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Workout Routines For Women

Watch this video on workout routines for women

Hey this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your workout routines for women. So what I did with this one is I know a lot of the ladies are always making comments about, the little muscles over here, and the little bye bye arm. So, I tried to add in some exercises into todays workout, for the ladies. Ok, so I have my cheat sheet. You guys are allowed to have it for your workout routine for women. And I have, what, what… do I have?

Yes I do, I have my heart rate monitor on, I do, I just wanted to show you. Ok, workout routines for women. Go crazy, this is what were going to do. First exercise is going to be a plie squat. So what I have here is two dummbells, and were pretty much going to use these dumbbells for the workout. of course I have my jump rope so that we can get dynamic in between sets. So a plie squat, if its done right, you can feel right over here. So thats what the ladies like, so that’s why I added it in. Wide but the hips and knees and toes are in a line. So you do not want the toes totally turned out, and the knees going in a different direction.

It just feels uncomfortable when I’m moving and its hurting, so I’m not going to do it. You’re not going to do it either. So, here plie in ballet is what? I mean I’m totally not a ballerina, but if I wanted to I could. if anybdoy wanted to be they could. So what you’re going to do with this is you’re going to add weight to this. As heavy a weight as you possibly can. And you want to think about squeezing up. So I’m going to grab two dumbbells because I’m going to use them on my next exercise. And I’m just going to let my dumbbells hang. You’re going to go down, till they touch the ground and think about squeezing up. Back shot. Down, and squeeze up.

As you’re squeezing your cheeks up. You’re squeezing your inner thighs together and you’re working this muscle over here. So down and up thats all you’re gonna do. Until it burns. And, heavy enough weight so that you really feel it. Don’t do anything too light ok, because then you’re going to be here doing like fifty of them before you even feel any squeeze on on, you’re going to feel it in your glutes too because your legs are open.

So youre going to feel that this muscle is activated. Soon as you’re done doing that I added in another exercise. I’m gonna get a little total body on you, so I”m gonna add in some bicep curls. But you’re going to do a lateral lunge. You will feel this tremendously. So you’re going to go ahead and take your two dumbbells. And you’re going to step to the side. Now, I”m going to show you a couple different views. When you step to the side in a lateral lunge, you’re going to go like this. You’re going to bring the dumbbells to wrap around the knee that is doing the moving. And you’re going to go down, until you feel it, in the inner thigh of the other leg.

Pushing the butt back. So, this is a front view, this is a side view. This is a back view. Ok, so all until you feel it back here, and you have to push your butt out. So if you just go like this, when you don’t bend the legs, you’re not going to feel it here. So you gotta go boom, push the butt out, drop the heel down so that you feel it on the inner thigh. So what were going to do is were going to add in some bicep curls. So you’re going to go here, stand up, curl it. Go to the other side. Here, stand up, curl. Give me 20 on each side. Yes, you will be doing 40 bicep curls. 20 on each leg of the lunges. Ok, soon as you’re done with that we are going to go into some push-ups.

Ok, with a leg raise so were going to activate our glutes a little bit on this one. So you don’t have to do them on the knuckles, I just like to do the push-ups on the knuckles because I have some issues with my wrists. So you’re here. Now, you could stay on the same side if you want. Or you could alternate the sides. So as you go down the leg raises. So my glute is activated. now if you want to, you could have stayed on the same side with the lunges. And then stay on the same side, here. So just go down, don’t let the leg touch so that glute stays activated the whole entire time. So you want to try and do, 30 pushups, 15 on each leg. And then as soon as you’re done with that, I believe were gonna do some dips. So lets just say, were going to go over here over to my bench. And you’re going to do some dips.

So, more triceps, so this is what I was talking about with the ladies and the arms. So we just worked them over there. And now were going to isolate them over here. Ok so if you need to you can bend the knees because your arms are probably going to be a little bit tired. And you’re goig to go down. Till your butt touches the bench. Ok, touches the ground, just about. So if youre on a higher bench. Lets just say you’re doing this in your living room or you’re doing this in your kitchen and youre at the kitchen table you’re going to be higher. So you’re not going to go all the way down. The focus here is to work the back of the arm and the triceps. So your elbow is going to bend, your shoulders are going to stay down and you’re going to squeeze and press till the back of your arm and your elbow is hyper extended.

Soon as you’re done doing that, what are we going to do? Were going to get a little bit dynamic, give your arms a little bit of a rest. Because yes, when you jump rope, you are working upper body a little bit to get the jump rope around. But right after youre done doing that, get dynamic. Jumping jacks if you want to. I mean, try and add something to it because I’m not a big fan of just standing here doing jumping jacks and its not 1982 anymore. You guys are more dynamic than that, especially training with me. So, I suggest the jump rope just because I feel like its the awesomest workout ever. I do it everyday. if you want you can grab onto two dumbbells and do jumping jacks this way. If you want you can do high knees in between. Whatever. Do something in between and then go right back to, your plies.

Ok, so four exercises. Pretty much a total body workout. We got some push we got some pull. We got some biceps, we got some, back of the arms, inner thighs, which was the main reason for posting this video. And we’ve got our workout routines for women, thats it. Were all done. Go crazy, go until you feel the burn in the back of the arms – in all the muscles. Let me know what you think, go around it at least 2-3 times. And umm, feel the burn baby, feel the burn. Get that heart rate up. So if you’re wearing your heart rate monitor your heart rate better be higher than mine because mines a little bit too llow right now.

So I gotta get to steppin. I’m gonna go workout, you go work out. Get crazy. Let me know what you think.

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