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Home Weight Lifting Routine-For Women

Watch this video on home weight lifting routine for women

Hey everyone this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our home weight lifting routine. This can be done at home, as your weight lifting routine, or it can be done in the gym. I do cater more to the home, because that is what this is all about. Helping you guys make it more convenient in your house. Now Im a very big fan of kettlebells. I’m a fan of dumbbells as well. I am going to show this whole entire routine on kettlebells. I am going to demonstrate quickly as to how it can be done with dumbbells. But kettlebells is great Ive done some videos on kettebells, I mean if you could buy yourself two kettlebells, maybe three kettlebells.

Uh, maybe two medium sized ones and then one heavy one. That would be awesome. Get yourself your own little at home gym. So we are lifting weight today and we are going to get dynamic. Now if your kettlebells are heavy enough and you are doing them lets just say in the gym and you do have access to heavier weight and you are at your house then I would recommend that you do twenty reps of this. if theyre not too heavy. Then youre going to go ahead and do thirty reps of each exercise in this routine. Ok so I am going to first, show you my new shirt that I got as a birthday gift. Its slightly inappropriate but theres no cuss words on it so I’m getting away with it.

And then I’m going to flash you my heart rate monitor so that you guys know that even when you’re doing your at home workout routine you can still wear your heart rate monitor. Burn a lot of calories, get dynamic, see results. Sweat like crazy and go nuts. So, basically were going to do kettlebells. So we have one, two, I have my cheat sheet. You should be writing this stuff down. One, two, three, four, five exercises. You can go right from, you are going to go right from one to the next, all the way through all five, and then I have my jump rope in the background you could do jump rope in between for one minute and then get started on the next thing. And start all over again and go through this at least three times. So the whole thing might take you, you know 35-40 minutes. Um if you want to go crazy and add in more get more like dynamic things in between each round.

Lets just say jumping jack, uh jump rope and a little bit of abs and then go around it to spread this out into an hour workout, awesome. So basically were going to start out twenty reps is going to be cleans. Ok so I’m going to show you the side position of a clean. So youre just going to do the clean part ok. So you’re going to go here, and clean and drop it back down. Now right now I’m being very safe with it but you do want to turn your watch, so I just demonstrated my whopping four. Turn your watch like this so when you’re doing kettlebells you don’t slam onto the face of it. Ok so power comes from the hips in all kettlebell movements. So you go boom and here.

Soon as you’re done with twenty or if theyre not too crazy heavy. You’re going to keep it here and youre going to go right into twenty presses. Pop. So all this stuff is meant for power. So you’re not shoulder pressing twenty five pounds, which is what i have in my hands right now. You’re popping up, or whatever size weight you have. Ok, pop it up, So youre going to need to use a little momentum and power. Thats what kettlebells are all about. Ok you’re going to go right into twenty of those. Now were going to go into a little bit dynamic. Jump swinging into a pull back jumping back into another pullback. Ok this one you are going to do twenty times but you’re only going to count the pull backs. So basically I’ll explain to you what i mean by that. So you’re going to swing as you jump forward, pull back. Swing as you jump back, second pull back.

Jump third pull back. Jump, fourth pull back. Jump, five. Jump, six. OK so use, and I do the swings in between on purpose. So that you guys get the feel for, you’re not doing to do a row where you’re going to, if you do it with too much focus on the row. You’re going to pull it all the way around. And I don’t want you to do that. I just want you to give me a little extra pop. Thats why I do it with a combination with the swing. Watch this over and over again so that you can see, thats why I demonstrated more than four. So you guys can see the movement of it and practice it. Even if you have to rewind it and rewind it again it might take a little bit of practice.

But you’re going to do it. twenty pull backs. Soon as you’re done with that, so this is a total body workout. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to balance on your kettlebells and you’re going to do with your feet open, abs nice and tight. You’re going to give me one row, and one row, and one push up. One row, one row, and one push up. Ok. Now, this is very important for you to make sure, that you stay on top of your wrists. Ok so, you’re here. You have to be on top. There’s no way you’re going to balance on a ball if your weight is not distributed on the kettlebell. If you want to practice you can put the hand here into a row, put the hand here, grab it, row.

Put the hand up there and go into your push up. So you’re going to do twenty rows on each side with a push up in between each one. So you’re going to get twenty. twenty reps on everything. Lets keep it simple. And the last and final thing is going to be for triceps, because I know us women like triceps. But were going to get a little dynamic with it. You’re going to sit up again a wall and you’re going to grab your kettlebell like this, and you’re going to do, its two movements. So you’re going to lean forward a little bit as you press up, lean forward, touch the handle to the back of the shoulder blades which is a tricep extension and then back down. Don’t drop it any lower than your chest. Press, tricep extension and then down. Twenty of these. Watch your hat. That’s obviously why I was going a little bit out this way.

But if you go straight up, perfect shoulder press. Twenty of those, thats it. You’re going to go into some jumping jacks, jump ropes, abs, whatever it is. Go for, if you’re at your house and you have a treadmill right next to you, get on the treadmill for a minute and then go right around the whole entire thing and thats just your rest, to give your shoulders a little bit of rest. Go right back into your cleans for twenty. Presses for twenty. Your pull back jumps for twenty. Your rows with a push up and then your wall sit with the presses. So, kettlebells is about lifting heavy of enough weight. Pop, power, core, abs, breathing, everything. And obviously distributing your weight the right way when you are doing things like balancing. So, mmm, mmm, mmm, K. Mmm, mmm, Mmm. Go nuts burn calories, work the muscles.

Do thirty if you don’t have access to heavy kettlbells. If you do need to do this with dumbbells I did tell you I’ll show you one. SO basically what you’ll do is you can do this here, on the inside or on the outside. So its like a swing, or a bicep curl. Boom, here. Then your presses here then you can do the same thing with a dumbbell, boom. You’re going to have to open your feet up a little bit wider for your, for your swings with your pull backs, and then you’re face down here. Boom and boom and right into your push up, watching out for my kettlebell. And then right up against the wall. Holding onto the dumbbell like this boom boom boom. You can do the same thing. But, I’m a big fan of kettlebells. Umm the pull back thing is going to be a little bit easier if you dont have such big kettlebells. Uh, such big dumbbells in your hands. So again go crazy I hope you liked it, any questions comments, let me know. Look for more videos, work hard, wear your heart rate monitor, keep it up there and that’s it really. Yeah, thats really all there is to it. Ok bye.

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