, start to burn. I was just about to tell you when I noticed the, five seconds that I had to get down to the ground. And then you’re push-ups and then you hold the arms above you and you do your reverse crunches and abs. And then boom, you hop right back onto your treadmill. You just keep it running the entire time so you don’t have to wait for it to get back up. And you’re jumping from one thing to another. So then that’s a four minute interval. and that will make the time go by so fast. So, I really really love this little combination. I do it maybe once every, once every two weeks. But you could do it more often than that. I mean there are so many videos for you guys to choose from but I hope you liked this. Your free home workout for women, and uh, look for more videos from me.

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