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Workout Routines For Weight Loss-For Women

watch how this workout routines for weight loss can help you lose weight

This is jenaguirre.com and we are here with your workout routines for weight loss. So we are going to get dynamic. Like the way I said that? Crazy. Workout routine for weight loss so that means that you are going to go crazy in this workout. I am bringing you some timed exercises. So heres what you’re going to do, you’re going to, there’s a series of, I have my cheat sheet, you’re going to write it down. Because you’re going to do it, and you’re probably going to need it.

You only have ten seconds to get to each different section, so if you have to glance at it, thats all its going to take. if it takes you too long to remember it, then you’re going to jack the whole thing up, ok. And we don’t want that happening. So workout routine for weight loss is going to be beneficial for you to do timed exercise, with 100% effort, for all exercises. So I’m going to tell you how long you’re going to do all five of them, and then you’re going to give yourself 10 seconds in between, and then what, 10 seconds between each exercise, and then give yourself 30 seconds to one minute in between the round and then you’re going to do it all over again.

Now, on that one minute rest that you have, I want you to shut your heart rate monitor off. We talked, I tell you guys all the time about wearing your heart rate monitor. You’re going to keep it on, the whole entire time, maybe even keep it on for that one minute or 30 seconds. But if your heart rate really drops and you’re good with recovery, then pause it for a second and start it again when you’re getting ready to start.

So the first exercise is going to be a swing exercise. So its with my kettlebells k. You could do this with a dumbbell if you don’t have access to a kettlebell. Power from the hips, its going to be one minute. So you’re going to grap your kettlebell by the handles and you’re going to give me one minute straight of all power. Do not stop, the only reason you would stop is if you started feeling it in your back because you’re really fatigued and your back is doing all the work as opposed to your core. So you’re going to go nuts for one minute straight power coming from the hips. Underneath and power up. So, fast forward I just did one minute. Now, I have ten seconds to get to my next section which is going to be, a burpee with a bicep curl to press.

So, boom its been ten seconds. I got my two dumbbells. I pop in, pop out, boom boom boom. Now this one, because there’s a couple different exercises, one minute you’re not going to get too many. So you’re going to do two minutes of this one. Boom boom boom. So I just demonstrated a whopping three. Ok, you’re done with that. So you got ten seconds to get to your next one. Oh, that’s easy, you’re going to go down and do push-ups.

One minute straight. What I mean, by straight, I don’t care if you gotta stop doing the push-ups, do not put your knees down on the ground. Ok, so we are in it to win it. (I Like that one) You’re just going to go like this. Now, if your arms are shot, and you know you have 30 seconds left because you have the timer right there. Whoo, stay here, do not put your knees down. Do not give in, you can at least just hold yourself up. And then go again. As fast as you possibly can. You got ten seconds to get to your next section. It’s called posterior reach with a jump squat.

So I’ve got my tube right here, its connected to my banister. Its been, 8, 9, 10 seconds. Boom. Arms locked straight. Ok, push, and push. Dynamic, core control, power, abs, legs, everything. One minute on that one also. Stop, relax, ten seconds. Relax?…don’t relax. Grab your jump rope, that should be nicely set up so its not tangled, and you don’t have any more than ten seconds, and go at it. One minute. And go at it for one minute. Do your crosses. Oh, I just whipped myself, ow.

Get right back into it. Do your double jumps. If the tricks are going to make you mess up, don’t do the tricks. Just go nuts. Ok so, your workout routine for weight loss, ya, you’re gonna lose weight if you workout like that. Getting dynamic, burning an awful lot of calories, my heart rate is up there. I’m taking 30 seconds to relax, you’re taking 30 seconds to regain your composure, and then you’re going to go ahead and grab your kettlebell, and you’re going to do it all over again.

One minute on the kettlebell, two minutes on the burpee bicep curl to shoulder press, one minute on the push-ups, one minute on the posterior reach with the tube with the jump, one minute on your jump rope. Ten seconds in between, no more. If you feel like, you don’t need that ten seconds, get a heavier, get a heavier, move faster, just as long as you’re doing everything with good form. So don’t compensate form just to move faster and get more of them done. So, if you want to lose weight, get crazy, if you want to drop body fat, even if your goal isn’t weight loss, and you just want to get dynamic, you could still do this.

So, work hard. I say that at the end of every video. Work hard, push, you can do it. I know you can, do it as many times as you possibly can. That good 20-30 minute workout, whoo you will be pouring sweat. You’ll to need to get a mop, wheres a mop? Because I’m going to need to clean up a mess. Go crazy, let me know what you think.

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