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Workouts Women Lose Weight

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Hey everyone this is jennaguirre.com and we are here with your workouts for women to lose weight. So we are going to get fairly dynamic today, were going to move very quick. I’m going to demonstrate a couple of different movements maybe like four or five huge whopping four or five reps with our exercises. I have my cheat sheet. I also have on what, what, oh yeah I do, I do I have my heart rate monitor on. I flash you guys every workout, I know you love it. I know it, its ok. Ok, so we are going to go with Workouts for Women to Lose Weight. Starting out in the plank position doing lateral hops. So this is all obliques.

So today were going to move fast ok. So the faster you move, interval style of training, the more calories that you burn. Ok, the higher your heart rate, the stronger your heart gets. So the first thing that were going to do and you can get a mat. Were here and you’re just going to do lateral hops. So, pull yourself over from side to side. Boom boom. Now you could do this a couple different ways. You could do it timed, for a minute at a time or you can count. If you’re going to count, you’re doing thirty each way. One one, two two, three three. So I’m going to run through this really quickly. Soon as you’re done doing that you’re doing whats called dive bombers push ups. Ok so, you’re on your forearms as you’re doing those and you’re working your obliques . Then you’re going to go on your hands right into, your legs are close together and you’re going to do swoop here, and then swoop back. keep your legs straight.

Swoop here, and swoop back. I totally just kissed the ground. Theres my lipstick line. Swoop and swoop. WHoo. I want you to do, twenty of these. I did say, I was going to do a whopping three or four, I think that was four. Yes, it was. Ok, so right after that, shoulders should be on fire after you do more than four, four times five, twenty. You’re going to go right into, We’ve done posterior reaches before, but now were going to do it in a lunge position. No jumping.

You’re going to keep your legs staggered here in a nice good lunge. And you’re doing a full lunge as you do a posterior reach. So you’re going to go down and up as fast as you can. I want you to do, thirty on one leg and thirty on the other. boom boom. dont let your knee hit the ground. Like mine just did, twice. Just kidding. I’m showing you what not to do. Fast, dynamic. I’ve done four I’m out of breath. Ok soon as you’re done with that you are going to go grab onto a weight, nothing too heavy and you’re going to do jumping jacks. ‘Cause we dont do regular old jumping jacks, here. SO more shoulders on fire as you press up. I don’t want the dumbbell to be light, but I dont want it to be too heavy.

Heavy enough, where you actually feel the press. You are doing, forty yes forty of those. soon as you’re done doing that you’re going to do another variation of a push-up. Its meant to go quick and you’re being dynamic with using your core. So you’re going to go into a push up with an alternating reach. Push up reach, push up reach keep those abs tight so you don’t fall over like I almost did on the first one. Don’t think I didn’t notice and I didn’t think you noticed.

So you’re going to do twenty on each side so you’re doing forty yes I said it I didn’t stutter, fa fa forty push ups. Soon as you’re done with that you’re going to go right into hands in the triangle position and wide mountain climbers. So here, out to the side, obliques. Boom boom. Forty on each side. Yes fa fa forty on each side and then what are you doing? You’re going right back to the plan position and doing lateral hops so you’re going from oblique to oblique. Then go back to your dive bombers. Totally using my cheat sheet. You should be writing this down as we speak. Or you can go timed. If you’re going to go timed you want the lateral hops to be for one minute I want the dive bombers to be for two minutes.

Posterior reach with the lunge, one minute on each leg. Your jumping jacks one minute, dynamic. And then your push ups with your reach two minutes and then your wide mountain climbers, one minute. Ok so write it down, if you missed anything, rewind. Technology. Go nuts, have an awesome workout get dynamic. Do it for no less than forty-five minutes going around each rotation. If you want to ad an ab rotation in between, some russian twists or something. You want to add my, what I love, my jump rope in between for one minute you can. Go crazy dont stop. Keep the heart rate up there crazy calorie burn. And I promise this will help you lose weight. That accompanied with good nutrition and other cardio. I had to add that on. Um but look for more workout videos go crazy and workout hard. Scale of 1-10 uh, an 11. yeah. K bye.



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