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Weight Lifting Routines For Women

watch how this weight lifting routines for women can help you lose weight

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our Weight Lifting Routines for women. And, I am going to put your through a workout its all going to be on one side of the body which I am going to demonstrate I believe its, cheat sheet, I believe its five exercises. I am not going to go through the entire series of exercises on the other side, but you know you need symmetry so thats what you’re going to do. As I do with all my videos I show you guys how I have my heart rate monitor on.

So I have it on, its all set I wet it and were all ready to go on our workout. Ok I’m going to start it. So, today is all about lifting weights. Weight lifting routine for women. Ok so we are going to start out, theres a kettlebell and a dumbell involved. I always have my jumprope here to do some jump rope in between. So the first exercise that were going to do is with our kettlebell. Everything is going to be one hand. K. Except for the last exercise your on both hands but its weight bearing on one side. So basically what were going to do is a swing. But you’re going to jump forward and jump back. But its going to be single arm, K. So we are trying to get as dynamic as possible.

So this is what a regular swing looks like, but you are going to jump, jump. Back and forth. So I want you to do twenty forward and do twenty back so its like you’re doing forty swings. Ouch. K. Soon as you’re done doing that you’re going to go right into, with your kettlebell and these are things you can do with dumbbells if you don’t have access to kettlebells. You’re going to go right into a clean with your kettlebell, into a reverse lunge to press. So you’re going to go right from here, to here, to press, to bring it back. Here to here, to press to bring it back. Boom, step back, press, K so you clean as you step back, press up as you go down and bring it back together.

Again, you could do these things with your dumbbell. I want you to do 15 or 20 of those. Then as soon as you’re done doing that, there is four exercises, oh no, there’s five! Then, you’re going to have your dumbbell, you’re going to stay in a split stance, all on this hand. And you’re going to do a plyo, staying in this position. So you’re not switching. Plyo split jump lunge with a press. Ok, so this is what it looks like. The dumbbell goes up as your body goes up and comes down as you come down.

Sown press and down you’re going to do 20 of these too. Do not switch. Soon as you’re done doing that, you’re going to go face down with your dumbbell and were going to do rear delts. K, so you’re here, hand is right here feet are open abs are nice and tight you’re body is going to stay low to the ground, here. Just going to go out to the side. So you can get a little bit of momentum, from right underneath this wrist, but its only your rear delt. So you want to focus on keeping your body down.

Don’t rotate because its not a rotation its a rear delt exercise. So youre here, stay with the body. So you’ll feel this, even though its a rear delt exercise, you’re going to feel it in your obliques because you’re forcing yourself to hold yourself down as you open up to the rear delts. Now the last exercise all on this side is going to be a weight shift pushup. You’ve had massive massive pressure on this arm. This is where were going to keep the pressure. I’m going to face you this way so you can see, hands are out wide like a regular push-up and you’re going to shift your weight onto this side. Boom and press up. So both arms are bending so you can look if you need to.

And you’re going to do 20 on that side. You’re going to switch to the other side. So this side is kinda getting all the rest when you go to the other side and you start off with the swinging and jumping. Ok, then you’re going to do the clean lunge, then the lunge press, then the rear delt, and then the weight bearing push-up. So you have plenty of time. You can go back and forth and back and forth. And get you two to three rounds and it will take you a whole entire hour. So, I hope you like this. Weight lifting routines for women. Lift weights, get nice and toned and lean long muscles. let me know what you think, leave your comments, get dynamic, do as many as you can.

Do not do anymore than 20, even if you have to lighten up the weight a little bit. Don’t lighten it up so much that on a scale of 1-10 on your heart rate monitor you’re heart rates not even high. Thats the whole point of this thing. And if you feel like you want to give your body a rest, from the weights, you can always do some jumping rope in between. You know me, I absolutely love doing the jump rope in between. So you go from one side, to the other side, to jump rope then go back to another set. Again I hope you liked it, let me know what you think, and look for more videos.
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