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Home Workout Routines For Women

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Hello, this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with our home workout routines for women. Cheet sheet. Yeah, home workout routines for women. So, basically what we need today, in todays workout, is one disc, or a papertowel or a pair of socks. We need two tubes, one heavy and one medium. And then we need two dumbbells so what were going to do is, the first rotation is three exercises and the second rotation is one, two, three, four exercises. Now I would recommend you warm up instead of going right into this. So you could maybe warm up by doing some high knees, some jump rope. Maybe some jumping jacks, some russian twists. Something, or maybe like a quick jog.

Like if you’re, if its nice weather and you can go jogging, go jog around your block once for like two to three minutes, get your heart rate up there and flowing. And, the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to stand here and you’re going to pick up your weights. So, this is basically going to be a total body workout. And you’re going to start with your two dumbbells, you can start with them here or you can start with them here. Now, you’re going to go into a squat to press. Now we are going to do this exercise in the first rotation and in the second rotation of exercises but you’re going to do them a little bit different. So with this one were going to start with the easier version, where you’re squatting and then pressing up as you stand up. Squat and press. So, I want the weight to be heavy enough where its challenging because you are going to do twenty, twenty five, maybe even thirty, depending on what size weights you have. If you feel like you can get to the end of twenty and thats all you have access to is not too heavy of weight where its really challenging you then go nuts for thirty. K.

Go thirty five. If you’re shoulders, if you don’t have to put it down occasionally, and you’re shoulders aren’t burning. Then its not heavy enough and you’re going to have to do more reps. Go until you feel the burn Ok. So use what you’ve got. Soon as you’re done doing that where I’ve kind of burned out your shoulders, you’re going to go right into a single leg pike. So you’re gonna, youre going to feel it in the hamstring of one leg. You’re going to basically go one leg single leg pike, flip over and do bridges. THen single leg pike on the other leg and single leg bridges. So I’ll explain to you what I mean by that.

So, stay on one leg and pull it up now I want you to do no less than twenty preferably 30 and when you’re done with that you don’t need the disc. Your hamstrings have been stretched, now they’re being strained. You’re going to keep your butt up and keep this leg up. You’re in table top position and bridge up. Don’t bend the elbows, its all about the hamstrings and the glutes. With this one you’re going to do thirty to forty of those. Then you’re going to flip back over and do single leg pike on the left leg and single leg bridges on the left leg. Go right back to your shoulder press, go around this three times or for twenty five minutes or more. ‘Cause you’re going to do a full sixty minute workout with this. And then you’re going to go into your second round of exercises. Ok, so dont forget, squat to press, single leg pike, single leg bridge.

Single leg pike, single leg bridge. THats the rotation, two to three more times. Ok, then your next rotation that you’re doing, you’re going to need your tube, ok. So I have my mat here because I’m on a solid wood floor. And I’m going to have my heavy tube and I”m going to put it around my hook or around, you guys have seen inside my house around my banister. So were going to use lats and were going to use obliques. So you’re going to be facedown. Its very important that your core is activated here because you easily can be flipped over and just sitting on your butt. So what I mean by that and you’ll see in just a second. Tension still as you bring the knee up. Switch. Bring the knee up. Switch. So its obliques and lats. but if you’re just like looking around, ya, there you go, I did that on purpose I swear I really really did like I’m not joking. You’re going to do thirty on each side. One one, two two, all the way up to thirty. Soon as you’re done doing that. You’re going to go back to that squat to press, but I’m going to make it a little bit harder.

So if you did thirty before you’re only going to do twenty on this one. If you did twenty before, you’re not going to do anything less than fifteen. Or if you have access to lighter weights then lighten up the weights a smidge. I mean a smidge. And you’re going to go into a squat to press, but at the bottom. Ok so you’re going to squat down, and press up and then stand up. Way way harder squat and stand. Ok, I did my whopping four reps. You guys are doing your whopping fifteen, twenty, twenty five. Whatever you can do. Again, I want those arms on fire. Soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to grab your medium tube, you’re going to wrap it around here. We’ve done this one before, I love it. Total core workout. Posterior reach with a jump. SO now, your hands are going to be to the side. You’re gong to push down and then jump up. Don’t hyperextend the back, breathe on the way up so you don’t put too much pressure on the back. Squeeze your glutes and your cheeks to protect your lower back.

So youre here, boom and reach up those arms. Its very important to reach up those arms as high as possible. So don’t just press down and then let go. Power. Ok. And you might get thrown forward a little bit. but as soon as you get the feel for the jump and the feel for the momentum and where everything is pulling you from. You’ll use the right muscles to keep you from going face down into your banister. And the last and final exercise is going to be an ab one. You’re going to grab your dumbbells that you were using for your presses. If you were using very heavy weight and its too heavy to grab both the dumbbells, then only grab one and hold it like this. But I want you to try to use both.

Keep the legs straight and give me a full crunch with the arms above the head. so more shoulders which are probably going to be tired from those posterior reaches and the shoulder presses. I think I did five! Bonus! You guys got an extra rep out of me. Whoo! I might have only done four. Ok. And then you’re going to go right back around to the top which is your plank with the leg raise. Now, if you keep falling over, and you just don’t have it yet, then take the legs out of the question and just alternate the lat pulldown with the dark tube. Um so, or the heavy tube. And then go right around the whole entire rotation the whole entire time for another twenty five to thirty minutes going around all the other exercises, I think it was four exercises that we did so that you’re getting a full 55-60 minutes of workout which is key. Beautiful. So you’re doing a total body workout. Ok. So your home workout routine for women. Go nuts, work everything out. Train as hard as you possibly can. Maximum effort or umm, produce maximum results. Fully just pulled that one out of nowhere. So, I hope you like it, let me know what you think and watch for more of my videos.



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